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CJ Stroud Scouting Report outlining his strengths and weaknesses.

Below is a quick scouting report blurb about each Quarterback and Running Back I have scouted for the 2023 NFL Draft. The order/rankings may change before draft day, but it will be updated.  Come back here when your team drafts or signs a QB or RB who you don’t know! With these just being a mini scouting report for each prospect, contact me for more in depth information. Feel free to send me feedback @ShanePHallam


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Quarterback Scouting Reports

CJ Stroud is my QB1. Consistent footwork with a smooth release point. Can place the ball at any point on the field often splitting defenders. Improved going through progressions throughout the season. More mobility thank he showed in college. Can get frustrated and lose technique. Zip is okay. Had leeway playing alongside top WRs. Upside to be a top NFL passer.


Bryce Young is my QB2. Calm under pressure with excellent ball placement skills. Dynamic athlete who can buy time in the pocket. Arm strength is above average. Elevated talent around him. Reads defenses well consistently. Footwork is inconsistent.  Short and slight with size being a major issue after getting hurt last year. Big upside, big downside.


Anthony Richardson is my QB3. Most athletic QB ever. High floor due to rushing ability. Difficult to tackle. Can launch the football down the field with a big arm. Good feel for the pocket when it breaks down. Steps into pressure. Hitch in his release. Footwork is extremely sloppy. Ball rarely is placed in the best spot for his WRs. Struggles reading and looking off defenses. Big upside.


Will Levis is my QB4. Great zip with arm strength. Flashes high level NFL throws. Good pocket movement and navigation. Ran an NFL offense. Sells play action well. Struggles to identify defenses pre-snap. Often throws to where WRs are, not where they will be. Takes unnecessary risks and trusts arm too much. Upside to be a top NFL QB is there.


Hendon Hooker is my QB5. Cerebral QB who reads defenses well. Sharp accuracy short to midrange. Consistent mechanics and footwork. Can take off and run as needed. Can hold onto the ball too long. Arm strength is just average. Older prospect with medical concerns due to ACL injury. Potential starter after recovery.    


Jake Haener is my QB6. Excellent short range passer with good ball placement. Steps up in the pocket well. Quick release. Manipulates the defense with his eyes. Can throw off balance. Deep balls die too quickly. Has trouble getting the ball outside the hash marks with good placement. Limited upside. Good NFL back-up.


Jaren Hall is my QB7. Solid arm strength, can put ball all over the field. Good arc on his deep ball. Identifies zone coverage well and can exploit it. Lacks consistency. Accuracy gets thrown off by footwork. Doesn’t go through progressions. Will miss the mark often. Back-up type.  


Max Duggan is my QB8. Good athlete who can take off and run when the play breaks down. Stands tough in the pocket and throws when under pressure/taking hits. Throws on the run very well. Good play action passer. Lacks touch on timing routes and can throw behind target. WRs often have to adjust to make the catch. Deep ball has promise. Back-up with some upside.


Dorian Thompson-Robinson is my QB9. Extreme athletic who is tough to track down in the pocket. Excellent feel for pressure and steps up in the pocket. Showed improvement going through progressions. Good release point with decent arm strength. Rarely uses leg to drive passes. Tries to fit the ball too tight into windows leading to problems. Ball placement is all over the map. Back-up with upside for more.


Stetson Bennett is my QB10. Won two national championships. Good runner who can take off and pick up a first down. Excellent short to mid range zip and arm strength. Good passes down the seam with placement. Small frame and short. Mistakes can often compound. Needs play action to work well. Won’t throw receivers open. Lived off passes to RBs/TEs. High floor with limited ceiling.


Tanner McKee is my QB11. Good arm and size. Throws a nice deep ball with good velocity. Quick release with high release point. Statue in the pocket and can’t move well. Struggles to read defenses pre and post snap. No real touch. Will throw into tight coverage too often. Played with NFL weapons but didn’t have the production. Some upside, but lack of mobility hurts.


