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EDGE/LB Pre-Draft Notes (2022 NFL Draft)

NFC East

Below is a quick blurb about each EDGE rushers and Linebackers I have scouted for the 2022 NFL Draft. EDGE and LB all included! The order/rankings may change before draft day, but it will be updated. Come back here when your team drafts or signs a EDGE rusher or LB who you don’t know! Feel free to send me feedback @ShanePHallam and let me know who your favorite defensive player is.


EDGE Rusher:

Kayvon Thibodeaux is my EDGE1. Explosive first step that is unmatched. Smart player who can read RBs and QBs. Great closing speed. Uses length well. Nice bend. Won’t be a big time edge setter against the run. Can get run over at times. Tons of pass rush upside.


Aidan Hutchinson is my EDGE2. Excellent bull rush. Can spin and rip to get to the QB. Sets the edge well with good length. Good tackle technique. Strong. Played best in biggest games. Disappears at times. Some injury concerns. May never be dominant pass rusher. 


Travon Walker is my EDGE3.  Big, strong, and fast. Can win with speed or strength. Dominant national championship. Great bend for his size. Nice spin move. Brutal hitter. Knows how to shed blocks. Production is below average. May be product of Georgia defense. Only one year starter.


George Karlaftis is my EDGE4. Versatile player who can stand up or play traditional DE. 3-year starter and producer. Uses his hands well. Tenacious worker who will never let up. Good run tackler. Doesn’t have explosive first step. Plays too upright at times. Can get caught off balance.


Jermaine Johnson is my EDGE5. Top notch bend around the edge. Gets up to speed quickly. Can’t get under his pads. Excellent closing speed. Better standing up. One year of production. Slight and not overly strong. Won’t give a ton against the run to set the edge.


David Ojabo is my EDGE6. Explosive first step. Great raw athlete. Plays with leverage. Nice swim move. Developed over the year. Medical concerns. Saw plenty of single teams with Hutchinson on other side. Relies on raw athleticism.       


Boye Mafe is my EDGE7. Great length, size, and athletic ability. Flashes high end pass rush potential. Stacks and sheds blockers with ease due to length. Runs down RBs and tackles well. Raw in pass rush move selection. Can get caught upright. Should be further along in consistency.


Logan Hall is my EDGE8. Great size with solid lateral agility. Can overpower OL. Closing speed to the QB is top notch. Takes good angles. Motor runs hot and cold. Has some rough stretches of time. Will lean inside rather than use space. 


Arnold Ebiketie is my EDGE9. Great athletic who is tough to get hands on. First step is very quick. Puts OL on skates often. Inside step can be deadly. Hand usage is raw and has trouble disengaging. Overpursues too much and can miss pressures. Big upside.


Nik Bonitto is my EDGE10. Good lateral mobility. Read and recognizes offensive sets. Lean pass rusher who rips through OL well. Nice inside movement. Takes good run angles. Might be more of a weakside LB. Struggles with hand in dirt. Can freelance too much and miss assignments.       


Sam Williams is my EDGE11. Productive in the SEC. Explosive off the snap and gets head of steam. Can drive with strength or twist around OL. Smart edge setter. Can get too aggressive. Often leans vs. trying to separate. Major off field and maturity concerns.


Amare Barno is EDGE12. Fast, electric athlete. Plays low and with leverage. Rarely misses a clean tackle. Productive this past season and a defensive leader. Won’t do much inside. Not very strong. Struggles to disengage. Needs particular scheme fit.


Kingsley Enagbare is my EDGE13. Great length and uses it to his advantage. Lived in the backfield this year. Played well against future NFL OL. Explosive off the snap. A little light and won’t move laterally. Needs to vary his moves. May not have tons of athletic upside.   


Josh Paschal is my EDGE14. Strong at the point of attack and drives OL backward. Great first step and hand placement. Sets the edge well and has good tackling technique. Not the longest arms. Can struggle to stack. Still a bit raw.


Drake Jackson is my EDGE15. Very athletic with great lateral mobility. Good pass rusher who gives good effort. Fast closing speed. Undersized.  Production took a hit this year. Very young and still learning. Moves self out of plays. 


Myjai Sanders is my EDGE16. Tall and fast around the edge. Nice bend to get into the backfield. Has bulk to tackle RBs cleanly. Solid production. Arm length isn’t ideal. Overuses his swim move. Doesn’t make adjustments often. Solid starter upside.


Cameron Thomas is EDGE17. Good size and strength prospect. Had a few dominant performances wrecking the backfield. Moves well in space and tough to hold down for too long. Takes long angles and can miss out on sacks. RBs will break through arm tackles. Inconsistent.


Dominique Robinson is my EDGE18. Big, long, explosive. Has all the raw tools to be a great NFL pass rusher. Got better as the season went on. Dominant Bowl game.  Doesn’t use his hands properly. Can dig himself off balance. Developmental prospect with stud potential.


