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Brian Branch and other Safety, CB, LB, and ST Scouting Report

Below is a quick scouting report blurb about each Linebacker, Cornerback, Safety, Kicker, Punter, and Long Snapper, Defensive End, and Defensive Tackle  I have scouted for the 2023 NFL Draft. The order/rankings may change before draft day, but it will be updated. Come back here when your team drafts or signs a LB, CB, S, K, P, or LS who you don’t know! With these just being a mini scouting report for each prospect, contact me for more in depth information. Feel free to send me feedback @ShanePHallam


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Linebacker Scouting Report

Drew Sanders is my LB1. Part EDGE rusher, part LB. Can bend around the edge and close on the QB. Very athletic with good instincts. Big production this season and was a heat seeking missile against the run. A bit of a tweener that won’t fit all defenses. Coverage ability is very raw. Can get run over with mediocre tackle technique. Wil overpursue.


Trenton Simpson is my LB2. Highly athletic mover who is smooth sideline to sideline. Big hitter who can lay th lumber. Plays zone coverage well and can read the QB. Quick closing speed. Instincts are poor. Will go for the big hit instead of wrap-up tackling. Not as tough as you want.  


Jack Campbell is my LB3. Massive with great instincts. Wrap-up tackler who reads and diagnoses well. Will close gaps and make good tackles in the run game. Flashes coverage ability. Athletic for his size. Green dot player. Can be stiff when changing direction. Will get too physical with TEs and receivers in routes. Can be a bit slow to react.


Daiyan Henley is my LB4. Good athlete who is decisive. Good coverage player who can match up with TEs. Sound tackler who goes low. Instinctual in the run game. Struggles when the ball is in the air to react to it. Lack of size can allow him to get blocked off of the play. May lack upside.


Owen Pappoe is my LB5. Highly athletic player. Explosive off the snap. Can cover RBs out of the flat. Great closing speed to make the tackle. Can rush the passer. Lacks ideal instincts and technique when tackling. Will miss plays in the open field. Raw with big upside.


DeMarvion Overshown is my LB6. Tough player who can weed through traffic. Good tackler who can hit big or wrap-up. Shows the ability to cover TEs down the seam. Played multiple positions on the defense. Took a step back on production this year. Instincts can be hit or miss. Takes a bit to get up to steam when closing on a ball carrier.


Noah Sewell is my LB7. Closes quickly and can hit hard. Good instincts to get to the RB. Sideline to sideline ability is there. Flashes athletic upside at times. Underachiever. Won’t add much pass rush. Struggles in traffic to make an impact. Doesn’t know how to get off blocks.


Nick Herbig is my LB8. Can rush the passer well off of the edge. Tough and gets good leverage. Can lay the big hit. Good bend and can track down runners in the flat. Stiff when changing direction. Pass coverage instincts are poor. Will disappear for stretches. Has some upside.


Dorian Williams is my LB9. Great tackler with good technique. Can make the clean play in the open field. Great instincts and won’t let a runner get extra yardage. Small and can be blocked off of the play. Lacks the length and size to match up against big TEs. Won’t add much from a pass rush perspective.            


Henry To’o To’o is my LB10. Sideline to sideline ability. Good eyes and instincts. Stays disciplined and will seal off holes in the defense. Has flashed some pass rush ability. Not overly dynamic. Won’t make the big play. Struggles to get off of blocks at the second level.


Ivan Pace is my LB11. Great tackler who is tough in traffic. Excellent instincts reading the backfield and adjusting to the RB. Has the bulk to stand up to bigger RBs. Won’t add much in coverage, especially against bigger TEs and RBs. Can move through quicksand trying to get to the flat. Role player.


Yasir Abdullah is my LB12. Instinctual LB who reads pre-snap very well. Can rush the passer on stunts up the middle. Will punish RB mistakes. Shows some coverage ability. Plays a bit upright and stiff. Not as strong as you’d want on engagement. Tackle technique leaves a lot to be desired.


Nick Hampton is my LB13. EDGE/LB tweener. Can blitz off the edge and was productive. Plays low and can beat with bend or rip. Plays the flat well and can run down RBs. Won’t add much in coverage. Struggles with technique. Instincts are inconsistent.

SirVocea Dennis is my LB14. Great instincts with good closing speed. Has some zone coverage ability as well. Gets to the flat quickly to make a play. Not the biggest size and can get pushed around in blocks. Won’t add much pass rush. Can miss easy tackles. 


Anfernee Orji is my LB15. Good tackler who closes fast on RBs. Read and react ability is great. Reads the QB well in coverage. Doesn’t add much pass rush. Can struggle to disengage with blockers. Gets chipped by RBs at times.  