Aidan O’Connell is my QB12. Solid arm strength and accuracy. Flashed good production. Short area passes often lead WRs for YAC. Quick release. Injury concerns. Doesn’t step into throws. Lacks consistent touch on his passes. 


Tyson Bagent is my QB13. Good athlete who can work outside of structure. Excellent production. Hits his targets in the middle of the field. Arm strength is inconsistent. D2 competition concerns. Can force balls when nothing is there. Mistakes often compound into turnovers. Upside developmental player.


Clayton Tune is my QB14. Very productive in a QB friendly system. Quick decision maker. Short passes are accurate in the middle of the field. Zip is inconsistent. Doesn’t pass much outside the hashes. Drops eyes when under pressure. 


Holton Ahlers is my QB15. Big and can withstand pressure. Good decision maker who often throws his WRs open. Had a great all-star circuit. Not overly toolsy. Has some rough stretches against good defenses. Still learning how to read.


Malik Cunningham is my QB16. Great athlete who excels as a runner. Experienced. Thrives rolling out. Varies arm angle for passes. Short and thin. Doesn’t have NFL arm strength. Struggles to throw receivers open. Doesn’t read defenses much.


Tim DeMorat is my QB17. Productive with a solid arm in the mid range. Climbs the pocket well and keeps his eyes up during pressure. Accuracy is inconsistent with flat footwork. May not have the arm for certain routes. Developmental.


Lindsey Scott is my QB18. Small, but athletic. Very productive with progression ability. Smart QB. Drops his eyes too much and feels pressure too early. Doesn’t have NFL toolset. 


Chase Brice is my QB19. Good arm strength and plays well in big moments. Can get the ball down the field in a clean pocket. Drives off his feet for power. Will miss the easy passes too often. Wilts under pressure. Doesn’t throw into tight coverage well.


Adrian Martinez is my QB20. Experienced player who can take off and run. Decent build and can escape pressure. Not overly accurate and balls flutter out. Has never developed a full NFL skillset.


Tanner Morgan is my QB21. Experienced. Accurate in the short range. Can hit the open receiver. Not very mobile and doesn’t handle pressure well. Limited throw radius. 


Sean Clifford is my QB22. Experienced with decent arm in the middle of the field. Can pick up and run as needed. Doesn’t go through progressions well and will make bad decisions with the football. Rarely throws his receivers open.


Tommy DeVito is my QB23. Good athlete for his size. Navigated a run first offense with good play action ability. Won’t create by himself, but has a decent arm. Could find a role as more athlete utilization than pure QB.


Hunter Johnson is my QB24. Great athlete.. Solid skillset and intangibles. Not much experience, could win a role anywhere. Intriguing skillset with not much to go off of. 


Todd Centeio is my QB25. Good mover who can step up under pressure and create. Accurate in the short area. Had some big games. Arm strength is a major question, balls often float. Has some developmental upside.


Logan Bonner is my QB26. Good arm strength and a solid athlete. Has flashed production with downfield passing at times. Not a pocket navigator and will make mistakes. Needs developed reading a defense, but intriguing upside.    


Chris Brimm is my QB27. Short, but accurate. Often dominated his level of competition. Not NFL size or arm. Has rough stretches when receivers are covered. Developmental at best.


N’Kosi Perry is my QB28. Good athlete at QB who does well rolling out. Can take what the defense gives him. Struggles to hit tight coverage receivers or anything on the outside. NFL skillset lacking.


Reece Udinski is my QB29. Experienced passer who can throw it down the field. Has the arm strength, but lack of footwork, longer release and inability to move much in the pocket limit his upside.


Charlie Brewer is my QB30. Flashed production at times. Okay arm and can throw toward the sideline. Inconsistent decision making and technique is a big question.


Cephus Johnson III is my QB31. Great size and bulk. Not much of a move, but can launch the ball. Wind-up is slow and can struggled with interior pressure. May not be able to navigate an NFL pocket.