DeAngelo Malone is my EDGE19. Good athlete and production. Takes smart angles and rarely caught off balance. Good hand usage. Closes fast and can bend around edge. Small and can be overpowered. Struggled vs. bigger OL. May only fit certain schemes.      


Jeremiah Moon is my EDGE20. LB/EDGE tweener. Smooth movement. Nice spin move off the edge. Flashes coverage ability at times. Better than production. Can play a bit too upright at times. Can bend too much and get pushed down. Balance issues. Some medical concerns.   


Isaiah Thomas is my EDGE21. Good size and physical rusher who stays balanced through contact. Leg drive is good. Great at shedding and moving to stop the run. Slow going around the outside and not a plus pass rusher. Could kick inside at times. Upside limited.


Tyreke Smith is my EDGE22. High energy and effort rusher who is savvy in how he uses his tools. Not overly big or strong, but can stack and shed to get a rush. Good tackler. Can play too high and get moved around a bit too much. Struggles against long arm OL.


Esezi Otomewo is my EDGE23. Elite run defender. Great at filling gaps and making tackles. Doesn’t get run over. Can chase down outside the pocket. Not very explosive. Pass rush moves are very raw. Medical concerns. 


Eyioma Uwazurike is my EDGE24. Big 5-Tech type who is a bit of a tweener. Physical player with good hand usage. Knocks OL off balance often. Flashes penetration upside. Plays smaller than he is. Slow off the snap and struggles with leverage due to height.   


Tyree Johnson is my EDGE25. Good athlete with a variety of pass rush moves. Hot motor that keeps fighting. Solid awareness against the run. Slight frame and doesn’t add much strength or power. Won’t overwhelm or dominate. Disappears for long stretches.


Jeffrey Gunter is my EDGE26. Good mover who is strong at the POA. Great first step and has a nice inside move. Explosive upside. Plays high sometimes. Takes plays off. Takes long angles around the edge. Still a bit raw, but loads of potential.


Christopher Allen is my EDGE27. Good lateral mover who can play WLB or put hand down. Uses his hands well. Explosive first step. Not great when engaged. Doesn’t shed blocks very well. Medical concerns. Better as a stand up pass rusher.    


Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa is my EDGE28. Leverage pass rusher with great hands. Can stack and shed. Very strong and drives in run game. Good gap stuffer. Takes awhile to get to the backfield. Slow off the snap. Better against run than pass. Some untapped upside.


Aaron Mosby is my EDGE29. Explosive athlete who is quick off the snap. Really nice bend. Closing speed is excellent. Productive. On the small side. Won’t add much against the run. Tries not to engage and struggles if hands get on his pads. 3rd down rusher.


Tre Williams is my EDGE30. Solid size and strength. Well built with a strong upper body. Tosses around smaller OL. Good rip move. Plays the run well. Not a great athlete. Doesn’t close quick enough. Wins in only one way. Could work in right scheme.


Big Kay Bryant is my EDGE31. High effort rusher who uses his hands well. Gets good leverage. Holds up against the run. RBs won’t break tackles. Not very explosive. Mnus athlete who lucks into some sacks. Shuffles laterally and can’t match NFL athleticism.


Benton Whitley is my EDGE32. Explosive pass rusher with great production. Dominant off the edge with quick step and inside move to pressure the QB. Plays the run in the backfield well. Good instincts. Raw athlete who has poor hand placement and movement technique. Raw.


Owen Carney is my EDGE33. Good size and strength. Motor runs hot. Had some really impressive games. Slow off the snap. Has trouble with his balance and plays too high. Gets dominated against better OL. 


Tomon Fox is my EDGE34. Stand up rusher who takes good angles and is a clean tackler. Good anticipation and reaction to blockers. Not overly athletic or strong.  Medical concerns.         


De’Shaan Dixon is my EDGE35. Tall, lanky with good speed and explosiveness off the snap. Runs through blockers not around. Flashes some power too. Narrow base. Runs himself off balance a lot. Upper body needs to be strengthened.


 Mike Tafua is my EDGE36. DT/EDGE tweener. Played more inside and flashed some explosive movement against interior linemen. Good hand usage. Likely too sluggish for the outside and hasn’t shown he can get around the line. Weak bend. 


Carson Taylor is my EDGE37. High end athlete who dominated level of competition. Really nice first step and closes quick. Not the biggest or strongest and may need to add bulk for the NFL. Nice upside swing who could develop.


Scott Patchan is my EDGE38. Good size and athlete. Moves laterally really well. Can close gaps quickly. High cut and tries to grab more than move players. Raw in approach. Good upside with development.


