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Who are the best NFL free agents still available?

There are still a number of exceptional talents available as free agents within the NFL.


The free agency period has already seen a number of moves come to fruition, with the likes of Russell Wilson leaving the Seattle Seahawks and heading for the Denver Broncos, Von Miller leaving Super Bowl LVI Champions Los Angeles Rams for the Buffalo Bills, and J.C. Jackson leaving the New England Patriots for the Los Angeles Chargers.


However, there are still a number of names that are listed as free agents that are yet to be offered contracts at teams.


Naturally, with how talented many of the players are, it would not be a surprise if they were to eventually land on a roster ahead of the season’s expected start date of September 8, 2022, however it would perhaps be rather normal for some of them to start experiencing itchy feet about whether they will still be playing in the NFL or if their careers have come to an end.


Nonetheless, let’s explore the best NFL free agents still currently available:

Odell Beckham Jr

Odell Beckham Jr is a player that many might call a luxury talent but one that can be hard to deal with. Just ask the New York Giants and the Cleveland Browns. Nonetheless, he did become a Super Bowl Champion last season with the Los Angeles Rams.


That moment will have been bittersweet, though, as he suffered an ACL injury in the game, which is also perhaps why no one has looked to offer him a contract as of yet. Indeed, it would seem unlikely that he would have a great impact in the upcoming season given the recovery time, although he could become rather crucial in the late stages of the 2022 NFL season.


Therefore, some would suggest that he would be best to remain at the Rams, although if a team was looking for a talent that does not always come as available as OBJ has, then it might be worth offering a longer-term deal and seeing if he can make an impact in Year 2, or even Year 3.

James Bradberry

The New York Giants have only just released James Bradberry as they look to try and sort out the mess that Dave Gettleman had left them in regard to the salary cap, and the cornerback is one of the high-profile casualties of the cuts that had to be made by Big Blue.


Indeed, Bradberry is a player that can make an immediate difference on a team’s defense, which is why there are always some rather decent NFL odds being offered for the organization that he plays for, and this is why it is very unlikely that his name will remain listed as a free agent.

Jadeveon Clowney

Jadeveon Clowney is a player that is no stranger to free agency, but there is every possibility that he could return to the Cleveland Browns, with it understood that the organization is keen and are of the opinion that a deal will be worked out.


Nonetheless, the experienced defensive end is a top talent and one that should end up on a roster at some point before the beginning of the season.

Jarvis Landry

There are not many wide receivers available in the NFL free agency market at the moment, although this could be something that benefits Jarvis Landry.


He has proved to be a useful weapon during his time at the Cleveland Browns and can do all of the third-down work that can help to take the pressure of a No. 1 WR. Of course, there are recent injury issues that may be of concern, but he has shown he can be consistent and 2021 may have only been a blip.

Rob Gronkowski

We know that Tom Brady decided to make a U-turn on his retirement and return to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, so could we see his best friend return to the field in Tampa, too?


Indeed, Rob Gronkowski has continued to reveal that he is not quite sure whether he wants to return to the gridiron, but if TB12 has decided that he was not done, then perhaps Gronk will feel that he is not quite finished in the NFL, either.

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