Connor Degenhardt is my QB32. Good size with decent zip to the sideline. Dominated at his level. Footwork has promise, but likely not the athlete and consistency to be an NFL QB.


Hunter Raquet is my QB33. Tall with good length. Can move around and navigate the pocket well. Keeps his eyes up. Arm talent is questionable. Likely not on NFL level.


Kyle Vantrease is my QB34. Good size and athleticism. Has some solid production. Good intangibles. Arm strength and technique are iffy. Not a pure passing QB in the system.


Chris Reynolds is my QB35. Small, but accurate passer in the short range. Solid production. Ball doesn’t quite get there fast enough for the NFL. No real progressions.


Nolan Henderson is my QB36. Small school player with inconsistent passing profile. Decent decision maker, but had some rough stretches. Likely doesn’t have NFL talent.


Taylor Powell is my QB37. Flashed good arm strength in the red zone. Good play action passer. Throws too many interceptions on bad decisions. Balls often can’t quite hit their target. Not developed enough for the NFL.


Matt McKay is my QB38. Good size and production. Had some strong performances flashing good technique. May not have an NFL arm or athletic profile.   


Matt McDonald is my QB39. Flashed production with West Coast style passing. Good short area accuracy, but not much past that. Won’t run on you and has trouble throwing under pressure.  


Fred Payton is my QB40. Accomplished passer who has some athleticism navigating the pocket. Arm strength is a question along with consistency.


James Blackman is my QB41. Tall thrower who makes good decisions. Gets run down easily in the pocket. Ball doesn’t come out sharp.


Austin Aune is my QB42. Older prospect in a production based system. Doesn’t offer much NFL upside.


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Running Back Scouting Report

Bijan Robinson is my RB1. Elite prospect who shows toughness and vision between the tackles with enough outside acceleration to run off tackle. Good hands and is able to catch the in stride and make defenders miss in space. Footwork is special and rarely takes a big shot in the open field. Rarely goes down to one tackler. May not always have the homerun ability for huge runs. Can get impatient and take the hole before it opens. Solid pass blocker. Can center an offense around him. 


Jahmyr Gibbs is my RB2. Elite receiver who doesn’t lose speed on the catch. Explosive off the snap and hits his top gear very quickly. Gets to the edge with ease and can turn the ball upfield. Breakaway speed and is rarely caught from behind. Understands how to manipulate the second level with his eyes. Can kick runs outside too often, and won’t break straight forward arm tackles. Can be a lead back.


Devon Achane is my RB3. Small, but mighty. Tough inside runner who carries bigger defenders. Elite speed who is a threat for a big TD on any touch. Excellent hands and gets to top speed quickly. Changes direction with ease. Carried a full load this past season. Small frame. May struggle when gaps aren’t cleared. May be more complimentary piece than full time RB. Can take poor angles on his runs.


Zach Charbonnet is my RB4. Good size and athleticism. Creates his own space when holes aren’t there. Great contact balance even in tight space. Can run through you or around you. Very productive. Can be indecisive behind the line. Slows down when changing direction. Not the best outside runner. Receiving and blocking skills are inconsistent. Runs high cut. Potential to be a lead back.


Kendre Miller is my RB5. Good blend of speed and power. Nice cut back ability. Runs through arm tackles well. Above average vision to find the whole and get there. Showed promise on the outside. Natural hands catcher, decent blocker. Not overly shifty in the open field. Won’t switch his rush angles based on the defense. Can run a bit stiff. Lead back potential.


Roschon Johnson is my RB6. Explosive runner with good size and athleticism. Stays balanced through the line of scrimmage and punishes soft contact.  Wasn’t asked to do much as a receiver, but has flashed the ability. Vocal leader. Very high cut. No real deep speed. Has never carried a full load. Won’t cut back even when lanes are there. Role player with starter upside.


Tyjae Spears is my RB7. Extremely explosive and fast. Can turn small holes into big plays. Elite outside rusher. Tough to bring down in the open field. Great hands. Nice wiggle through the hole. Doesn’t run with much power. Gives blocking effort, but not a strength. Won’t break direct tackles. Goes down easily in traffic. Potential lead back.