Deandre Johnson is my EDGE39. Straight line mover who can run down RBs. Good pursuit ability. Solid wrap up tackler. One trick pass rusher who doesn’t use hands well. Motor varies. Flashes athleticism, but inconsistent.


Jacob Panasiuk is my EDGE40. Stout player who is hard to move off his spot. Good gap filler against the run. Doesn’t get run over. Not much of a pass rusher. Sluggish off the snap. 2-down player.


Brayden Thomas is my EDGE41. Good athlete who has quick foot movement. Wins with an inside step. Disciplined. Had some flat out dominant games. See ball go to ball. Raw hand usage. Doesn’t have much pass rush variety. Good upside.


Mike Greene is my EDGE42. Might be best as a 5-tech. Strong at the POA. Can drive OL back. Sheds well in the backfield. Not an overwhelming athlete. Short arms give him problems when engaged. Doesn’t quite get leverage yet. Raw.


James Houston is my EDGE43. Good sideline to sideline athlete. Reads and reacts well. Explosive change of direction. Long arms. Not good a disengaging. Disappeared for stretches of time. May not put his hand down.              


DaMarcus Mitchell is my EDGE44. Good first step. Has a nice inside move. Plays low and is difficult to hold down for too long. Not overly large or strong. Can get frustrated easily when getting pushed around. Not much straight line speed.


Zach McCloud is my EDGE45. Fast athlete who was coming into his own in the position. Looks the part with long arms and speed. Explosive. Struggles with technique and tries to just run into the backfield. Makes mental errors. Developmental.


Daniel Hardy is my EDGE46. Tough player with a good motor. Strong and fast footwork to get into the back field. Solid production at FCS. Physical tools aren’t overwhelming. May not hold up in the pros.


Clarence Hicks is my EDGE47. Electric athlete with great speed and explosion. Glides seamlessly around the edge. Pretty small. Gets run over often. Not very strong at the POA and can be overwhelmed. 3rd down pass rusher       


Will Miles is my EDGE48. DT/DE tweener. Good athletic ability against interior linemen with a nice first step and good explosion. Lacks balance and not very strong. Played well at level of competition but big jump.


Ty Shelby is my EDGE49. Productive hand movement with a nice swim move. Good size and RB tackler. Average athleticism and doesn’t overwhelm. Inconsistent play to play. May not provide much upside.


Luiji Vilain is my EDGE50. Fast lateral mover. Sets the edge well. Flows through weak arms and chases down QBs. Some splash plays. Doesn’t use his hands. Relies too much on athleticism. Big upside, but has struggles against better competition.


Jaylin Swan is my EDGE51. Great athlete who flashes dominance at low level of competition. Tons of raw tools that need put together. Great first step. Big hitter. Developmental to utilize with some development.


Christopher Rice is my EDGE52. Really explosive first step. Good lateral agility. Uses a very compact swim move. Slim, can get bumped around. Will need a big adjustment to the next level.    


Thaddeus Mangum is my EDGE53. Big stout player who is a sluggish athlete. Hard to move off his spot and is a run stuffer only. May need to kick inside. Short and gets solid leverage. Not much upside.


Jahari Kay is my EDGE54. Long arms with good shed ability. Can knock opposing arms down. Good effort and production. Jump in competition is a question without top athletic tools. Can be slow in reaction time. Tackle technique iffy.


Kailon Davis is my EDGE55. Can rush inside or outside. Long arms allows moving OL around and getting around them. Explosive off the snap. On the smaller side. Not very strong at the POA. Gets thrown around against stronger OL. 


Roland Walder is my EDGE56. Strong leg drive at the POA. Uses his hands well to get around the edge. Productive with explosion. May not have huge upside. Doesn’t know how to disengage. Pass rush moves are rare. Limited.


Marvin Maddox is my EDGE57. Stand up rusher who has great athletic ability. Smooth mover. Explodes through his hips. Not strong or long. Will struggle vs. NFL OL. May be more special teamer than anything.


Jacoby Jones is my EDGE58. Good size and first step. Nice spin move. Good against the run. Uses his body to try and push OL around with little leverage. Not ver strong. Gets tangled too much to disengage.


Mike Tverdov is my EDGE59. Height/Weight/Speed prospect. Natural bender who improved through the year. Top closing speed. Tackling is iffy. Runs like a receiver trying to attack the QB. Needs a lot of technique work, but upside is there.  


Kingsley Jonathan is my EDGE60. Nice hand work. Understands placement and drive. High FBI in reading RB lanes. Small and slow. Not an athlete. Gets by on reading and reacting.


Brandon Rolfe is my EDGE61. Stout, tough to move off his spot. Moves down the line well. Fills gaps. Not much of a pass rusher. May have to kick inside. 


Isaiah Chambers is my EDGE62. Productive with good size. Plays low and is scrappy in fighting OL. Doesn’t always win, but usually gets close. Not very athletic. May not have the pure skillset for the NFL.


