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The Potential Benefits of CBD Gummies for American Football Players


Sports is one of the strictest institutions in the world. Sportspeople pride themselves in creating fair and equal opportunities for athletes to compete to be the best. Understandably, the leagues and regulation boards would frown upon substance use. As of 2018, the use of CBD by athletes was no longer under prohibition. Does that mean the compound is entirely safe for football and other players?

One of the commonly offered reasons for indulging in CBD use is the benefits it holds. Users report reduced anxiety and stress, among other major health benefits. Could these apply to American football players?

How American Football Players Can Use CBD Products

Exploring the use of cannabidiol among football players and other athletes would be incomplete without mentioning the law that made it possible. Before 2018 CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids were illegal. In the sports world, tests indicating the use of any would lead to serious repercussions.

 After passing the 2018 Farm Bill, the World Anti-Doping Agency reviewed its prohibition list. Athletes can now purchase their cannabidiol products from sites such as and proceed to use them without consequences. Repercussions would only get realized with traces of THC in their system. 

The legal status of cannabis products is wholesomely changing, even in the sports arena. The changes may be subtle and slow, but soon enough, THC may get considered legal for use by sportspeople. Before then, it is encouraging to learn that CBD is completely legal for use before, during, and after the day of the game. 

Regarding the use of these cannabidiol products by athletes, there are several ways that people can ingest the same. Other than smoking, dabbing, and the use of bongs, there are other safer routes that sportspeople can choose. According to a National Library of Medicine article, smoking for athletic professionals may undermine their productivity. This claim is due to the likelihood of the smoking habit ruining the lungs and general health of the athletes. 

The preferred method of ingesting cannabidiol products is using edibles and topicals. Edibles exist in a huge variety, from well-known gummies to chocolates and sports drinks. The dosage comes pre-calibrated so that a person knows how much CBD they take in a single piece or in each ml. 

Topicals are similarly diverse and available in a range of flavors and potencies. There are salves, pain relief sprays, roll-ons, and much more. Companies invest in producing these products as their use in the sports world becomes more mainstream. 

In a survey by the Brightfield Group, the CBD beverage market realized $245 million in 2021, a 50% increase from 2020’s sales. By 2026 the same survey argues that these sales will be $1.3 billion. This increase in sales is attributable to their marketing strategies. The companies understand that to market their cannabidiol products to athletes: they need testimonials of their safety. 

The use of famous American football players and advocates from other leagues continues to push the sales of specific brands. Also, other sportspeople are venturing into the market’s business side by investing in the brands. The use of famous individuals and their interest in cannabidiol products is one of the major propellers for the sector’s growth. 

Benefits of CBD Gummies for Players

Other than the modes of use and the growth of cannabidiol use for football players, there is also the issue of what these products offer the players. Most people want to get as many benefits as possible from CBD use. Scientific research shows that the interaction of the compound and the body can lead to some positive factors. These are the top reasons footballers turn to cannabidiol gummies. 

Anti-Inflammatory Effects

Inflammation is a necessary body mechanism that involves fighting away any harmful compounds in the system. This process could prove useful for athletes, but excessive inflammation could reduce their productivity. Cannabis products have anti-inflammatory properties that could reduce the negative symptoms of the process. 

The scientific explanation of the anti-inflammatory properties involves binding CBD to CB2 receptors. These receptors are in the immunological tissues in bulk. The binding leads to a reduction of cytokine production responsible for inflammation. 

Positive Effect on Sleep Quality

Sleep issues affect normal people and professional footballers alike. Moreso, footballers are prone to fatigue and work stress due to their lives of physical exertion. Sleep issues are attributable to stress, anxiety, mental issues, drugs and prescriptions, and performance anxiety. CBD helps mitigate most of these negative effects. Studies show that taking a certain dose before bed can result in an improvement in sleep quality. Well-rested athletes are more likely to perform better than those who have insomnia. 

Combating Performance Anxiety

We can all agree that American footballers are prone to normal human issues like anxiety. They are at a higher chance of experiencing anxiety than people not in active sports. For professional players to perform well, they must avoid anxiety and other distractions. 

Luckily, cannabidiol gummies deliver a relaxing effect that eliminates anxiety and stress. Studies show a positive correlation between cannabidiol gummies and reduced anxiety. A single piece or two will have the players calm and composed before, during, and after their competitions. 

Reducing Joint and Muscle Pain

Athletes can fall victim to injuries more often than normal individuals. They can also have arthritis and other joint and muscle illnesses. Though CBD is not a definitive treatment, positive studies show it can reduce pain. Footballers who may suffer knee and ankle injuries can benefit from using cannabidiol gummies. The compound is effective in eliminating analgesia and pain. The treatment options include taking a potent CBD gummy or applying the oil directly to the wounded part. Either way, the results start showing in under an hour. 

Advantages of Using CBD Gummies

One of the lingering questions for athletes of all kinds is what advantages these cannabidiol gummies have over other alternative products. As we have discussed above, there are certain benefits to using the compound as a professional player. The following are some advantages over alternative products and cannabinoids. 

It is Legal

As mentioned, the 2018 Farm Bill led to revolutionary regulations in the sports arena. Previously, athletes found with traces of CBD would be suspended from competitions. Currently, there is no threshold for CBD traces during athlete testing. The thresholds exist for THC traces. 

Has No Psychotropic Effects

Unlike its counterpart THC, CBD does not have a psychotropic effect. Users who take full-spectrum gummies report feeling high and, in some cases, disoriented. This feeling is unacceptable for footballers who want to be at the top of mental and physical acuity. The alternative of using broad-spectrum products is safer for their activities. They are less likely to be confused or easily distracted by the ongoings of the competition. 

Safe Ingestion Methods

One of the aspects that keeps pushing CBD use for players and other people is the variability in ingestion methods. For those who do not like smoking, the gummies and edibles option is the safest. It has no adverse reactions, and the cannabidiol stays in the body longer. The prolonged cannabidiol effect means that you will be experiencing its relaxing benefits for hours. 

Health Benefits for American Footballers

Cannabidiol holds health benefits for American football players. They can access its anti-inflammatory properties, pain relief, anti-anxiety, and relaxing effects. A single gummy at the right potency can deliver all these effects. They only need to ensure that they know their tolerance levels. Taking too much CBD can result in adverse overdose symptoms. 


The world has been slow to approve CBD’s health benefits. For decades, trace amounts of the same in athlete tests resulted in serious consequences. Since its legalization at the federal level in 2018, this attitude has changed, especially in the sports world. More and more football players are embracing the helpful features of cannabidiol and its by-products. Gummies, for one, offer a safe ingestion method that leads to prolonged effects. Football players can legally take the amount they need without failing their drug tests even after its detection. 

Lana Braslavska wrote this article. With the increased interest in cannabis products in various sectors, she hoped to disseminate helpful information for athletes. As an AskGrowers writer, her pieces are always direct and loaded with much-needed information.


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