Sean Tucker is my RB8. High end speed who is a threat to hit the end zone every run. Good lateral agility in the open field. Churns his feet through contact and can break tackles. Excellent receiver out of the backfield and is a sharp route runner. Productive career. Doesn’t set up second level defenders, leading to holes closing quicker. Often misses easy cut back lanes and holes with poor vision. Big upside, but also big downside.


Chase Brown is my RB9. Exceptional production. Extremely hard to tackle one on one. Gets skinny through the hole and maintains explosion. Shows deep speed. Carried the Illinois offense. Plays more like a plodder than to his athleticism. Rare to freelance into bigger plays. Runs into contact rather than try to break the tackle. Poor pass blocker. Okay receiver.


Tank Bigsby is my RB10. Tough interior runner who runs through arm tackles. Good vision and footwork to cut back into better lanes. Can create when no hole is there. Explosive off of the initial snap and can get to the line quickly. Great blocker. Good hands. Lacks patience for holes to open. Won’t do much as an outside runner. Struggles with ball security. Potential lead back in gap style offense.


Israel Abanikanda is my RB11. Elite explosion and speed. Big play threat. Rarely caught from behind. Great juke move. Good hands and natural route running receiver. Shifty moves in the open field. No real knowledge of rush angles. Goes down to arm tackles. Won’t block much. Will panic and kick runs outside too early. Raw prospect with big upside.


Zach Evans is my RB12. Good vision and contact balance. Has a third gear for big breakaway plays. Cuts back well to kick runs outside. Explosive right off the snap. Takes lazy angles that aren’t sharp. Not big enough to break direct contact, but not athletic enough to make defenders miss. Often goes down too easy in traffic. Won’t add much as a receiver.  


Kenny McIntosh is my RB13. Turns into a receiver when running routes. Plays big and is tough to bring down. Smooth athlete when making cuts. Quick reaction time. Footwork is excellent. Lacks ideal explosion or deep speed. Won’t earn big chunks of yardage. Vision is only average. Good role player.


Evan Hull is my RB14. Tough inside runner. Solid balance through the hole and can turn nothing into positive yardage. Picks up positive yards at contact. Good athlete who takes tight angles on outside runs. Can return kicks as well. Won’t wow with a big play. Doesn’t play up to athleticism. Will only take what is there. Can have a few dud plays with little yardage before flashing NFL upside. Role player with upside.


Eric Gray is my RB15. Cuts on a dime into the hole. Can fit multiple schemes. Solid receiver. Uses his eyes and head to move LBs out of the holes. Solid blocker. Understand the position well. Below average vision. Not overly fast or explosive. Had an up and down career year to year and game to game. Role player who will need to develop consistency to have a big role.


DeWayne McBride is my RB16. Excellent vision with patience to let holes open up. Understands angle nuances to pick up maximum yardage. Has a good nose for the end zone. Low center of gravity makes him tough to bring down. Ball security issues. Not overly explosive or fast. Feasted on weaker competition. Limited NFL ceiling.


Deuce Vaughn is my RB17. Excellent receiver out of the backfield who loses little speed when catching. Fast and elusive, can outrun most defenders. Isn’t afraid to get physical through the line of scrimmage. Production for all of college. Shifty in space. Tiny size, both height/weight. Can go down too easy against bigger DL. Won’t create on his own through the line. Vision can be suspect at times.


Deneric Prince is my RB18. Size/Speed athlete. Will make defenses pay if they give him space. Decent hands, but wasn’t used much as a receiver. Plays a bit finesse despite his size. Inconsistent with a few blow up games. Home Run hitter who won’t sustain a heavy workload. Upside pick.   


Keaton Mitchell is my RB19. Excellent speed and shiftiness. Elite outside rusher who hits the edge faster than the second level. Solid wiggle. Good at manipulating LBs with his eyes. Great hands with explosive route running. Won’t give much inside. Goes down fairly easily at contact. Struggled when blocking wasn’t there. Upside role player.