Marcus Moore is my EDGE63. Good size and movement skills. Has some flashes of pro potential getting around the edge. Struggles to set the edge. Can’t crash the line too well. More straight line than agile. Needs technique development.


Cullen Wick is my EDGE64. Size/Speed prospect who explodes into the backfield. Gets consistent pressure. Toolsy with upside. Plays upright. Overpursues a ton. Plays without control at times.


TD Moultry is my EDGE65. Sideline to sideline movement is good. Has some nice agility around the edge. Small without much strength. Gets pushed around a lot.


Brandon Barlow is my EDGE66. Flashes athletic upside at times. Has some really good plays, but disappears for most of the game. Doesn’t play with much discipline. Messy technique. Work in progress.


JW Jones is my EDGE67. Good height with long arms. Good range. Looks like an NFL player but struggles to use his tools. Can get locked up. Not consistent.


Isaiah Gay is my EDGE68. Stand up rusher who is explosive getting to the line but struggles with the next step. Doesn’t close well. Often evaded by RBs. Weak arm tackler.


Zach VanValkenburg is my EDGE69. Good bulk with a strong upper body. Gets a nice push in the run game. Not much range. Can get run past. Run stuffer 2-down player.


Bronson Massie is my EDGE70. Smart player who gets hands under pads. Not an NFL athlete. Struggles at rotating hips and moving through that. Unlikely to find a spot.


Andre Anthony is my EDGE71. Athletic off the snap. Shows an NFL skillset, but makesmental errors. Gets too focused on the OL than the goal. Needs to develop how to disengage and angles to take. Raw.


Drew Beesley is my EDGE72. Country strong. Gets a great push and leg drive. Won’t close on anyone and cant keep up with RBs. One trick player who needs the play to come to him to make an impact.


Chris Turner is my EDGE73. Explosive off the snap. Good hand placement. Has some nice plays, but usually won’t make an impact. Struggles if he doesn’t get immediate pressure. Gets run over and around at times.


Davaris Howard is my EDGE74. Stand up rusher who has some raw tools. Smooth mover sideline to sideline. Good anticipation. Not a plus pass rusher or tackler. Some tools, needs work.


Chauncey Manac is my EDGE75. Long with decent size. Does well at keeping OL off of him. Can shed. Weak tackler. Takes bad angles. Seems to get lost in traffic. Could make a practice squad.


Daniel Joseph is my EDGE76. High motor player who is an effort producer. Hot motor is tough to consistently stop. Small and slow. Not very explosive. Hard worker but not much NFL upside.


Jeffery Pooler Jr. is my EDGE77. Good technique player who is small and slow. Gives solid effort, but is often pushed off of the play. Some production, decent against the run.


Andrzej Hughes-Murray is my EDGE78. Flashes some good hand usage at times, but is rarely in on the play. Gets swallowed up often. Unlikely to make NFL impact.


Kaden Roy is my EDGE79. Good athlete with strength to boot. Has some dominating performances and others where he disappears. Some intriguing tools.


Ja’Quain Blakely is my EDGE80. Good size, long arms. Looks the part, but rarely plays up to it. More of a rotational college player who doesn’t know how to use his length.


Ray Thornton is my EDGE81. Good footspeed and can dance around the line. Weak at POA and not very strong. Plays back on his heels too much.


Michael Badejo is my EDGE82. Good bulk but doesn’t flash athletic upside needed. Hands can be used to show strength at times too. Very raw.


Elliott Brown is my EDGE83. Good athlete with raw upside. Has some upper body strength. Good mover, but undersized. Raw ability to work with.


Noah Burks is my EDGE84. Hard nosed worker who will grind out penetration. Slow and will take too long to make an impact. Can miss plays going by him.


Lawtez Rogers is my EDGE85. Minus athlete with good size. Sluggish down the line. Doesn’t crash well. Can make mental errors.


Bernard Buhake is my EDGE86. Tall and rangy. Has some tools to work with, but rarely puts it all together. May be too big of a jump to the NFL.  


Adam Anderson is my EDGE87. Explosive athlete who could have been a Top 50 pick. MAJOR off field red flags and concerns should keep him out of the NFL as rape charges have not been dismissed.




Devin Lloyd is my LB1. Great instincts and tackle fundamentals. Wraps up well and can be a downhill run stuffer. Solid in pass coverage and has made big plays. Technically sound. Not an insane athlete, but always around the play. Doesn’t shed blocks very well. Angles are average.


Nakobe Dean is my LB2. Explosive athlete with many hats. Can rush the passer on inside stunts. Big hitter who doesn’t let RBs get away. Drops into coverage at times and has good range. Closing speed is insane. Small and not very strong at the POA. Can play a bit stiff when changing direction.


