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Top 5 Player Rankings For The NFL Fantasy Football this 2023


DFS, or Daily Fantasy Sports, is a popular sport enthusiasts love to play. One of the subsets of DFS is fantasy football, a game where you can be a manager and create your team by adding players across the league to your lineup.

Fantasy football is based on the real-life happenings in the ongoing NFL season. That said, odds for each player and other data will constantly change daily according to real-life events.

Many amazing football players are in the league today, and choosing which ones to add to your lineup can be confusing. That’s why we have listed the NFL players who ranked in the top five on fantasy football to give you an idea of who to get for your team.


Justin Jefferson, WR1, Minnesota Vikings

The number one player of the NFL fantasy football this year is Minnesota Vikings’ wide receiver (WR) Justin Jefferson. The unanimous first pick in fantasy football hasn’t typically been anything other than a running back for a very long time. But this year, Jefferson more than justifies that claim.


Jefferson got the best DFS NFL odds of +250 as the top-scoring fantasy wide receiver, +1300 for the most receiving TDs, and +650 for the fantasy odds of the most receiving yards. He is known to be the youngest player who achieved this position and has a 28.6% chance of being a top NFL fantasy wide receiver.


Justin Jefferson is leading the league in targets, receiving yards and receptions. He also scored nine touchdowns this season and holds the sixth receiving yards and seventh receptions this year.


Tyreek Hill, WR2, Miami Dolphins

Second on the fantasy football ranking is Tyreek Hill, another wide receiver from the Miami Dolphins. Hill is a strong football player in the league who is known for his elusiveness and speed on the field.


He is considered among the fastest football players in the NFL. Hill holds a speed record of 4.29 seconds in the 40-yard dash. Aside from his speed, he has amazing hands and is an excellent route runner.


Tyreek Hill is among the rising star players of the NFL today. He performs dominantly, exhibiting things the league hasn’t seen since Gale Sayers 50 years ago. Hill and Sayers are the only two players in the league to score at least two rushing and receiving touchdowns. So, you mustn’t only watch out for Tyreek Hill in daily fantasy football and real-life games this season.


Austin Ekeler, RB1, Los Angeles Chargers

Austin Ekeler is third on the ranking, which comes as no surprise. Ekeler has been a football machine in the last four NFL seasons, which proves to the world that he is one of the league’s most consistent and dominant running backs.


Last season, Ekeler led the Chargers in catches and targets and proved to be Justin Herbert’s go-to guy. Herbert is the team’s quarterback who compliments the skills of Ekeler, making them one of the must-watch duos in the NFL this season.


Aside from showing a fantastic performance in the 2022 NFL season and being the most sought-after player in the 2022 DFS Football, the fans and experts also noticed that Ekeler is poised for another fantasy football season dominance this year.


Ja’Marr Chase, WR2, Cincinnati Bengals

Ja’Marr Chase is a name that is very famous in the football industry. He became unstoppable since he started his professional career as a football player. And this year, he’s never backing down. He showed the world that he was ready for a strong season.


When he started his NFL career as a rookie, Chase was the fantasy football’s WR4 with 81-1455-13 on 128 targets. In addition to that, he was also the WR4 on a per-game basis. Last season, he faced a challenge when he experienced a hip injury, which resulted in him missing five games.


But despite missing 29% of the season, Chase is still set to establish a career-high target and catches. When the season ended, Chase fell to WR16 and WR5 on a game basis. Not bad, given that he suffered from a serious injury.


Christian McCaffrey, RB2, San Francisco 49ers

The last player you need to get for your fantasy team is the San Francisco 49ers’ running back, Christian McCaffrey. Throughout McCaffrey’s entire career, he consistently ranked among the outstanding running backs in fantasy football, regardless of what team he was playing for and supporting casts on his back like his coach, etc.


He shows the league and the fans that he is capable of playing at an elite level, whichever team he will be in. That only proved how strong McCaffrey was as a player. With his flexibility and ability to adapt quickly to his environment and background, there’s no question why he is one of the best players in fantasy football and real life.


Final Thoughts

If you’re playing fantasy football, you might want to acquire these five or at least one of the mentioned NFL players if you want your team to be strong. But if you are unfortunate and someone has already acquired them to their popularity in the daily fantasy sports, you can still check out other players on the top 100 ranking list of NFL Fantasy Football.

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