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2024 Senior Bowl Roster Preview: Defense

2024 Senior Bowl

The 2024  Senior Bowl begins a week from today with the first practice. The game will take place at Hancock Whitney Stadium in Mobile, AL on Saturday, February 3rd.

The Senior Bowl is the undisputed top All-Star Game for most of the best prospects available for the 2024 NFL Draft. Close to (or more than) 100 players who play or practice will be selected in the draft. Nearly 100% will be on an NFL roster in August.

For the first time ever, underclassmen will be eligible to play in the Senior Bowl (also the Shrine and HBCU Legacy Bowl) without having graduated from college first or exhausted their eligibility. This presented a unique twist on the roster building that the staff had to deal with.

Once again, Senior Bowl executive director Jim Nagy and his staff have put together a tremendous roster of talent. As of the time I am writing this, what would be a record roster size of 149 players have accepted invites to participate in the practices and the game this year.

The roster is so large that I have to split up my preview into both Offense and Defense. So today we will focus on the prospects on the defensive side.

2024 Senior Bowl Roster Preview: Defense

* = third-year player


Chris Braswell, Alabama

Nelson Ceasar, Houston

Jalyx Hunt, Houston Christian

Austin Booker, Kansas*

Braiden McGregor, Michigan

Jaylen Harrell, Michigan

Cedric Johnson, Mississippi

Adisa Isaac, Penn State

Myles Cole, Texas Tech

Javon Solomon, Troy

Laiatu Latu, UCLA

Eric Watts, UConn

Brennan Jackson, Washington State

There are a lot of steady hands in this group and a lot of high-upside players. In my opinion, Laitau Latu is the top player in the group. Chris Braswell is a borderline first-round player. Players like Adisa Isaac, Jaylen Harrell, Braiden McGregor, and Austin Booker are the ones to watch that can get the Senior Bowl bump.

HOW I STACK THEM: Latu, Braswell, Isaac, Booker, McGregor, Solomon, Caesar, Harrell, Hunt, Jackson, Johnson, Cole, Watts


Justin Eboigbe, Alabama

Marcus Harris, Auburn

Gabe Hall, Baylor

Tyler Davis, Clemson

DeWayne Carter, Duke

Braden Fiske, Florida State

Keith Randolph, Illinois

Jordan Jefferson, LSU

Jaden Crumedy, Mississippi State

Darius Robinson, Missouri

Mike Hall, Ohio State*

Brandon Dorlus, Oregon

Byron Murphy, Texas*

T’Vondre Sweat, Texas

McKinnley Jackson, Texas A&M

Marshawn Kneeland, Western Michigan

There are only 1-2 players I think can get in the first round from this group (Murphy and Dorlus). In all likelihood, none will go there but several will hear their names called on day two. T’Vondre Sweat is probably the best pure nose tackle amongst the 2024 Senior Bowl DL group.

HOW I STACK THEM: Murphy, Dorlus, Fiske, Hall, Carter, Sweat, Robinson, Davis, Randolph, Knelland, Eboigbe, Harris, Jackson, Crumedy, Hall, Jefferson


Jontrey Hunter, Georgia State

Trevin Wallace, Kentucky*

Mike Barrett, Michigan

Nathaniel Watson, Mississippi State

Ty’Ron Hopper, Missouri

Payton Wilson, NC State

Cedric Gray, North Carolina

JD Bertrand, Notre Dame

Marist Liufau, Notre Dame

Jaylan Ford, Texas

Tyrice Knight, UTEP

Edefuan Ulofoshio, Washington

The off-ball linebacker position has been devalued over the last few years by NFL teams. But if you don’t have them you will surely need them. How well can they cover? That is what this group will be hoping to prove during the practices. I am not sure another goes in the first three rounds other than Payton Wilson.

HOW I STACK THEM: Wilson, Gray, Hopper, Ford, Ulofoshio, Barrett, Wallace, Watson, Liufau, Knight, Bertrand, Hunter


DJ James, Auburn

Nehemiah Pritchett, Auburn

Elijah Jones, Boston College

Andru Phillips, Kentucky

Jarvis Brownlee Jr., Louisville

Mike Sainristil, Michigan

Kris Abrams-Draine, Missouri

Cam Hart, Notre Dame

Khyree Jackson, Oregon

Johnny Dixon, Penn State

Kalen King, Penn State*

Max Melton, Rutgers

Josh Newton, TCU

Quinyon Mitchell, Toledo

Willie Drew, Virginia State

Caelen Carson, Wake Forest

Chau Smith-Wade, Washington State

The cornerback room at the 2024 Senior Bowl is loaded with both outside and slot corners. The best part of practice is always seeing how the DBs handle the receivers one-on-one. The best of the group is likely Quinyon Mitchell.

In the nickel, my favorite may be Mike Sainristil.

HOW I STACK THEM: Mitchell, James, Newton, King, Abrams-Draine, Sainristil, Carson, Pritchett, Dixon, Jackson, Hart, Smith-Wade, Melton, Drew, Phillips, Brownlee, Jones


Jaylin Simpson, Auburn

Tykee Smith, Georgia

Javon Bullard, Georgia*

Beau Brade, Maryland

James Williams, Miami (FL)*

Kamren Kinchens, Miami (FL)*

Josh Proctor, Ohio State

Kitan Oladapo, Oregon State

Cole Bishop, Utah*

Sione Vaki, Utah

Malik Mustapha, Wake Forest

Jaden Hicks, Washington State*

The addition of underclassmen boosted this group from average to great. Kamren Kinchens, Jaden Hicks, Cole Bishop, and Javon Bullard are NFL day-one starters. The depth of this group is tremendous as well.

HOW I STACK THEM: Kinchens, Bullard, Hicks, Bishop, Simpson, Brade, Vaki, Williams, Oladapo, Mustapha, Proctor, Smith


(K) Will Reichard, Alabama

(K) Joshua Karty, Stanford

(P) Tory Taylor, Iowa

(P) Austin McNamara, Texas Tech

(LS) William Mote, Georgia

(LS) Peter Bowden, Wisconsin

Tory Taylor is the only one of these six that should be drafted. Outside shot for Joshua Karty.

HOW I STACK THEM: Taylor, Karty, McNamara, Reichard, Bowden, Mote


Draft Countdown will be there at every practice and the game itself. Both myself and Pigskin Paul will break down each practice daily and I will cover the game.

For the fourth year in a row, I will also cover the game as an analyst on the radio broadcast via iHeart Media. You can listen to the game live, anywhere in the world, via the iHeart app (which is available on IOS or Android. Just search for 99.5 Sports Talk FM. It should also stream here via the 99.5 webpage player.

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