Ventrell Miller is my LB16. Diagnoses pre-snap well. Can churn through traffic to make a play. Won’t let RBs pick up extra yardage. Has experience in coverage. Has dealt with multiple injuries. Won’t add much pass rush. Limited ceiling.


Cam Jones is my LB17. Tough player who wraps up with good technique. Led the defense and flew all over the field. Tough and can get a push on blockers. Wrap-up tackler. Struggled against physical TEs in coverage. Not as athletic as you want. Won’t fit every defense. Limited ceiling. 


Dee Winters is my LB18. Small, but powerful. Hits hard and packs a punch. Takes good angles to the ball carrier. Short and can get run over. Out of position due to trying to do too much. Can’t beat seal blocks.  


Shaka Heyard is my LB19. Sound tackler. Good technique. Big and won’t let up for extra yards. Shows good coverage in zone and man. Plays stiff and not a great athlete. Won’t add pass rush. Can be slow getting to the ball carrier.  


Isaiah Moore is my LB20.  EDGE/LB tweener. Can bend and get to the passer. Good instincts. Won’t do much off ball. Struggles vs. leverage OL. Negative in pass coverage. 


Jalen Graham is my LB21. Explosive and can get to the flat quickly. Nice lateral mobility. Instincts need work and can make wrong reads. Will need work.


Charlie Thomas is my LB22. Instinctual. Good tackle technique. Can cover in zone and make plays. Thin frame. Struggles to get off blocks. Not the pass rusher he should be. Can still get run over.


Mohamoud Diabate is my LB23. Good thumper. Moves laterally and fills the gaps well. Good wrap-up tackler. Showed some pass coverage ability. Not as athletic as you want. Struggles to close. Needs to work better through traffic. 


Jeremy Banks is my LB24. Can pin his ears back and get after the QB. Tough player who can work through traffic to get in position. Has to be accounted for. Will overpursue. Can get knocked off balance too easily. Won’t add much in stopping the run in the flat. Weak tackler.   


Micah Baskerville is my LB25. Read and react player. Tough and can get the big hit. Makes RBs pay for playing upright. Will try to tackle too high. Wastes too many steps and can lag behind runners. Coverage ability lacking.  


Noah Taylor is my LB26. EDGE/LB tweener. Good size and strength. Can blitz off the edge and has some pass rush moves. Can drop back in the zone and read the QB. Often runs himself out of plays. Poor instincts against the run. Will misdiagnose plays. Not the best athlete..


Aubrey Miller is my LB27. Tough player who can wrap up and hit RBs. Good at taking the right angles to ball carriers. Flashes some interior stunt rush. Not overly big or fast. Raw in pass coverage. Gets lost in some games at a lower level of competition.


Ben VanSumeren is my LB28. Big time athlete. Explosive and decisive. Goes sideline to sideline. Instincts need work and struggles to get off blocks. Raw with upside. 


Mikel Jones is my LB29. Good instincts in the middle. Works through traffic well. Run stuffer despite his size. Always seems off a step behind in pass coverage. Not the athlete NFL teams want.


Bumper Pool is my LB30. Thumper in the middle. Will fill a gap and play the run well. Lacks pass rush and coverage ability. One trick pony who is good at what he does.


Amari Burney is my LB31. Small but explosive. Gets to his spot quickly. Can run down RBs and WRs. Shows coverage ability, but can get pushed off his mark. Gets swallowed up when blocked.    


Michael Ayers is my LB32. Good athlete who flies around the field. Moves sideline to sideline very well. Runs down RBs. Makes plays as a blitzer too. Doesn’t cover much. Lower level of competition and has to prove he can do it at the NFL. Raw technique and wrap-up.


Drake Thomas is my LB33. Good middle of the defense player who can read the offense well. Mirrors RB and can fill gaps. Shows some zone coverage ability. Not a big time athlete. Won’t add any dynamic ability. Struggles to stop outside zone runs.


Garrett Nelson is my LB34. Big bodied thumper. Plays tall and can match up with TEs. Flashes good instincts and some athletic ability at his size. Plays stiff. Doesn’t change direction well. Won’t fit all defenses.     


Carlton Martial is my LB35. Small, but productive tackler. Good wrap-up technique. Won’t shed blocks. Doesn’t cover much. Can play special teams.  


Austin Ajiake is my LB36. Good production and athleticism. Shows the ability to rush the passer and play in coverage. Could grow into an all around TE. Raw instincts. Often out of position. Allows some big plays. 


