NFL Draft Countdown

What makes the best NFL Draft prospect?

Every year, NFL teams look to the college football ranks for their next stars. It’s no secret that the NFL Draft is a major event in the sports world, with teams and fans alike eagerly anticipating who will be selected and where.

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However, what makes an NFL prospect great? This is something that many will need to think about and it can be a lot easier said than done. Nonetheless, let’s break it down. 

Physical Attributes

The most obvious trait of any top draft prospect is their physical ability. Speed, strength, agility, and quickness are all key attributes for success at a professional level. Of course, there are also positional skills that each team will look for depending on the position being filled — for example, a quarterback must have strong throwing accuracy and arm strength while a cornerback must possess good footwork and reflexes.

Football IQ

Having physical talent alone is not enough to make it in the big leagues — one must also possess a high football IQ in order to understand how best to use their natural gifts. An elite prospect has an innate understanding of how best to position themselves on the field as well as what play is likely to work best in different scenarios. This knowledge can only be gained through practice and experience — two things that an NFL-level player should already have plenty of by the time they enter the draft process.

Leadership Ability

In addition to possessing physical attributes and knowledge of football strategy, an ideal draft prospect should also demonstrate leadership qualities both on and off the field. An effective leader needs to be able to motivate their teammates when times get tough and establish themselves as someone who can be trusted in difficult situations. A leader should also have strong communication skills in order to effectively articulate instructions or relay plays during game time. Ultimately, this type of leadership is invaluable on any team — regardless of sport or level of play.


The NFL Draft is one of the most important events in American sports every year — both from a fan perspective as well as from a business perspective for each team involved. At its core, this excitement comes from selecting players who not only possess proven physical abilities but also demonstrate true leadership potential and an advanced understanding of football strategy and tactics; these traits together make up what it takes to become an elite draft prospect in today’s game! Ultimately, finding such players requires careful scouting by all 32 teams so they can find those gems that will take them far into future seasons!

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