Christian Harris is my LB3. Changes direction quickly and explodes through his hips. Good closer. Plus in coverage and can hang with TEs. Makes mental errors and can be slow to react at times. Has some great games and some poor ones. Big upside, big downside.


Leo Chenal is my LB4. Top notch athlete. Can rush the passer or be a downhill run stuffer. Tenacious hitter. Smooth foot movement. Doesn’t always play up to testing. Not much experience as a pass rusher. Can get caught peeking in coverage.      


Chad Muma is my LB5. Excellent tackling technique. Plays low and overpowers bigger players. Excellent instincts. Always seems to be in good position. Improved throughout the year. Pass coverage is sketchy often and can’t stick. 


Channing Tindall is my LB6. Brutal hitter. Accelerates quickly with straight line speed. Good read and react to run game. Has some upside closing on the QB. Struggles to change direction smoothly. Can get pushed around by TEs in coverage.  


Darrian Beavers is my LB7. Plays big. Very physical. High FBI. Gets to the edge quickly and can stop outside runs. Closes gaps well. Doesn’t always wrap up cleanly. Pass coverage is good in the red zone, but struggles vs. faster players.


Quay Walker is my LB8. Big upside athlete. Goes sideline to sideline quickly with good lateral mobility. Hesitates to change direction and close. Raw tools that don’t always match up with instincts. Needs to be developed, but has the ability to be a top LB.    


Troy Andersen is my LB9. Versatile athlete. Reads offense well to hit spot before the offense does. Good wrap up tackler. Fast and physical. Still developing coverage skills. Older prospect. Doesn’t always play up to timed speed.


Mike Rose is my LB10. Solid tackler who tackles low. Closes into gaps quickly. Plays by instincts. Flashed some coverage instincts this past season. Lateral mobility is excellent for his size. Closing speed is questionable. Doesn’t always finish. Hips can lock.


Jojo Domann is my LB11. Safety/LB hybrid. Great in coverage and can run with most RBs/TEs. Plays the ball in the air. Closes quickly. Adds a little pass rush. Small and can get pushed around in traffic. Can be run over by bigger RBs.


Brandon Smith is my LB12. Raw athlete who closes super fast. Clean pass rush gets there quickly. Athlete who can go step for step with receivers. Big and can get physical. Not very strong and can’t disengage when blocked. Sat back too much and led plays come to him.     


Damone Clark is my LB13. Highly productive. Good tackler who reacts well to rushing lanes. Explosive and fast. Instincts kept developing over the course of the season. Lateral movement is average. Processes coverage slowly. Thumper with upside. 


Terrel Bernard is my LB14. Good athlete who can lay the lumber. Strong and can jam off the line.  Swings hips open well. Good read and react player. Small. Raw in pass coverage. Tackle technique is inconsistent. Loads of upside.


Jesse Luketa is my LB15. Productive with great technique. Knows how to stack and shed blockers. Lateral mobility is solid. Forces RB angle changes. Good size. Speed is underwhelming. Explosive off the snap but slows down quickly. Upside may be caped.


Brian Asamoah is my LB16. Underutilized athlete who played off the ball. Good athlete with some pass rush ability. Good cover player who can run with slot WRs. Small and not a great tackler. Will put his head down and whiff at times. Good raw ability, needs the right fit.


Aaron Hansford is my LB17. Thumper with good size. Plays physical and has great tackle technique. Isn’t afraid to hit runners directly. Doesn’t get fooled. Could improve in coverage. Indecisive at times. Change of direction isn’t always fast.


Jack Sanborn is my LB18. Good tackler who closes quickly. See and hit LB. Knows how to disengage from blocks. Hips lock up and won’t move laterally well. Quicker RBs can elude him. Won’t add much in pass coverage or add big range.


Chance Campbell is my LB19. Rangy LB who can track down runners. Solid coverage player who an keep up. Not overly physical. Tries for the big hit. Takes poor angles and can overpursue. Can’t weed through traffic.          


Nate Landman is my LB20. Productive with good size. Good wrap-up tackler. Instinctual mover who plays the run well. Not very fast and lacks closing speed. Won’t run anyone down. Poor coverage LB who gets beat often. Lacks upside.


Micah McFadden is my LB21. Big with speed. Gets a head of steam and runs through blockers. Strong at the point of attack. Big hitter who can jar the ball loose. Overpursues. Goes for the big hit over the clean tackle. Struggles in open space. 


D’Marco Jackson is my LB22. Productive player who did it all on defense. Lived in the backfield. Tough and never lets go when tackling. Flashed good coverage ability. Reads offense wrong often. Instincts are average. Gets fooled on play action often. Upside developmental LB.


Jeremiah Gemmel is my LB23. Good closer who can cause fumbles by punching the ball. Solid coverage LB who makes plays often. Small and tackle technique is mediocre. Rarely gets a clean tackle. Wont set the edge well. 


