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Mobile Gaming Apps for the 2022 NFL season

The NFL and American football is a sport that much of the American population enjoys, whilst it is an activity that continues to grow in popularity and participation across various countries in Europe.

Indeed, we have seen the introduction of the International Series in recent years, where teams go to the United Kingdom and play a match, whilst recently it was announced that Germany will also be hosting a contest each year due to the continued interest in the sport. There have also been games played in Mexico at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City, too!


A range of American Football mobile games have been created

Naturally, with all of the interest in American football, it should not come as a surprise to learn that there are a number of different mobile gaming apps also available that fans and enthusiasts of the sport can love and play, whether it be throughout the season or during the offseason when the wait for competitive gridiron action can be a little too much and sometimes challenging!


With a plethora of different mobile gaming titles available, we take a look at some of the best to have been created that can be used ahead of – and throughout – the upcoming 2022 NFL season. Depending on the type of game available to play, or the type of gamer you are, will you be looking to take the Los Angeles Rams back to the Super Bowl and defend their crown, or will you perhaps be looking to restore historic franchises such as the New York Giants and turn them back into a winning organization?


No matter what you try to do, there will be plenty of opportunities to do whatever you want with the selection of awesome titles that we have listed below!


Madden NFL 22

For many, there is no better game to play as an American Football enthusiast than the Madden NFL game series. It has been argued to be one of the very best to have ever been released and it is pretty easy to understand why.




Created by EA Sports, who continue to provide a number of iconic sports-themed titles, Madden NFL 22 is available across all platforms and continues to be rated very highly amongst players of all devices. Indeed, with the features that it contains, it does not come as a shock!


  • Authentic NFL experience that allows players to enjoy licensed action and participate in a season!
  • All-new player ranks and playing training!
  • Ultimate Team feature that allows players to be the GM and make the key decisions as you try to guide your team to the Super Bowl!
  • Compete against friends and family!
  • Incredible and immersive visuals!


It could be argued that Madden NFL 22 is one great way for players to continue to get their American Football fix, especially for those who wish to participate in sports betting activities once the upcoming 2022 NFL season begins.


As so many continue to be interested in Super Bowl online betting, playing this game – and the Madden NFL 23 title once it is ultimately made available and released – can help to provide punters the potential to learn a lot about each team and player that is in the league.


Indeed, whilst it may only be a mobile version of reality, the authentic gameplay and attention to detail that EA Sports have provided this game mean gamers can know all of the important aspects and use it to make an educated bet on what may happen all the way to the Super Bowl!

All-Star Quarterback 2022

All-Star Quarterback 2022 is another top American Football game that enthusiasts of the sport will love playing whenever they crave gridiron action!


The game – again, available across multiple platforms – allows players to call all of the shots as if they are the franchise QB whilst also trying to live the life of the star player. This includes making decisions about which plays to make, as well as trying to rally your teammates, and even participating in the lifestyle that being a star brings, like relationships, press conferences, media duties, buying real estate, and dealing with club politics.

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This game truly has everything and will keep players coming back for more each time!

Big Win Football 2019

Although we are in 2022 and heading into the 2022 NFL season, there is no denying that Big Win Football 2019 is still one of the very best American Football games to still be available! It may have been a while since a number of updates have been applied to the title, however it is still a very popular option for many gamers who wish to enjoy the sport as a mobile game!


Available on Andriod and iOS, Big Win Football 2019 allows players to have full control over the team that they have, thus ultimately being responsible whenever they win and lose on the field. Gamers will take on the role of a GM and look to build and create their own ultimate team and lead them to glory!


Gamers are able to customize the team that they have by providing their players with boosts that can enhance their skills, thus increasing their chances to win, whilst also being given the opportunity to play in a variety of different tournaments that can provide them with prizes that help to get them to Big Bowls!

Final Thoughts

Although there are a plethora of different NFL-themed American football mobile games available to choose from, there is no denying that the three outlined above – Madden NFL 22, All Star Quarterback 2022, and Big Win Football 2019 – are the best to play at the moment and ahead of the upcoming NFL season.


Each game provides players with the opportunity to enjoy a number of exceptional gameplay experiences each time they load it up and start a session, especially with each of them including a GM mode that can truly provide a different experience from the normal gameplay aspect.

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