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A List of Well-Known American Football Players Who Gamble


For most gambling enthusiasts, it is about making predictions that their favorite footballer will play a kind of game that will give the desired outcome. Whether it’s scoring or failure to do so, any action will lead to something that will give a gambling enthusiast the desired outcome. Have you ever wondered whether football players also gamble where they hope for the desired outcome? As Houston G O’Keefe puts out, just like most of us, footballers also like gambling. Houston, who happens to be an online gambling expert speaks with authority on this subject since he has reviewed several platforms and has information about celebrities who are frequent users of mobile casinos. Casino online 2022 trends show that the number of people engaging in live online casino has grown; it is also evident that well-known footballers and athletes, in general, are also enjoying many benefits provided by the recent development in the tech sphere. 


As Houston observes (you can see the profile here), casino mobile 2022 has seen footballers engage in gambling more frequently. In this article, we will list the well-known American football players who gamble.


Just like other athletes from different parts of the world. American football players spend their free time engaging in online casino games. Gambling enthusiasts in casino Philippines and other parts of the world would be surprised to find that the well-known football players are fans of blackjack, poker, and slot machine games among others in online casinos.

Tom Brady

The name Tom Brady is well known in sports circles. He is a household name courtesy of his great performance in American football. The quarterback playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers started his career with the New England patriots growing to be one of the greatest players. Tom played for twenty years with the patriots and its during that session that he rose to become one of the highest-paid athletes not just in the USA but the world over.


Apart from being a well-known football player, Tom is also popular for his gambling endeavors. He has been to the most popular gambling places across the globe where he has visited the best casinos in different parts of the world including Europe and Asia. He enjoys playing online casino games too where it is not rare to find him enjoying a game of poker or slot machines.

Derrick Brooks

During his days at the helm of American football, Derrick Brooks put his team at the top on several occasions. He started his career at the Buccaneers in 1995 and would rise to be one of the best defenses on the team. Apart from his football prowess, the player is also known for his moves on casino platforms. He has a great love for casino games and he has also been appointed a brand ambassador for a gambling firm. Some of the games that the player is known to play during his free time include:

  • Slot machines
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette, among others.


John Elway

Sports commentators agree that a quarterback football player can have a great career whether he wins the Super Bowl or not. Although John Elway helped his team win two super bowls and made an appearance in the Pro Bowl a record six times, he had already made a name for himself as a quarterback even without these achievements.


Elway is not just known within the football fraternity; he is also a big name in the gambling arena. He has been spotted in several casinos and also plays regularly on online platforms. He is known to enjoy exciting games in the company of his fellow players as well as close friends.

Warren Sapp

The Tampa Bay legend has earned several awards for his prowess in defense. And it is not just in the football scene. He is also known for his love for casino games, where he has emerged as a winner on several occasions. He is a frequent visitor to Las Vegas casinos and has been playing his favorite games on online based platforms.

John Shaw

John Shaw has been described in some quarters as a professional gambler. Probably this is due to his love of casino games. He was at one time suspended for engaging in gambling while still active as an Arizona Cardinals cornerback. This did not deter him as he continued enjoying his favorite casino games, especially during his free time.


Gambling is not a preserve of some in society, it is a pass time activity that can be enjoyed by all. Athletes are not left out; they have been playing casino games in popular spots. Now with online gambling, some are playing their favorite games in the comfort of their houses. American football is also known for having popular players being fans of various casino games. The above players and many others are great fans of online casinos; they have made a name in American football as well as in gambling.


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