Troy Brown is my LB37. Moves well and can get to the outside to stop RBs. Good technique in tackling. Small frame and can get pushed around. Flashed some coverage ability, but usually can’t handle the physicality. 


Kyle Soelle is my LB38. Good instincts and reads RBs well and can diagnose the play. Plays tough and hits hard. Lacks coverage instincts. Poor tackle technique.  


Zaire Barnes is my LB39. Can rush the passer a bit. Good sideline to sideline ability. Thin frame and gets pushed around. Can get run over. 


Dillon Doyle is my LB40. Tough thumper. Hits hard and can wrap-up. Keeps the play in front of him. Stiff and won’t move laterally much. Limited ceiling.    


Durell Nchami is my LB41. Tall and lean. Can rush the passer a bit. Instincts improved through the season. Raw in diagnosis. Won’t hold up against run blocks.      


Nick Anderson is my LB42. Small but can move. Shows pass rush off the edge. Plays low and can tackle. Won’t hold up in coverage. Can’t do much in traffic.  


Jaylen Moody is my LB43. Good tackler. Plays downhill. Not the athlete he needs to be. Can cover, but often lags behind.  


Trevor Nowaske is my LB44. Big time athlete who is explosive and has a great first step. Can get to any point on the field and hits hard. Raw instincts against a lower level of competition. Will need developed.


Jimmy Phillips is my LB45. Good size. Fluid. Can knock TEs off their routes. Disciplined. Can miss easy tackles. Struggles to disengage.     


Krishon Merriweather is my LB46. Nice coverage LB who can drop back. Reads the QB well. Doesn’t take good angles to the RB. Not overly strong. Will limp arm tackles. 


David Perales is my LB47. Flashes athleticism to cover in zone. Good instincts. Diagnoses well. Not a good tackler. Can stiffen when changing direction. Tackle technique is poor.  


Merlin Robertson is my LB48. Flashes pass rush ability off the edge. Quick and has closing speed. Took a step back this season and couldn’t set the edge. Rarely gets off blocks. Won’t do much in coverage or against bigger RBs.


Jamal Hines is my LB49. Good instincts and can work through traffic. Solid tackler. Not a great athlete. Stays in the box. Limited upside. 


Zeke Vandenburgh is my LB50. Good numbers and tackler. Can disengage well. Run stuffer at a lower level. Can get beat in coverage. Flashes some upside. 


Cornerback Scouting Report

Christian Gonzalez is my CB1. Super athletic with a smooth backpedal. Playmaker who can go up and make plays on the ball. Nice closing speed and reads the QBs eyes. Will mirror and anticipate routes. Not overly physical and is rare to jam at the line. Can get caught going for the big play and allowing a catch. Elite potential.          


Joey Porter Jr. is my CB2. Super physical. Great jam at the line and can stuff timing routes. Makes WRs work for the ball. Can stick in the hip pocket on inside routes. Good hands and playmaking ability. Good recovery speed. Will get too grabby and draw flags. Will try to guess too much and can whiff on his first step.  


Devon Witherspoon is my CB3. Nickel corner who can play outside. Physical at the line of scrimmage and won’t allow contested catches. Plays bigger than he is. Sinks his hips and opens them up seamlessly. Good closing speed and can tackle in the run game. Smaller with a slight build. Will play the WR over the ball. Anticipation needs work.  


Deonte Banks is my CB4. Physical and long. Will knock WRs well off their route on the line. Presses with ease. Fast and can close quickly. Good tackler. Ball skills are lacking. Hips can get stiff in his backpedal. Gives up ground on the transition. Instincts need work. Big upside, big downside. 


Emmanuel Forbes is my CB5. Ball hawk. Can make a play on any pass and take it back to the house. Fluid movement with speed. Plays big. Ideal slot player. Closing speed is phenomenal. Not a press corner. Very thin with a slight build. Can get pushed around. Doesn’t use his hands effectively. Struggles on contested catches. Won’t fit every defense.  


Cam Smith is my CB6. Technically sound corner. Doesn’t waste movement in his feet and back pedal. Great transition, allows him to stick deep. Mirrors the receiver well and use his hands to stay on them. Flashes ball skills on certain routes. Doesn’t always stick tight with receivers. Can get beat on short timing routes. Press is below average and can whiff at times. Solid, but may not have huge upside.  


DJ Turner is my CB7. Speed corner who can go step for step with anyone. Great back pedal and transitions to easily cover deep 9-routes. Change of direction is smooth to move with many different routes.  Won’t get the big interception. Can misdiagnosis at times and leave easy underneath catches. Struggles against bigger WRs. 


