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Top 5 Green Bay Packers’ Players Of All Time

There is not really anyone ‘best of all’ teams in the NFL, each team has their own skill set and has won their own games.


The Green Bay Packers are one of the better teams in the NFL, however. They have had quite a good success rate over the years. Their odds are pretty good each year as well, as you will see with oddscrowd.


But, who is the best in the Green Bay Packers? We all know there have been some legendary history in this team. They have had epic wins and pretty darn good win streaks too. But, who were the best Packers?


Let’s take a look at the best of the best out of all the Packers.


Who Are The Best Packers?


The Packers have at least 21 players in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Of course, there have been some omissions, but there are no less an epic amount of Packers in the Hall of Fame.


While the Packers are not exactly running it hot at the moment, they have got quite the history of amazing players in their roster.


Some of the criteria for being an awesome packer include, dominance, records, position skill, longevity, and championships to their name.


So, which 5 Packers are the best of the best, the most skilled of the skilled players, and who should new Packers be looking up to as an example of what it means to be a Packer?


#1. Don Hutson (WR)


Thought we would start with a Quarterback? Wrong! Hutson 100% changed the wide receiver position in the NFL during his time. Much like Brett Favre, he was a multi award winning player in the NFL, and he won many MVPs.


In fact he won it 2 times in 1941 and 42.


The Packers also managed to win 3 NFL titles in his time.


He managed to hold an impressive 18 NFL records by the time he retired, which is just a show of how dominant he was in his play. Leading in receiving 8 times over, and holding the all time record for touchdown receptions at 99! A record unbroken until 1989.


He managed to have an impressive 105 touchdowns to his name in his whole career.


#2. Bart Starr (QB)


Now we get to the quarterbacks. Bart Starr won a whole 5 NFL championships while he was quarterback, which is more than any quarterback in history (until Tom Brady).


Bradshaw and Montana won only 4, and Brady is the most recent to beat Starr’s record.


Star also got the quarterback to win the first 2 Super Bowls, and got an MVP title in both of the games.


He was league MVP in ‘66 and is best known for his ‘quarterback sneak’ at 13 seconds left of play in the ‘Ice Bowl’ of ‘67.


He was named as All-Pro 4 times over and was named to the Pro bowl on four occasions.


#3. Brett Favre (QB)


Favre is another quarterback who had 160 wins as a starting QB with the Packers, breaking Elway’s 148 marker. He also had an epic starting streak at 253 games when he left the team.


He threw an epic 442 touchdown passes, and broke Marino’s record by 2 points. Throwing 61,655 yards with Green Bay he topped Marino once more.


He simply went through his whole career showing everyone else up, and breaking record after record after record.


He won 3 MVP awards from ‘95 to ‘97, and was named to be an All-Pro on 6 occasions. Playing in 255 games in the regular season as a Packer, he made it as one of the most played games of all time.


#4. Forrest Gregg (RT)


When Lombardi wrote his book he stated that Gregg was the best player he ever coached. Gregg played for 14 seasons with the Packers, and was a key player in the offensive lineup during the years with Lombardi.


Only Gregg and Ringo from Lombardi’s Packers made it to the Hall of Fame, however. But Gregg’s achievement was worth it, with Gregg being named as an All-Pro on nine occasions, and Pro-Bowl the same amount.


He is a Pro Bowl Hall of Famer, and a Packers Hall of Famer too. He did not end there though, he also ended his career coaching the Packers after he left from 1984 until 1987.


#5. Ray Nitschke (MLB)


Nitschke was the foreman of Lombardi’s Packers defensive lineup. He played in an era that had some epic linebackers too.


But he was named to be an All-pro 6 times over, but was only named to a single Pro Bowl squad… We are still not sure why.


He was an MVP in the ‘62 year against the Giants, and he managed to deflect a pass to intercept, recovering 2 fumbles in the process.


He sits in the Packer and Pro Hall of Fame, and played on a total of 5 championship teams.


He actually has 2 practice fields named in his stead, which says more than we need to.

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