Chris Rodriguez is my RB20. Tough inside runner with underrated explosiveness. Can carry a good load and stand up to SEC defenders. Falls forward when getting tackled. Decent vision and cutback ability. A bit of a plodder. Unnatural hands catcher. Vision is mediocre, will often just ram into where the hole should be. Can contribute but has a ceiling.


Tiyon Evans is my RB21. Flashes abilities with bruising size. Nice leg drive to fight through traffic into the end zone. Won’t add much in the receiving game. Has dealt with injuries throughout his career. Could be a goal line back.


Mohamed Ibrahim is my RB22. Extremely productive. Good bulk and vision. Excellent balance to pick up extra yardage when getting tackled. Takes what is there, but won’t give much more. Not much of a receiver. Not overly athletic or explosive.


Xazavian Valladay is my RB23. Good outside zone runner who cuts back well. Solid receiver with soft hands. Gets to top speed quickly to run away from defenders. Undersized and can go down easily. Struggles one on one with defenders. Needs space to be productive. 


Travis Dye is my RB24. Plays bigger than his size. Squeezes through holes and picks up tough yards. Has some burst off the snap. Good receiver who runs a multitude of routes. Zone runner. Cut backs can be sloppy. Often makes incorrect gap decisions. Takes long angles that can result in missed yardage. 


SaRodorick Thompson is my RB25. Quick more than fast. Good footwork and pass catching. Excels at the wheel route. Not very explosive or fast. Holes can close before he gets there. Won’t run through defenders. One trick pony.


Camerun Peoples is my RB26. Tough inside power runner. Plays big and will punish defenders in his way. Great at hunkering down at the goal line. Good feet and leg drive in the pile. Has a nice second gear when he gets to space. Won’t do much as an outside runner. Cutting can take a long time. Vision struggles when the hole isn’t precise. Good short yardage back.

Tavion Thomas is my RB27. Massive girth and will run over the DL. Good blocker. Pushes the pile forward when inside it. Strong upper and lower body. Plays upright. Takes big shots. Not very fast of explosive. Not going to catch the ball. May be more FB than RB. 


Lew Nichols is my RB28. Productive runner with good vision and patience. Lets play develop before cutting up field. Good hands and can be a reliable receiver. Plays smaller than he is. Not super athletic.  Dealt with injuries this year. Slow off the snap. Could be productive if given a chance.


Titus Swen is my RB29. Quick feet through the hole. Can sidestep tackles and keep his speed. Vision runner who can be explosive at times. Okay hands and receiving ability. Doesn’t quite have a 3rd gear for long runs. Will take long angles. Takes a bit to warm up. 


Khalan Laborn is my RB30. Explosive athlete off the snap. Uses his physical tools to win. Has good long speed. Flashed upside a receiver. Older prospect with many years of no production. Dealt with injuries. Small and can go down easily when tackled. Volume rusher.


Jordan Mims is my RB31. Productive career. Good hands out of the back field. Solid vision. Tough runner with good contact balance. Can have an occasional big play. Not overly fast or explosive. Won’t do much at the second level. Doesn’t break a ton of tackles.


Toa Taua is my RB32. Compact build allows him to hit the hole through the line. Excellent receiver who runs various routes. Can wear down a defense with volume. Takes what is there, not much else. Goes down fairly easily.             


Chris Smith is my RB33. Zone runner who has an explosive cut. Above average vision and often can find the cut back lane. Okay receiver out of the backfield. Won’t wow with athleticism and can try to dance around too much. Indecisive. Not much strength or bulk.


Emari Demercado is my RB34. Big and can lay the boom. Good footwork in the open field. Can pick up chunks of yards. Hands are suspect and is on the slower side. Won’t make you miss in space. Plodder.


Kazmeir Allen is my RB35. WR/RB hybrid. Great athlete who uses his deep speed and explosion to win. Can outrun defenders. Gets to the edge well and shows up in space. Little nuance to the position. Poor vision. Needs developed. May require move to WR.