Julius Brents is my CB8. Big and long. Will play down and get physical in the run game. Throws receivers off of their routes consistently. Plays the ball in the air and can come down with interceptions. Athletic. A bit stiff in his back pedal. Will struggle to turn and run with fast WRs. Can be a step behind on mirroring posts and slants. Didn’t press as much as you’d expect. 


Darius Rush is my CB9. Big, long. Has the length to disrupt passes. Good contested defender. Improved throughout the season. Great athlete for his size. Got picked on at times, even in good position. Transition can be a bit stiff. Will take too many risks trying to play the ball.     


Kelee Ringo is my CB10. Big, long, and fast. Presses at the line well. Playmaker who looks to play the ball. Good tackler who will get physical. Makes WRs work to get open. Leaves too much cushion. Lacks instincts and awareness. Relies on physical tools too much. Slow on his transition. Doesn’t anticipate routes well.


Clark Phillips III is my CB11. Very small, but physical for his size. Insane playmaker with good hands. Has shown he can play inside or outside. Good technique and footwork with no wasted movement. Slight and not very fast. Has trouble sticking with bigger, athletic WRs. Can get out of position at times.


Kyu Blu Kelly is my CB12. Physical WR who can play press man. Experienced and mirrors routes well. Not afraid to get physical for jump balls. Good use of hand fighting down the field. Tackler. Not a playmaker, won’t make the interception. Can be stiff in his back pedal and miss leverage. Not always the best in transition.         


Riley Moss is my CB13. Can play safety. Good ballhawk who closes fast on throws. Smart and diagnoses what the offense will do. Smooth footwork. Rarely out of position. Good athleticism and speed. Has dealt with injuries. Not overly physical. Can get boxed out. Tackle technique is suspect. 


Tyrique Stevenson is my CB14. Press corner who can stick in the hip pocket. Good athlete with clean feet and hand work. Will make WRs work for their catches and routes. Can tackle with good technique. Plays a bit high in transition and lose speed. Doesn’t play the ball too often. Can get a step behind on 9 routes.  


Jakorian Bennett is my CB15. Fast and smooth. Great footwork and positions himself well on routes. Plays the ball and can make interceptions. Smooth back pedal and transition to turn and run. Thinner frame, can get knocked around. Not very physical at the line of scrimmage. Can lose on contested catches. Limited ceiling.  


Cameron Mitchell is my CB16. Smart player who is rarely out of position. Good hand usage off the line and can slow down good route runners. Solid athlete with good feet. Always seems in on the play, even receiver catches it. Won’t make big interceptions often. Closing speed is questionable at times. Solid player, but lacks upside.   


Terell Smith is my CB17. Big time athlete who can go step for step with anyone. Big and long. Good hitter and will use the boundary to limit the receivers field of play. Make-up speed is solid. Out of position too much. Gets caught guessing what receivers will do and can make mistakes. High upside but is raw.


Jaylon Jones is my CB18. Smart corner who transitions well. Can get physical at the line and make WRs work to get in and out of their breaks. Good at reading the QB and reacting to balls in the air. Solid zone corner. Didn’t play the ball enough this season. Not the best short area athlete and can miss his mark. Transition can be sloppy. 


Cory Trice is my CB19. Safety/CB tweener. Big, physical athlete. Good tackler who will come down and play the run. Good instincts. Plays a bit stiff and may not excel in man coverage. Inconsistent from game to game in positioning and mirroring. 


Carrington Valentine is my CB20. Long athlete with upside. Low in his back pedal and explodes to close on routes. Can tackler with nice wrap-up. Gives too much of a cushion. Slow to react to passes. Flashes some upside, but has a ways to go.    


Darrell Luter Jr. is my CB21. Rock solid corner who mirrors well. Reacts quickly and puts himself in good positon. Solid athlete who can stick with WRs inside. Can close and hit. Good hands. Can stiffen up in transition. Athletic WRs will best him on contested catches.     


Garrett Williams is my CB22. Technique corner who doesn’t waste movement. Good use of his hands at the line and in routes to slow down WRs. Can peek into the backfield and diagnose well. Solid all around.  Injury complicates his draft stock. Short and can’t match leaping ability of some WRs. Doesn’t get as physical as you want. May lack starter upside. 


Tre’vius Hodges-Tomlinson is my CB23. Small, but mighty. Plays tough and will make the big interception. Not afraid to get his nose dirty and play the run. Fast and athletic with good closing speed. Reads the QB well. Small and slight. Can get knocked around by longer WRs. Won’t do much at the line. Nickel only.


Alex Austin is my CB24. Good size and frame. Smooth feet in his back pedal. Shows press man ability. Hand fights down the field in man. Can be lost in zone coverage at times. Can be manipulated by the QB. Won’t add much playmaking. Still raw.


