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Senior Bowl Roster Predictions: Defense

Senior Bowl Roster

The Senior Bowl takes place approximately three miles from my front porch. So obviously, this is a big part of what I do at Draft Countdown. Not only that, but it is an event where most players increase their draft stocks and work with an NFL staff up close.

Just like we did last year, we will predict what players will get invited to the Senior Bowl Roster and some runners-up who could be replacements. I will be making the defensive predictions.

With there being a ton of older players in college football this season, it is a difficult choice to pair these lists down appropriately. Also, players may return to school, not accept the invite, etc. Add in that the Shrine Game pulled a few players away from the Senior Bowl last year, and it could be a mix of which game players attend.

For this list, I am assuming the Senior Bowl roster will have their top choice of players.

This is also a prediction and not who I would choose if I were picking the Senior Bowl roster. Each list would look different based on my evaluations and who I think is the “best” at each position. The Senior Bowl generally does a great job of balancing that with potential draft capital and what players NFL teams are interested in seeing.


Senior Bowl Roster Predictions: Defense

Listed in no particular order


JUST MISSED: Brennan Jackson, Washington State; Kam Butler, Virginia; Jalyx Hunt, Houston Christian.


JUST MISSED: Jowon Briggs, Cincinnati; Ty Robinson, Nebraska; DeWayne Carter, Duke; Fabien Lovett, Florida State; Nathan Pickering, Mississippi State.


JUST MISSED: Tyreem Powell, Rutgers; Jalen McLeod, Auburn.


JUST MISSED: Quincy Riley, Louisville; Jaden Davis, Miami-FL; Cam Hart, Notre Dame; Max Melton, Rutgers; Kitan Crawford, Texas.


JUST MISSED: Patrick McMorris, Cal; Jalen Catalon, Texas; Dell Pettus, Texas.

The 2024 Reese’s Senior Bowl will kick off at Noon Central on Saturday, February 3rd, 2024. The game will be broadcast on NFL Network from Hancock Whitney Stadium in Mobile, AL. Get your tickets here!

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