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What are the best American football teams to bet on this year


Many people, not just regular fans, are looking forward to the start of the National Football League season. This is an excellent opportunity to win if you make the right prediction. Today we will discuss the football teams you should pay attention to this season.

TOP 5 Football Teams

American football is the most popular sport in America. There is a competition between two teams, each of which has 11 people on the field. Unlike classic football, American football is played with an oval ball. Everything takes place on a rectangular field 120 yards long. The game’s goal is to take possession of the ball and carry it into the end zone. In this case, the player can run independently or give passes to other athletes on the team. Usually, in a team, a particular player specializes in attack, defense, or performing special commands.

In America, many teams operate permanently, so we selected the most popular and promising for our list. We will also dwell on what to expect from each team this season. You can also check out PA sports betting promos. Here you can find information about bookmaker promotions.

Arizona Cardinals

To Miss The Playoffs -140

Even though the team is in the TOP 3 of the NFC West, it is not necessary to wait for the Cardinals to reach the playoffs this season. Players have to overcome a very serious path for this. The difficulties are mainly due to the loss of crucial WR player Deandre Hopkins. He has just started serving the first half of his 6-month ban.

The Arizona Cardinals will face the Chiefs, Raiders, and Rams at the start of the season.

Atlanta Falcons

Fewest Regular Season Wins +400

An equally tricky NFL season lies ahead for the Falcons. Last year’s 7-10 success resulted in losing two top QB players, Matt Ryan and WR Calvin Ridley. They won’t be on the field this season. The most optimal rate for a team is +400, and they will collect the least number of wins this season.

Baltimore Ravens

OVER 9.5 wins -160

To Win AFC North +160

The Baltimore Ravens were one step away from winning the AFC North. But injuries to key players on the field make their adjustments. The team lost Lamar Jackson, and three of the best runners will not enter the area at once due to injuries. There is also no team starting guard, left tackle, or tight end. In the current line-up, it is easier to list those who will actually take the field this season.

Buffalo Bills

Most Regular Season Wins +450

The team will start this season with their best players. In 2021, the team had a successful 11-6 offensive juggernaut but failed to win the playoffs.

There are several reasons why the team may have the most wins this season. Good results on the field should show QB Josh Allen. The coach also decided to include 2-time Super Bowl champion Von Miller in the game.

Carolina Panthers

Over 6.5 wins +105

There will be two new quarterbacks on the field this season. At the same time, Sam Darnold ended his career with the Carolina Panthers. If the coach decides to bring QB Baker Mayfield into the game and Christian McCaffrey starts the new season without injury, we can predict an excellent final result for the team. There’s a good chance the Carolina Panthers will beat their 5-12 record last year.

Every year in American football, some teams exceed the fans’ expectations. The Carolina Panthers have every chance to become such a team this year.

Types of Bets in American Football

There are three main types of bets in American football:

  1. Money line. If you are a novice casino player, we recommend using this bet. This is the simplest option—you bet on which team will be the winner according to the results of the match.
  2. Handicap. This bet balances the chances of each team. Both teams are offered linked odds for plus and minus points. As a result, regardless of the outcome of the event, you remain the winner.
  3. Totals. The essence of the bet is to guess how many points a particular team will collect in the end. This form of betting is also often referred to as Over/Under.

American Football Betting Tips

The spread of online casinos and gambling on the Internet has greatly simplified the process of betting. Now you can find numerous sites where you can bet on American football. We have put together a few tips to help you achieve the desired result.

  1. Specialization. American football has several betting markets. We advise you to try each of the markets. Over time, you will understand which market you like the most and where you achieve the best results.
  2. Open accounts with numerous bookmakers. Not all bookmakers offer the same odds on an online American football game. If you have multiple accounts, you will be able to choose the best option for betting.
  3. Keep records of past bets. Such records will help you analyze your actions. After the end of the match, you will be able to assess where you come to the correct conclusions and where you made a mistake. It’s also easy to tell which betting market you’re doing well with these records.
  4. Conduct team research. The more information you collect about American football, your bets will be successful. Follow the team not only during the season, but also during offseason periods. At this time, the teams recruit key players or eliminate certain athletes.
  5. Compare previous meetings. Every game in American football can be analyzed before it even starts. To accomplish this, you only need to study and compare the last few personal meetings of a particular team. See how the statistics and performance of the game change over a certain period.


American football is an exciting game with hundreds of fans both in the United States and abroad. If you are also fond of this sport discipline, it’s time to choose your favorite team for the upcoming season. At the same time, remember that in any gambling, including sports betting, a lot depends on chance. Even if you consider all the factors, there is no guarantee that the bet will win.

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