Rejzohn Wright is my CB25. Physical corner who won’t let clean timing routes. Good tackler who gets physical and can even cause fumbles. Good at positioning himself well on the outside.  Better in a soft zone than man. Won’t make the interception.  


Kei’Trel Clark is my CB26. Smooth slot corner who transitions flawlessly. Won’t lose much ground to WR routes. Positions himself consistently to bat down passes. Small frame and won’t fit every defense. Can struggle in zone coverage with raw instincts. Solid player who lacks upside.  


Nic Jones is my CB27. Fast and a smooth athlete. Great back pedal and transition. Closesquickly. Tall and lean. Instincts are subpar. Will get caught peeking and miss coverage. Positioning is often poor. Raw with upside.   


Mekhi Blackmon is my CB28. Experienced in both man and zone coverage. Closes quickly and flashes some ball skills. Can match any route. Small and slight. Not very physical. Tackling is weak. Can get boxed out too easily.     


Eli Ricks is my CB29. Good athlete who flashed elite skillset early in his career. Nice hands at the line and can press. Poor instincts. Will lag behind WRs. Sluggish in his change of direction. Had a poor year.


Myles Brooks is my CB30. Good athlete who has fluid hips. Can read the offense pre and post snap. Soft hands on interceptions. Not as physical as you want. Can get caught giving too much of a cushion. Struggles to match-up with quick underneath routes.   


Anthony Johnson is my CB31. Big physical press corner. Uses his hands well and can knock receivers off the route. Plays high and struggles with transition. Won’t create turnovers. Stiff and may not fit every defense.     


Starling Thomas V is my CB32. Fast and can run with anyone on the fly. Closes quickly and positions well on deep passes. Smooth. Will play the receiver more than the ball. Not very physical. Raw in anticipation.    


Cam Brown is my CB33. Plays physically and can tackle. Won’t let receivers get off the line cleanly. Good positioning on inside routes. Will get lost in zone at times. Can hesitate before closing. Inconsistent game to game.    


Mekhi Garner is my CB34. Big, long corner. Nice leaping ability. Can disrupt tight passes. Plays the run well. Doesn’t always use his length to his advantage. Looks the part, but doesn’t play up to it. Can be stiff in his movement.


Lance Boykin is my CB35. Good size corner with experience. Rarely makes mental errors and plays with a hot motor. Will work through the receiver when the ball is in the air. Not the best athlete when transitioning. Footwork can be sloppy and sink him. Back pedal needs work. Has potential.


Arquon Bush is my CB36. Flashes smooth transitions and closing speed. Can get physical at times. Positioning needs work and can misread routes. Still a bit raw.      


D’Shawn Jamison is my CB37. CB/S tweener who closes nicely and can make some plays on the ball. Finesse player who reads the QB well and makes smart decisions. Not a big tackler, and won’t get too physical. 


Keenan Isaac is my CB38. Tough press corner who was fairly dominant at his level of competition. Good length and hands. Will outphysical on the boundary. Stiff technique and needs to work on his feet and hips. May not hold up in the NFL without development. 


Keidron Smith is my CB39. Tall and long. Smooth mover who sticks close to SEC WRs. Anticipates passes and can break them out. Won’t win on box outs. Struggles with tackling which can spring big YAC. 


Kaleb Hayes is my CB40. Insane athlete who flies around the field. Closes very fast and can turn and run with WRs. Instincts are off and often makes poor decisions. Not as physical as you want. Tons of upside.


Quavian White is my CB41. Good ball skills and can make the interception. Tough and will hand fight in routes. Can get too aggressive going for the ball at times and lose his receiver. Can miss easy tackles. Takes bad angles.  


DJ Ivey is my CB42. Put on an island a lot. Decent athlete who makes WRs work for passes. Experienced. Won’t run step for step with most wideouts. Got picked on often. Needs development in transition.


Jarrick Bernard-Converse is my CB43. Tough player with good instincts. Reads the offense well presnap and can guess routes. Can make plays on the ball. Motor runs hot and cold at times. Will leave too big of a cushion off the snap. A bit slow to react if he guesses wrong.  


Steven Jones Jr. is my CB44. Top notch special teams player. Good technician with nice footwork. Small with a thin frame. Won’t get physical. Struggles with spacing. Won’t close quickly.  


Justin Ford is my CB45. Tough player who can hit. Sticky in coverage and will bat the ball down. Flashes ball skills. Tight hipped and won’t swing open. Not as gifted athletically as you want.