Ellis Brooks is my LB24. Solid production in a good defense. Reacts quickly to what the offense does. Moves through traffic well. Good tackle technique. Not great size or speed. Won’t do much in coverage. May struggle with bigger runners.


Malcolm Rodriguez is my LB25. Great athlete with tons of production. Not afraid to get physical with bigger runners. Good in zone coverage. Closing speed a plus. Small and can try to do more than he should. Overpursues often.


Zakoby McClain is my LB26. Productive player who did best against good competition. Fast and can close. Straight line only. Lacks change of direction skills. Small with poor tackle technique. Gets beat in coverage.   


Jake Hansen is my LB27. Good coverage LB who rarely allows a clean catch. Solid tackler with production. Lean and can get blocked out of plays. Won’t do much against rushing out at the edge. 3rd down skillset.


Darien Butler is my LB28. Great production and instincts. Doesn’t bite on fakes. Fills his gaps well and rarely makes mental errors. Small and not very agile. Looks sluggish when changing direction. Minus in coverage. Takes too tight of angles.


Josh Ross is my LB29. Worked well within his role. Smart player. Flashed good coverage ability and reading QBs eyes. Small and slow. May lack NFL athleticism. Special teams player with some 2-down upside.


Baylon Spector is my LB30. Good athlete who was used to track down outside runs. Closes quickly. Has pass coverage potential. Didn’t overwhelm in the stat sheet. Can overpursue too much. Needs to improve his wrap-up.


James Skalski is my LB31. Defensive leader. Great tackler who knew what the offense would do. Rarely missed a clean tackle. Closing speed and athleticism are questionable. Won’t be able to keep up with NFL athletes. Effort player who could stick.


Isaiah Graham-Mobley is my LB32. Good mover with quick feet. Solid in pursuit with good angles. Smart player who can hit. Gets thrown around a lot. Arm tackles with weakness. Not much of a hitter. Coverage ability is a question.


Nephi Sewell is my LB33. Good athlete with production. Read and reacts quickly. Gets up to top speed fast. Barrels down on RBs. Flashed some coverage skills. Plays unbalanced. Small. Doesn’t love contact. Softens his blow foten times. 


Kyron Johnson is my LB34. Electric athlete who can be an edge rusher. Fast bend and can beat with a good dip. Gets into the backfield quickly. Great pursuit. Small and struggles with contact. Not strong. Won’t get too physical. May be a niche player.


Kuony Deng is my LB35. Big, long who can lay the lumber. Sheds blocks well and is a good tackler. Won’t give much pass rush and struggles to move sideline to sideline. Plays very high, hips lock up. More thumper.


Lakia Henry is my LB36. Good production and smart player who reads the offense well. Good at keeping away from engagement. Small and slow. Not very agile or fast. Can get blown past or through. Inconsistent.


Olakunle Fatukasi is my LB37. Good athlete with nice tackle technique. Moves well in space and rarely bites on fakes. On the short side and struggles in coverage. Could close faster to the hole. Not a ton of upside, but can produce.


Ryan Bowman is my LB38. Big OLB who is a solid pass rusher. Strong at the point of attack. Gets good leverage. Won’t do much for coverage. Hips stiffen and won’t change direction well. Can take too long to react to players.


Jake Hummel is my LB39. Sideline to sideline athlete. Moves well.. Good closing speed and can run down RBs. Not the biggest or strongest. Slow reaction speed. Overpursues often and puts himself out of position at times.        


Cameron Goode is my LB40. Tall with range. Can stunt and rush the passer. Explosive to the hole. More athlete than football player. Not the best tackler. Can get run over. Good upside if he can be developed.


Tre Walker is LB41. Good size and strength. Can move engaged blockers out of the way. Good tackler who wraps up cleanly. Not the best athlete. Lags behind in coverage. Needs to be more aggressive.


Tyshon Fogg is my LB42. Strong and explosive. Always is around the action. Navigates traffic well to make a stop. Won’t add much pass rush. On the smaller side. Can avoid conflict often times and tackles get broken.


Drew White is my LB43. Very experienced and plays smart. Good footwork and changes direction well. Aggressive tackler who embraces contact. Not the biggest or most explosive. Short arms can lead to problems. Lacks upside, but should work hard and make a team.


Colin Schooler is my LB44. Downhill player who hits hard. Good at creating fumbles. Quick closer. Solid speed and shows plus coverage. Small and can get overaggressive leading to missed plays. Needs to be more in control but has upside.


Forrest Rhyne is my LB45. Solid size and speed combo. Has NFL range. Tackle machine at his level of competition. Not as dynamic as he may need to be for the next level. Lacks length. Some athletic upside,       


Grant Morgan is my LB46. Thumper who wraps up well. Makes clean tackles consistently. Mirrors RB to make tackles. Small and may not have the physical prowess to match up with NFL RBs. Won’t give pass rush or much coverage. Slow.


