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Nathan Cheatham


Deep Fried DraftDFD is owned by Draft Countdown Managing Partner Brian Bosarge providing high end NFL Draft content all year round!


Devy Marketplace PodcastThe Devy Marketplace Podcast is hosted by Draft Countdown Managing Partner Shane P. Hallam and Fantasy Headliner’s Kane Fossell discussing Devy Fantasy Football and future NFL Draft prospects.


NextGemNext Gem is the new project and app run by Draft Countdown Owner Scott Wright revolving around the sports card industry.


Fake PigskinFake Pigskin is a Fantasy Sports website covering all fantasy sports high and low! Draft Countdown Managing Partner Shane P. Hallam is a contributor to FP.


IDP Guys

The IDP Guys is the premier site on the internet for Fantasy Football IDP Content.


Toilets To TitlesT2T is a fantasy football website and podcast dedicated to having fun talking about the sport! Shane is a frequent guest on this enjoyable show.


GBN ReportGBN Report is an NFL Draft website that has been running as long as Draft Countdown! Colin and Pigskin Paul do an excellent job covering the draft.


Draft Insiders

Frank Coyle has been one of the best draft analysts in the business for decades. His website and experience are always on point and a worthwhile stop for any draftnik!


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