Art Green is my CB46. Big time athlete with good size. Smooth in and out of transition. Looks the part. Not great in coverage. Lacks ball skills. Can get thrown off a route. Bites on the double move.


Nehemiah Shelton is my CB47. Experienced and quick. Closes quickly. Thin frame. Can get knocked around. May not hold up to NFL WRs.


Kahlef Hailassie is my CB48. Good size and press ability. Experienced. Tight back pedal. Can get blown past.


Ameer Speed is my CB49. Big and long, fast. Can press and run. Raw instincts and positioning. Work in progress.


Mark Milton is my CB50. Good size and physicality. Flashes some upside. Struggles to turn and run with receivers. Will get too grabby and get penalized.   



Brian Branch is my S1. STAR position in the Alabama defense. Played a ton in the nickel and showed very sticky coverage. Good hands and plays the ball well. A plus tackler. Won’t be fooled by fakes and double moves. Straight line and closing speed can be a tad slow. Not a sure tackler and will whiff on arm tackles at times. Can take poor angles.  


Antonio Johnson is my S2. Good size and closing speed. Tackles/wraps up well. Good instincts in coverage and usually gets good positioning. Changes direction too slowly. Not very quick twitch and can struggle against sharp cuts. More in the box than deep coverage.    


Jartavius Martin is my S3. Good athlete who moves sideline to sideline well. Takes good angles and flashes ball skills. Successful in 2-Deep looks. Struggles when manned up with defenders. Instincts on spacing need work. A bit raw.   


Sydney Brown is my S4. Big and athletic. Tackles well and runs downhill toward the line. Can work through traffic. Physical in coverage and can win jump balls. A bit stiff in turning to run. Can lag in his step toward smaller slot WRs. Lots of potential.  


Ji’Ayir Brown is my S5. Better athlete than his testing. Can watch the QBs eyes and create turnovers. Nice size and bulk, can lay the lumber. Closes well to the flat. Gets caught cheating for the ball at times. Can misposition himself on shorter routes. Underrated. 


JL Skinner is my S6. Big, tough. Hits hard and can cause fumbles. Good ball skills, can make the interception consistently. Good at reading the QB close to the line. Medical is a question. Plays very stiff and doesn’t change direction well.     


Chris Smith II is my S7. Instinctual safety who can play the nickel. Good man coverage skills. Read and mirrors well. Plays the ball. Small frame and not the best athlete. Tackles will often be broken. Intriguing fit for a defense. 


Daniel Scott is my S8. Athletic and good tackler. Sound technique and closing speed. Reads the offense. Great ball skills and can create turnovers. Raw in coverage. Can stiffen when turning to run with a receiver. Can get beat deep. 


Jordan Battle is my S9. Good wrap-up tackler. Reads running backs very well and can track them down. Flashes shallow zone coverage skills. Not very explosive or fluid changing directions. Will take a bit to get to his spot. Long speed on the field is a question. 


Jammie Robinson is my S10. Solid all around coverage safety. Can go step for step deep with receivers. Good positioning and will make some plays on the ball. Not very big and can get run over at times. Struggles on jump balls. Changing directions quickly can cause him to lag behind.  


Anthony Johnson Jr. is my S11. Good cover safety with size. Played some corner as well. Gets physical in coverage and can run through receivers to make plays. Won’t get run over by RBs. Doesn’t have the explosion off the snap you want. Struggles with his instincts playing deep. May lack upside.


Chamarri Conner is my S12. CB/S tweener. Good arms to press at the line. Solid tackler and can help in the run game. Good at playing the ball. Stiff and will be better not in direct coverage. Can lose positioning in coverage. Can get blocked out of plays. 


Brandon Joseph is my S13. Playmaker who reads the QB well. Explosive and instinctual in his positioning. Doesn’t quite have the closing speed needed. Closing angles are poor. Took a big step back this season.


Ronnie Hickman is my S14. Box safety who flies around the field. Makes plays in space. Got better every season. Can stiffen up in coverage. Struggles with sharp turns. Can close too quickly and misjudge.


Brandon Hill is my S15. Tough deep safety. Will knock around receivers bigger than him. Can tackle well. Flashes ability to blitz. Used more in run support. Raw in his coverage abilities. Short with a small frame.  


Jason Taylor II is my S16. Great playmaker on the ball. Smooth, fluid athlete. Can read the QB and snipe them. Solid size and frame. Weak arm tackles. Raw diagnosis of the play presnap. Will cheat up or down too much. Raw with upside.   


Jay Ward is my S17. CB/S tweener. Good coverage ability. Mirrors well with smooth transitions. Good in deep zone coverage. Thin frame, gets run over at times. Won’t get overly physical. 


