NFL Draft Countdown

Betting on the NFL Draft: What You Need to Know

The NFL Draft in the spring is the perfect opportunity for football enthusiasts and bettors to enjoy themselves. You can start researching the players in the annual draft this early.


You might be wondering what to keep in mind when betting on the NFL draft. Well, this page has got you covered! Here’s what beginners and experienced bettors should know about the NFL draft.


Most Common Bets in NFL Draft

When you’re NFL Draft betting, you have to get to know the types of bets you will place as soon as the markets open.


  • Pick number props – These are the most common bets on this list. The bettor will pick who will be the No. 1, No. 2, or No. 3 overall pick in the NFL draft.


  • Pick position Over/Under – Bookmakers will set an estimated number or pick a position for a player. Bettors will decide whether a player will be selected over or under that position that the bookies set.


  • Position props – Make sure to do enough research on team needs. Team needs are a crucial factor in determining who and what position a team will possibly draft. In position props, bettors will wager on the first player selected and what role they will occupy, e.g., the first receiver.


Offers You Can Get When NFL Betting

Are you a first-time bettor? Have you registered on an online betting website yet? If not, there is excellent news for you! Upon registering on a betting website, there would usually be new customer betting bonuses available.


You can take advantage of these free bets, enhanced odds, risk-free bets, or odd boosts to give you a chance to upgrade your wager in the next NFL draft. Free bets allow you to wager on something; even if you’re unsure of your bet, you can still bet on it risk-free.

NFL Draft Tips and Tricks

When betting in the NFL draft, you can use the following tips and tricks to guide a path for you when punting.

News and Rumors

When it comes to news and rumors, ensure that you stay updated on these things as an aspiring bettor. You can follow the insiders and draft analysts in the NFL on your social media accounts. You can get the latest insights, news, and rumblings from each team’s head offices. You can also get information on potential trades or teams advancing up in the order.

Take What you Need

Usually, NFL teams won’t always draft the best talent available. Instead, they would opt to fill missing positions that they find are lacking or need better support. When teams do this, it would mean that even the most highly approved players in the NFL Draft wouldn’t get selected. Instead, they may fall back on the draft.


So when betting, ensure that you determine what each team seems they need the most. Being an avid supporter and watcher of NFL games could help you in this endeavor.

Bet Early!

The NFL draft odds usually come out during early spring. Many experienced NFL bettors take advantage of this early date and place their bets. If you have a solid, confident, and educated bet to place on the opening of the draft odds, immediately wager it while monitoring the markets.

Get to Know the Mock Drafts

Want to get to know the NFL draft handicapping? Then pay attention to the mock drafts! Undoubtedly, the NFL draft continuously gained popularity in the past decade. In fact, numerous sources dedicate their time and effort to reading and predicting the proper order of players selected in the NFL Draft.


Mock drafts are a great place to find a handicap in the NFL Draft. So be sure to note every crucial information upon seeing it.



These are the frequently asked questions on the NFL draft and its answers.

When is the Next NFL Draft?

The next NFL draft will be in 2023! It’s usually held in April. The dates will be on April 27 to 29 of 2023. Be sure to watch out for the news of the 2023 NFL draft.

Where can Bettors Watch the NFL Draft?

The great thing about the official NFL draft is that it’s broadcasted through numerous networks. You can watch the entire NFL draft on ABC, ESPN, NFL Network,, and other betting websites.

Where can I Place my Wager on the NFL Draft?

For the NFL draft, many betting websites (that you can easily access) will offer a wide range of markets, satisfying odds, favorable bonuses, etc. Go on the internet and search for the best of the best betting websites for the NFL draft.

Final Thoughts

Betting on the NFL draft is getting more and more popular each year. Many are confused about where to start their betting journey. Thankfully this page serves as a guide to wagering in the NFL draft.

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