Hassan Hall is my RB36. Highly athletic with great long speed. Good receiver which was his primary role. Good in space. Slow to make decisions. Vision is iffy. Doesn’t stand up physically.


Emanuel Wilson is my RB37. Big, powerful runner with good vision. Solid burst and footwork. Tough to tackle low. Dominant at his level of competition. Doesn’t have NFL long speed. Vision can be a bit iffy. Likely not an outside runner. Some good upside and could be productive if given a shot.


Charles McClelland is my RB38. Receiving back who flashed in a few games. Outside runner who can turn upfield in a hurry. Vision was solid. Small frame and won’t overpower anyone. Not fast enough with his frame. Wasted footwork and steps.   


Christopher Brooks is my RB39. Good vision runner up the middle Showed production with a big workload. Flashed receiving and blocking ability. Not overly explosive. Can take a bit to build up steam. Runs into contact too much when it can be avoided. 


Jaleel McLaughlin is my RB40. Good receiving back with quick feet in space. Makes defenders miss and rarely takes a straight hit. Flashed sharp cutting to pick up extra yardage. On the light end and won’t run through anyone. Vision is inconsistent. Raw with talent.


Andrew Clair is my RB41. Big time athlete with explosion and speed. Deadly when he takes good angles. Okay receiver with room to grow. Didn’t get much playing time this past year. Dances around a ton behind the line. Very raw prospect.


Ronnie Brown is my RB42. Productive runner behind a good OL. Solid vision with good contact balance. Runs through arm tackles. Tough for size and has some breakaway ability. Not super athletic. Not as productive as a receiver as you want. Has some upside, but developmental.


Darius Hagans is my RB43. Explosive outside runner who plays with sharp cuts. Athleticism allowed him to flash dominance at his level. Change of pace back with good hands. May not hold up to NFL defenders. Small and thin. Goes down easily up the middle. 


Isaiah Bowser is my RB44. Good size and vision. Productive on the ground and can keep balanced through the LOS. Good blocker who stands tough against rushers. Takes awhile to get to the hole. Not any moves in the open field. Runs upright. Raw technique.


Christian Beal-Smith is my RB45. Good size. Excels in the red zone. Plays low and can charge forward on contact. Never carried a full load. Won’t produce anymore yardage than he should. Not much of a receiver or blocker.


Ellis Merriweather is my RB46. Good receiving back with size. Punishes defenders in the open field. Intriguing role player. Needs to improve his vision and footwork. Can get caught off balance without much contact.


  Percy Agyei-Obese is my RB47. Productive, good vision, and nice explosion off the snap. Willing blocker. Won’t add much as a receiver. Subpar outside runner. Has some developmental properties.


Aidan Borguet is my RB48. Good size and speed. Ran past and through his competition. Good hands in space. Transitions to top speed quickly. Raw in manipulating the defense and utilizing his talents. Intriguing NFL upside.  


Todd Sibley is my RB49. Small and compact big back. Great inside runner who can cut back well. Overpowers linebackers. One trick pony who feasted on his competition. Didn’t require advanced vision or footwork. Could develop into contributor.


Ta’Zhawn Henry is my RB50. Small receiving back. Great stutter step in routes. Gets to the edge quickly. Won’t do much up the middle. May not hold up to NFL rigor. Indecisive. Could be a potential WR convert. 


Jarek Broussard is my RB51. Shifty RB who avoids contact. Natural feel for the position. Not used much as a receiver, but can do it. Still developing vision and cutting ability. Not overly explosive for his size. 


Shaun Shivers is my RB52. Small runner with burst. Great receiving back who can run numerous routes. Showed he can be a lead back this year. Thin and won’t break many tackles. Needs to get into open space to be effective.


Calvin Tyler is my RB53. Lead back for multiple years. Solid build with solid inside rushing vision. Natural feel for rush angles. Needs good blocking to get rolling. Doesn’t quite have NFL athleticism. 