Kaevon Merriweather is my S18. Reads the QB well and can close for picks. Will make WRs pay for mistakes. Smooth sideline to sideline movement. Closes quickly while the ball is in the air. Won’t add a ton in the run game. Can struggle to tackle after a reception. Finesse.    


Marte Mapu is my S19. Big, athletic LB/S tweener. Plays downhill and can make plays behind the line. Fills gaps well. Can outphysical TEs in coverage. Level of competition questions. Medical questions. May be too big and bulky/stiff for the NFL in coverage. 


Demarcco Hellams is my S20. Leader on the defense. Plays smart and takes good angles. Center fielder who can make plays with help. Gets burned one on one, can be a liability in coverage. Not as physical as you want. May be more reserve/special teams.


Gervarrius Owens is my S21. Nice athlete who turns and run with fluidity. Good nose for the football. Not afraid to get physical for jump balls. Plays low to turn and run. Can overpursue too much. Positioning is off creating longer angles. Can give up space against the run. 


Rashad Torrence II is my S22. Good size and coverage ability. Wrap-up tackler who also can drop back into coverage. Good feet. Instincts are raw. Will often be out of position going for a tackle or in coverage. Potential is there.     


Jordan Howden is my S23. Experienced with good closing speed. Shows good instincts and vision toward the line. Was used in a variety of ways. Versatile. Average in coverage and often gets boxed out. Usually provides more help coverage. 


Trey Dean is my S24. Tough player who shows explosion in coverage. Can play the run a bit as well. Not a great athlete. Will struggle in man to man coverage. Will lose WRs in traffic.


Christian Izien is my S25. Small but powerful. Has good range in coverage. Can lay the lumber. Shows some coverage promise, but still raw. Special teams player with upside.  


Tyreque Jones is my S26. Tall and agile. Good at diagnosing and reacting. Can stiffen up when trying to explode to a new spot. May be a step behind in the NFL. 


Jaiden Woodbey is my S27. Experienced box safety. Good wrap-up tackler. Plays smart. High cut, won’t add much one on one in coverage.


Christian Young is my S28. Big, strong LB/S hybrid. Plays in the box and can fill gaps. Struggles when blocked. Lacks the mirror skillset needed for man coverage. 


AJ Finley is my S29. Good size and experience in the SEC. Can play down or back in a deep zone. Can be out of position at times, but solid at everything. Nice reserve player. 


Quindell Johnson is my S30. Good instinctual coverage safety. Flashes skills to close on the ball and make interceptions. Can get run over when tackling at times. May lack the size to match up against bigger targets.


Ty Okada is my S31. Super athlete who flies all over the field. Makes plays on the ball in the air and reads the QB well. Good deep cover safety. Will make some mental errors and take bad angles. Can struggle when tackling. High upside as a special teams player or could develop into a starter.  


Trevon Flowers is my S32. Man coverage safety who can come down and play nickel. Not quite physical enough at the line. Still developing deep cover instincts.  


Tyler Murray is my S33. Good size, in the box player. Flashes nice shallow zone abilities. Will allow receivers to get behind him. Can struggle with angles.  


Tanner McCalister is my S34. Flashes closing speed and positioning deep. Will cheat too close to the line and lose deep coverage. Man coverage stills are below average. Has some potential.


Tykee Smith is my S35. Plays it safe and plays very deep. Will keep everything in front of him. Can be poorly positioned to not provide the help he needs.  


Jalen Green is my S36. Tall and rangy. Can close and tackle. Coverage skills are weak. Could be a liability in man.  


Tyler Moore is my S37. On the small side, but agile. Good ball skills. Can close quickly on open receivers. May not hold up to the rigors of the NFL. Can get run over, even at his level. Long speed is a question. 


Kendall Williamson is my S38. Tough in the box safety who gets his nose dirty. Willing to hit. Stiff in coverage and struggles to turn and run. 


Dawson Weber is my S39. Productive in the box. Tall with some good closing speed. Really ran the defense. May not have the agility to cover in the NFL. Special teamer.


Benny Sapp III is my S40. Productive career with good instincts. Positions himself well. Lacks the athletic and size upside.     


Tanner Ingle is my S41. Solid special teams player who is a good athlete. Can close quickly and hit. Good angles and instincts. Not the best in coverage and can get beat on routes.


Jackie Matthews is my S42. Shows up as a reserve rotational safety who can cover in passing situations. Not much of a tackler in technique and wrap-up.   


Collin Duncan is my S43. Good downhill tackling safety. Played the box well. Could get blocked out. Struggled covering TEs. Not very fluid.