Carson Wells is my LB47. Tall, rangy with good speed. Had solid production. Fills gaps quickly and forces RBs to change direction. Hips lock up often. Won’t change direction well. Takes bad angles. Makes mental errors.


Diego Fagot is my LB48. Smart player who hits hard. Can rip the ball away when tackling. Explosive off the snap. Isn’t decisive and can be back on his heels. Struggles in space. Won’t add much in coverage.


Avery Roberts is my LB49. Good production. Nice back pedal in coverage. Closes pretty quickly. Not a plus athlete in terms of sideline to sideline movement. Can be weak tackling in space. 


DQ Thomas is my LB50. Good player who plays smart. Smooth in coverage and can make plays on the ball. Not quite the NFL athlete. May struggle to make the transition up to the pros. Goes for the big hit over clean tackle too much.


Blaze Alldredge is my LB51. Good coverage LB who can stick close to TEs. Explosive at changing direction. Not afraid to get physical. Struggles to disengage. Not the best run stuffer. Long speed can be a problem.


Riko Jeffers is my LB52. Used a lot in coverage. Plays zone well and can read QBs eyes. Passes receivers off well. Not big or fast. Struggles in man. Won’t be a plus tackler. Can’t disengage. May not have much upside. 


Jahad Woods is my LB53. Safety/LB tweener. Good athlete who flashes coverage ability. Can get to the line quick and make a hit. Technique is pretty iffy. Very small/short. Can move stiffly in short space.


Jack Cochrane is my LB54. Tall and explosive. Closes quickly and can blow by blockers. Lives in the backfield. Not very strong and can struggle to bring RBs down cleanly. More athlete than football player. Big upside.


Luke Masterson is my LB55. Average athlete who can read and react pretty well. Never out of position but rarely makes a big play. Good at everything, great at nothing. Not very strong or athletic.


Segun Olubi is my LB56. Fast runner who can go step for step with receivers. Small, but explosive. Good athlete who is starting to hone football skills. Gets caught out of position often. Makes some big errors. Raw upside.


Caliph Brice is my LB57. Straight line runner. Can blitz and close quickly. Plays very high and struggles with changing directions. Athlete who needs to become a football player.


Emmett Rice is my LB58. Good size and physical tackler. Closes holes well. Long arms and can disengage. Lets the play come to him too much. Passive player who isn’t a great athlete.    


Charles Turner-Cox is my LB59. Long and lean player who can rush the passer and set the edge. Raw skillset with upside. Doesn’t overly dominate every play and will be a big jump to the NFL.


Noah Harvey is my LB60. Good size and speed. Goes sideline to sideline well. Can run down runners outside. Good containment. Solid tackler too. Doesn’t wow with athleticism. Plays high and rarely knocks a RB backward. Coverage is iffy.


Lawson Hall is my LB61. Good production. Small but packs a punch. Aggressive player who can overpursue. Slow with some bad angles. Rarely gets a clean hit.


 Isaiah Pryor is my LB62. Good production and experience. Strong at the point of attack. Can shed and get into the backfield. Inconsistent leverage. Should offer more athletic range than he does. Too small.


Ferrod Gardner is my LB63. Explosive mover who is solid in coverage.  Very slight. Gets pushed around too easily. Probably not big enough for the NFL without the right scheme fit.


Tyreek Maddox-Williams is my LB64. Good athlete who dropped into coverage often. Was slow processing and usually a step behind. Has athletic potential but doesn’t always start it.


Teddy Gallagher is my LB65. Strong run stuffer. Good tackler. Small and slow. Doesn’t change direction well. One trick pony who wins with his strength.


Silas Kelly is my LB66. Good size and explosiveness. Tracks down the ball well. Hesitates and reacts slowly. High end athlete who needs to learn how to utilize that.


Kadofi Wright is my LB67. Nice tackler who closes quickly into gaps. Not very agile or quick. Straight line with length only.


Bryce Notree is my LB68. Small school player who has good production. Flashes athletic upside. Takes over some games. Might be a touch slow for the NFL, but has potential.


Storey Jackson is my LB69. Small with nice tackle technique. Always around the play. Very good instincts. Athleticism is average. Good leadership.


Vi Jones is my LB70. Tall and rangy with explosiveness. Good sideline mover and closes down on RBs. Instincts need work. Seems to fly around without thinking. Is in the wrong position often.


Luke Martin is my LB71. Good producer. Takes what is in front of him. Small and slow in closing on holes. Can get there too late and miss. May not have NFL athleticism. 