TJ Cole is my RB54. Smart player with good vision. Solid burst to the outside. Good production with decent upside. Small and won’t break many tackles. May not add much up the middle. Could be a good special teams player.


Jarveon Howard is my RB55. Tough runner who can pick up inside yardage. Explosive off the snap. Solid blocker. Raw vision at a lower level, and may be too big a jump to the NFL.


Maurice Washington is my RB56. Good receiver who is the best athlete on the field. Has a nice 3rd gear on long runs. Small and thin. Won’t hold up to NFL punishment. Not very strong in the hole.


Jacob Saylors is my RB57. Intriguing upside as a good athlete who has flashed NFL RB skills. Takes good angles and improved as a receiver. May still be raw in vision and using his feet effectively.


EJ Burgess is my RB58. Good inside runner who keeps his legs churning through contact. Won’t go down easily. Deep speed is a question and won’t add much as a receiver, but has some pure rushing ability.


Owen Wright is my RB59. Big runner who has quick feet. Breaks arm tackles and rarely takes direct shots. Has some outside rushing at his size. Tries to avoid contact. Plays smaller than he is. Not as good a blocker as he should be.


Elijah Dotson is my RB60. Explosive off the snap. Hits the hole quickly. Solid receiver. Doesn’t have much patience. Runs straight forward and has trouble freelancing. Takes wide angles too often.


Brad Roberts is my RB61. Fullback who is an up the gut runner. Plays low and churns legs to pick up yardage. Solid blocker who has a nice anchor. Not overly strong and lacks speed and explosion to make it in the NFL.


DK Billingsley is my RB62. Nose for the end zone. Strong runner who can break through tackles. Solid vision. Not very explosive off the snap. Can get shut down. Contact balance is inconsistent. 


Dominic Williams is my RB63. Short but powerful runner. Has decent speed and isn’t afraid of contact. Good hands as well. Always tries for the big run and can miss easy yardage. Up the middle rushing is only average.    


Jamar Thompkins is my RB64. Good inside runner. Gets skinny through the hole and can pick up extra yards. Decent athlete, but won’t wow with big runs.


Toriano Clinton is my RB65. Dominated level of competition. Quick feet through the hole. Nice outside runner. Level of competition may hide some issues. Goes down a bit too easily. Has had an off game or two.


Seth McGill is my RB66. Decent size and balance. Can run through contact. Good receiver which may be an NFL role. Raw as a pure runner. Isn’t developed in terms of vision and instincts.     


Deonta McMahon is my RB67. Good outside runner who comes in very small. Plays low and has solid instincts. Unlikely to hold up to the NFL rigor. 


Javon Williams is my RB68. Fullback who is a solid lead blocker. Good footwork. Not overly athletic and won’t be a runner. May not fit many offenses. 


Trelon Smith is my RB69. Tough runner with good vision. Never been a lead back. Upright middle runner. Not much of a receiver.


La’Darius Jefferson is my RB70. Agile mover who has a knack for outside angles. Not overly explosive. Likely not an NFL back.


Alex Fontenot is my RB71. Good size and leg drive. Strong through the middle. Doesn’t quite hit NFL athletic thresholds on the field. Won’t add much. 


Jullen Ison is my RB72. Small. Good hands catcher. Nice burst. Speed is okay. Not big enough to hold up.  


Kevin Harris is my RB73. Small stature. Has decent athleticism. Good outside runner. Doesn’t really break contact.


Queshaun Byrd is my RB74. Short and small. Sharp cuts. Good instincts. Likely won’t hold up in the NFL.


Jalen Holston is my RB75. Good size and bulk. Strong interior runner who can go short distances. Takes awhile to get to the line. Not NFL explosiveness.  


Taurean Taylor is my RB76. Small size. Productive, but wouldn’t run away from NFL defenders.


Dezmon Jackson is my RB77. Intriguing size/athletic candidate, but doesn’t quite have NFL instincts.

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