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Pigskin’s All-Star Game Superlatives (Part 2 – Senior Bowl)

Senior Bowl

I am going to ignore the rising issue of players failing to complete their entire list of duties owed to the Senior Bowl for paying for their expenses during a week in Mobile. Tells me volumes about the ethical standards of these guys and their agents. Mr. Nagy feel free to send bills to the agents who players to not compete for the full week commitment they made in advance. Moving along here…

I will also be skipping over any details for the players already detailed as “winners” by both Brian & Shane in their columns on this game and its players. I will list them as hits and then add my picks to the list. 

Pigskin’s All-Star Game Superlatives (Part 2 – Senior Bowl)

The Winners

SPENCER RATTLER   QB     South Carolina     Brian

QUINYON MITCHELL    CB   Toledo         Brian


DARIUS ROBINSON    DL    Missouri     Shane

The Losers   

KALEN KING    CB     Penn State      Brian


RASHEEN ALI      RB      Marshall (Major injury)    Brian

Now on to my list from the Senior Bowl.

The Winners

JAMARI THRASH  WR Louisville     5’116/185    

From start to finish, and finish he did, this young man was the best all-around WR in the game. He showed good speed and he was also the fastest wideout of the entire group when he was recorded at 20.30 mph on the field in pads. He seemed to start as good and got better every day. I think he’s now Round 2, and fairly early in that round.

THEO JOHNSON   TE   Penn State      6’6/257   10″ hand size      

No one would argue that this year’s TE group for the Draft is at, or near, the bottom of position groups in talent. But give the man credit, THEO was the top “true” inline TE in Mobile. See the size and hand size above as evidence of his NFL size profile fit.

He also caught the ball well in practices and got at least a few yards after the catch in general. In my mind, he gets drafted on Day 3 and might be the next Marcedes Lewis as a pro. BTW, he was TE2 for PENN STATE this past season. 

CHRISTIAN HAYNES    OG     UCONN    6’024/318   33 7/8″ hands    

It was a very strong group on the OL again this year. And a lot of top-end guys did exactly what we thought they would all week. But I don’t think too many scouts had Haynes ranked as highly coming in as they did going out.

He’s strong, shows decent footwork, plays low & best of all has a bulldog personality in the pits. I would take him in Round 4 if I needed help in my team’s IOL group. On to the Combine Mr. Haynes.

MALACHI CORLEY    WR    W. Kentucky   5’105/215  

Can’t say that I watched any WKU games last Fall. So I was waiting for Corley to show out in Mobile. He’s got an RB body and uses it after the catch to add significant run-yardage downfield. I thought he looked a it tentative, and then busted loose for the rest of the week. Could be a Day Two draftee if the Combine goes well.

BRADEN FISKE     DT     Florida State     6’035/295    

He’s not a long DL prospect, but his motor revs high on every down. He demonstrated the ability to shoot gaps with an explosive get-off on the snap. I also like the attitude to not only play in the game but also switch teams when masses of DTs opted out of the game on the National Squad. I think he’s on Day Two of the Draft as a football player and a man. 

JARVIS BROWNLEE    CB      Louisville    5’105/183    31 3/4″ arms  

I feel like he got an invite to Mobile when his teammate, fellow Louisville CB Quincy Riley decided to return to school for one more year. RILEY was generally considered to be the better prospect of the 2 CB, but after an excellent showing all week in Mobile RILEY will have so work to do to equal BROWNLEE’s work if he gets to Mobile next year.

BROWNLEE is just a solid, and fundamentally sound ll-around CB. He’s a ball hawk who has had double-figure PBU stats since his transfer from FSU to Louisville. His work in Mobile was that of a Day 2 player, but he’ll need to show some athleticism at the Combine.

CARLTON JOHNSON    CB    Fresno State     5’107/169      

Posted a 22.17 mph speed, which ranks just behind a guy named WOOLEN, now an NFL starter. JOHNSON is small but his speed and some nice ball skills make him a legit pro prospect. He may be limited by that size to sub-package coverage roles, but in today’s pas happy world of football, that should get him drafted in Day 3. He was a find for the Hula Bowl folks and “called up” to the Senior Bowl roster late in the process.

To me, all the guys above played above their prospect rankings and headed into All-Star action. They now have a chance at the Combine to verify their new perceived status. Call them “snubs” if they are not at the Combine.

Now let’s slide on over to players who disappeared in their performances in Mobile.


Like Shane, I thought one of the most disappointing performances of the entire week in Mobile was previously highly regarded DEVONTEZ WALKER WR UNC (6014/197)  came up incredibly short all week in Mobile. He very seldom seemed to get separated from defenders, and I don’t remember ever seeing him win contested balls. (QB play, i.e. poor throws were a part of that.)

For a guy with 9″ hands, it also seems like a poor strategy to me that in battling for contested throws he constantly attempted one had catches. To my knowledge, that approach failed every time. 

Another seriously disappointing guy to my eyes was BRANDON DORLUS, who came to Mobile as a highly regarded, possible Day 2 draftee, who was a total ghost out on the field all week. I was suspicious that something was up with him given that he was listed at 290-295 lbs. at Oregon, but checked in here at 6’3/272.

Some scouts felt his agent and he had agreed on a plan to lose 15-20 lbs. and show out as an Edge Rusher. If that is true, the strategy failed miserably. He was beaten like a drum in 1-on-1’s and was a non-factor all week. He was one of those no-shows for game day that forced FISKE to switch squads at the last minute. 

I felt truly sorry for QB SAM HARTMAN of the American team who was forced to play almost the entire game at QB when PENIX sat out the game and Bo Nix played one series in the 1st Quarter. HARTMAN had an off-day throwing and was limited to only 2 wideouts who suited up including WALKER who dropped everything in sight. HARTMAN kept coming back for more, but things never improved for him. Poor Sam finished the game passing for 7/25-69 yards-1 INT, running 5 carries-27 yards-5.4 ypc. It coulda been much worse given the circumstances under which he performed. 


Guess that’s about it for me, and the Senior Bowl prospect performances for now. Next up Combine workouts for most of these guys in a couple of weeks. 


Pigskin Paul 


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