Macon Clark is my S44. Experienced player who plays smart. Shows good coverage on Ins and Posts. Puts his head down when tackling. Will get caught looking into the backfield and losing his target.


Jerrick Reed II is my S45. Small, but packs a punch. Did a bit of everything on the field. Not as athletic as you want. May be more special teams in the league.


Erick Hallett II is my S46. Spark plug with a high motor. Played center field often, so didn’t flash man coverage ability. Tackling technique is poor. Some special teams upside.


Divaad Wilson is my S47. Good range. Will run down RBs. Can be out of position at times and get himself turned around. Ball skills are there. 


Kenderick Duncan Jr. is my S48. Nice downhill tackler. Experienced and plays smart. Stiffens in coverage and won’t turn and run much.  


Otis Reese is my S49. In the box tackler. Cleans up the run well. But not athletic enough for coverage.


Darius Joiner is my S50. Smart player with good technique. Lacks the athleticism or toughness to be consistent.



Jake Moody is my K1. Accurate, even from long distances. Not the biggest leg, but can kick from any hash mark. Consistent set up. Touchback percentage on kickoffs was only average. 


Chad Ryland is K2. Big leg and can boot it from a distance. Fairly consistent in his approach. Can slice kicks sometimes. Missed a few easy kicks this year. Great distance kickoffs.


Christopher Dunn is my K3. Flashes a big leg with some long, accurate kicks. Can do it from all over the field. Was inconsistent in his steps into the kick this season. Could develop into a top kicker, but needs work. Didn’t do kickoffs.


Jack Podlesny is my K4. Accurate from short range. Fairly consistent. Won’t do long range kicks. Can get thrown off from right hash. Kickoffs just average.


Andre Szmyt is my K5. Experienced and consistent. Good from short to midrange. May not hit the 50+ yarders consistently. Was removed from kickoff duties.


Anders Carlson is my K6. Top kickoff touchback percentage in the class. Has a nice leg. Can take a bit too long to get to his kicks. Not very accurate, even from center of the field.  


BT Potter is my K7. Average leg, average ball placement. Ball doesn’t come off the leg with a boom. Kickoffs can often veer off and aren’t deep enough. 


Jonathan Cruz is my K8. Deadly accurate from inside 40 yards. Won’t give you much past that. Poor kickoffs that fall short.


Peyton Henry is my K9. Good from center field and left hash. Won’t add much distance on kicks, but can hit the easy ones. Gets too much arc on kickoffs and they can fall short. Takes overly long in his wind-up for FGs.  


Tanner Brown is my K10. Excellent kicking season. Sharp from multiple areas of the field. Kicks and kickoffs can die in the air. May struggle to hit NFL kicks from a decent distance. 



Adam Korsak is my P1. Coffin corner master. Can get the punt within the 10 yard line consistently. Can angle to bounce out of bounds. Not a huge leg, but has enough hang time. Good FG holder.


Bryce Barringer is my P2. Longest average in the country this past year. Big leg. Can outkick the coverage at times and can cause touchbacks. Can even do kicks if needed. 


Brad Robbins is my P3. Accurate kicker who can avoid touchbacks. Solid leg, but not spectacular. Good FG holder.  


Michael Turk is my P4. Good, but not great leg. Can hit spots on the field at times, but can be inconsistent. Good athlete who can run down and help in coverage. 


Paxton Brooks is my P5. Tall with a nice leg. Can shank punts every now and then. Long hang times can fall short. 


Ethan Evans is my P6. The ball booms off his leg.  Outkicks his coverage often leading to returns. Flashes NFL upside. Big, can tackle too.


Lou Hedley is my P7. Experienced, can kick too. Decent ball placement, decent leg. May not hit the heights of what is needed for the NFL. 


Joe Doyle is my P8. Kicks don’t sail long, but good hang time for his coverage.


Andy Vujnovich is my P9. Good athlete with a good leg. Inconsistent, but gets the ball downfield. 


Shane McDonough is my P10. Above average around the board.


Long Snappers

Alex Ward is my LS1. Sharp snaps that swirl to their spot. Consistent. Rarely misses one. Solid pop off the snap and blocker.


Robert Soderholm is my LS2. Good blocker who shows quick snapping  ability. A bit more inconsistent and can hang them high at times.


Dalton Godfrey is my LS3. Consistent, even without ideal snap times. Good explosive blocker off the line.  


Chris Stoll is my LS4. Inconsistent, but has some beautiful snaps. Quick in transition. Big and won’t let up space.


Evan Deckers is my LS5. Flashes some sharp snaps, though he can put them low at times. Decent blocker too.

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