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NCAAF Stars To Watch Out For

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NCAAF Stars To Watch Out For


With a new season of the NCAAF to watch, there is a whole new selection of players for you to look out for. We are showing you a glimpse into these fresh players to give you better NCAAF betting odds in a season that will rock the boat!


1.   Bryce Young – Quarterback – Alabama

Young hasn’t begun his first college game yet, but that doesn’t mean we should ignore him. He has already signed a deal with the NIL that is worth almost 7 figures. Dangling such a big paycheck in front of this lad’s face means that he has to have some magic in him!


Young is also one of the top 15 NFL picks despite his inexperience. Alabama, as a team, focuses more on defense than offense. This means that their quarterback might take a while to shine, but we are intrigued to see what all the excitement is about!


2.   Spencer Rattler – Quarterback – Oklahoma


Last year Rattler’s efficiency rating was a surprising 172.56. It was the lowest that Oklahoma had seen in a quarterback since 2014. However, the off-season has shown a new side to Rattler, which makes us think he might be in the running to win the national championships.


Although the whole team has had an uplift in momentum, it’s Spencer Rattler who is really taking the lead. Will his nerves get the better of him, or is this power streak here to stay?


3.   D.J Uiagalelei – Quarterback – Clemson

Uiagalelei is an amazing quarterback who is becoming one of the most hyped players of the season. He is a high-profile player with an amazing arm that no one currently playing can compare to. Uiagalelei was only able to show his talents because last year, his teammate Lawrence was out with COVID-19. As unfortunate as this was for Lawrence, Uiagalelei has now become Clemson’s one to watch.


The only thing we worry about is his ability to run. Uiagalelei is a powerfully built player who can handle a tackle, but he needs to reach further to enhance his red zone offense.


4.   Breece Hall – Running Back – Iowa State


Last season, Hall ran a ridiculous 1,572 yards and scored 23 touchdowns. Only two Heisman finalists managed to beat his score, but neither could meet his running capabilities. Just looking at the stats alone, we can tell that Hall is going to be a power player in this season.


Although we hope he can bring us these fantastic results again, we know that he isn’t a fan of flair. Level-headed, this running back could be the next big thing in the NFL.


5.   JT Daniels – Quarterback – Georgia

Georgia has had a hard time of it recently. In all honesty, their last season was a mess. Fields were too young to take on the quarterback role and couldn’t fill in the boots. Fromm was a good player but wasn’t at the level the team needed to really make a stamp in the game.


Now Daniels is putting on the gear, we think that Georgi’s luck is going to change. In the last four games, JT Daniel created amazing victories. We doubt the team as a whole will make a massive impact as a lost wide receiver, and a questionable tight end will mean that some of their game will have gaps. That being said, Daniels is sure to make up for some of the downfalls.

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