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The NFL’s Impact on American Society


Sport plays a huge part in the culture of a country. In the United States, there are many different sports which are played or watched by large numbers of the population, but nothing comes close to the devotion to American Football.

From touch football as young children to the highly supported high school and college football, well up to the defining league, the NFL, lovers of the sport across the country will follow their closest team and millions will dream of making it as a professional.

The NFL is the most exciting and well followed league when it comes to American Football. Nothing can compare to it around the globe as fans will tune in from all continents.

Players develop through the high school and college ranks as they look to get their name in the NFL Draft list ready for franchises in the NFL to select them in the off season in May each year.

The whole league has grown with fantasy football and sports betting being so accessible and exciting that is by far leading the way in globalisation in comparison with its domestic rival leagues such as the NBA and MLB.

Football has a long history in America as the game has adapted and developed over the years, especially with the growth of the NFL. It offers something which includes physicality, strategy and spectacle which perfectly captures the desires of the fans across the country.

Households will organise their time around football games during the season. The cherished traditions on Super Bowl Sunday with friends and/or family getting around the television for the game and having a whole party for the event.

While Super Bowl Sunday is almost akin to a national holiday, even the games each week throughout the season see people brought together to enjoy the atmosphere at home as well as for those who go out to the stadium. Enjoying the tailgate and interacting with other supporters breads a culture and unity which is a real powerful thing for people.

As well as watching the games, or even playing, there is so much more which grips society. Firstly, it is the betting which comes with sports. Since May 2018, the decision to allow states to decide internally if they wished to legalised sports betting has brought in millions in taxes while exciting fans of the game further.

The online sportsbooks provide a way to delve further into the NFL experience. Their developments in technology allow a thrilling selection of options when it comes to betting on the league.

On top of sports betting, there is also Fantasy Football. Leagues are created between friends and family and many people participate in multiple leagues each season. The devotion and ceremony which goes into drafting a team is something to behold all across the country. Fans pit their knowledge against others to try and build a championship winning team.


On the field and in the stadium, players teach young fans about the need for teamwork and discipline in their lives. Role models are made, and they speak about the perseverance and sacrifices they have had to make for their careers.


These players and coaches play a pivotal role in many young people’s upbringings, and how they act outside of football is a huge thing as well.


Colin Kaepernick taking a knee during the national anthem sparked huge political discussions across the country for the treatment towards black people in America. Kaepernick understood how his position as an NFL player could be used to reach so many people to try and support and help work towards improving injustice across the country.


The patriotism which the NFL sparks with the signing of the national anthem before each game was something which inspires many to love their country, but also provided a platform for protest. The long, continued history with the military is also highly visible leading the sport be seen by many to hold the same values of freedom, unity, and resilience.


While the NFL may not always act in the best way with regards to social issues across the country, financially they have become a major player. Their investment into the Inspire Change initiative has seen them commit to investing $250 million over 10 years towards education and economic advancement as well as other key initiatives focused on community relations.


The NFL has been so successful in its growth as a league, domestically and internationally. It has understood its role in society and how passionately it is followed. By adapting and developing the game with advancements in technology, it has been able to keep ahead of the competition.


Watch how Sunday plans change once the season comes around in September and understand just how big an effect the NFL has on society in the United States. It is more than just a game, it is a lifestyle, a devotion, which, like it or not, shapes the culture of American people in every state.

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