Anthony Tedesco is my LB72. Nice rangy athlete who goes sideline to sideline well. Small school player who has a big jump and may not be quite instinctual yet.


Anthony Koclanakis is my LB73. Small player who does well in zone coverage. Good read and react ability. Not very fast and may get bypassed in the pros.


Jordan Genmark Heath is my LB74. Big strong tackler. Rarely falls backward. Run stuffer only and fills gaps well. Could turn into a reserve with time.


Digaan Gomis is my LB75. Very productive at his level. Good sound technician. Not big or fast and likely doesn’t have NFL athleticism.


Caleb Bonner is my LB76. Small and slow. Can get caught out of position and can’t make up after mistakes. Not overly strong. Does well when plays are in front of him.


Nigel Peele is my LB77. Good production with head up tackle technique. Moves well in space. Locks up his hips too much. Will need a lot of work to unlock potential.


Christian Albright is my LB78. Long and fast. Has a ton of athletic upside but overpursues often and rarely makes a clean tackle. Upside is there.


Andrew Aleki is my LB79. Nice thumper who runs downhill. Impressive work in the backfield to get TFL. Won’t add much pass rush or help outside. Doesn’t disengage.


Kenny Hebert  is my LB80. Big explosive who thrives in traffic. Can knock blockers over. More physical in blocking than against ball carriers. Could find his way into a camp.


 Jack Gibbens is my LB81. Good athlete with good length. Instincts need some work and will arm tackle without a proper wrap-up. Some upside for a camp.


Daniel Jackson is my LB82. Good mover sideline to sideline. Shows smooth movement. Slow reaction time. Seems to be uncomfortable at times and plays himself out of position.  


Tyson Maeva is my LB83. Good bulk and strength. Can shed blocks decently with consistency. Won’t add much pass coverage or penetration. Thumper. 


Cody Fletcher is my LB84. Long, good mover. Picks up speed quickly. Can get blocked out of a play. Poor leverage. Minus in pass coverage.


CJ Avery is my LB85. Small and can be knocked around, but he is athletic. When he isn’t touched, can get to the ball carrier and make a play. Some upside. 


Chris Bergin is my LB86. Small and slow. Looks sluggish changing direction. Tough player with high FBI. 


Devin Harper is my LB87. Very good athlete for his size. Runs himself out of plays. Doesn’t take on ball carriers head on.


Chris Pine is my LB88. Solid producer who does well in coverage. Godo ball skills. Will get run over/run through at times.


John Petrishen is my LB89. Small and can’t handle contested coverage. Has some athletic upside, but production doesn’t match. 


Phil Campbell III is my LB90. Slight build that struggled with engagement. Has some special teams ability. 


Damani Staley is my LB91. Big shuffler who has good tackle technique. Won’t do much past that. Stiff upper body.


DeJaun Cooper is my LB92. Small schooler with production. Big hitter. Explosion is questionable. May not have NFL athleticism.


Ben Davis is my LB93. Tall, rangy, can drop into zone coverage. Won’t run with anyone or run down a RB. 


Tim Walton is my LB94. Small school producer who is small and slow. Not great at changing direction. Smart player without the athletic upside.   


Jacob Morgenstern is my LB95. Good tackler, nice hitter. Technique is solid. Reaction time is slow. Doesn’t have good leverage.


DJ Morgan is my LB96. Nice athlete who often gets blocked out of plays. Cleaned up what Travis Jones opened up often times.


Denzel Feaster is my LB97. Good pass rusher who can give an edge presence. Needs clean angle to the QB or RB. Not good with engagement. Tackling is iffy.  


Charles Wiley is my LB98. Big bodied. Stiff with a cold motor at times. Cleans up a lot of plays, but little upside.


DeCalon Brooks is my LB99. Very small/slight. May be a special teamer at the next level. Nice straight line speed. 


Quez Jackson is my LB100. Thin frame with solid lateral mobility. Often played back/dropped back. Slow to shift directions and run in coverage.


Khalan Tolson is my LB101. Got knocked out of plays a lot. Rarely protected the second level. Didn’t love contact. Not an NFL player.


Jaylan Alexander is my LB102. Big straight forward tackler. Lets plays come to him. Not very diverse skillset. 


Drew Singleton is my LB103. A weak link on the defense. Struggled in coverage. Showed some explosion at times, but wasn’t always playing up to that.


Jordan Anthony is my LB104. Good producer who had great games against poor competition. Struggled when engaged too much and couldn’t shed. 


Kana’i Mauga is my LB105. Produced a lot of tackles. Good against the run in the backfield. Came out of his shell this season. Some real upside.


Keonte Hampton is my LB106. Doesn’t have NFL athletic abilities and had some struggling games.

Mark Robinson is my LB107. Good athlete with production for one year in FBS. Good mover who could be a weakside LB or inside in a 3-4. Upside to make a roster.

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