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Jaxon Smith-Njigba from Ohio State is a top prospect with a glowing scouting report

Below is a quick scouting report blurb about each Wide Receiver and Tight End I have scouted for the 2023 NFL Draft. The order/rankings may change before draft day, but it will be updated. Come back here when your team drafts or signs a WR or TE who you don’t know! With these just being a mini scouting report for each prospect, contact me for more in depth information. Feel free to send me feedback @ShanePHallam


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Wide Receiver Scouting Reports

Jaxon Smith-Njigba is my WR1. Elite slot receiver who runs super smooth routes. No wasted steps and seems to always be open. Explosive off of the snap and eats up any cushion. Good hands and body control. Won’t beat you on the 9-route with long speed. Can get thrown off timing with press coverage. Not super dynamic after the catch and can go down easily. May be more slot than outside WR. Potential to be elite in the NFL.


Quentin Johnston is my WR2. Big, long, fast and athletic. Monster after the catch and difficult to tackle. Great leaping ability, can high point the football. Good at beating press coverage. Killer on deep 9 routes and posts. Good screen receiver. Uses his body to catch too much. Doesn’t always get great separation despite athleticism. Route tree is limited. A lot of unknown, but a lot of upside to be a team’s top WR.      


Jordan Addison is my WR3. Exceptional route runner who makes every route look the same before cutting. Great hands catcher who doesn’t lose his speed when making the catch. Manipulates the defender with his eyes and head to get open. Footwork is excellent, technician. Not overly big, fast, or explosive. May profile more as a #2 than a #1. Won’t break many tackles once defenders get their hands on him. Good complimentary piece with upside.


Jalin Hyatt is my WR4. Hits top speed quickly and can zoom past defenders. Subtle movements into posts and corners make him tough to cover. Dominated a tough Alabama defense. Great at ball tracking and can slow down and pick up speed quickly. Big upside. Very limited routes in a simple offense. Won’t break tackles when engaged. Will need developed to get off the line cleanly. May be slot only.


Zay Flowers is my WR5. Insane explosion, quick twitch, and change of direction. Great screen pass catcher who makes defenders miss in the open field. Smooth mover with good feet. Adjusts well to poorly thrown passes. Rarely gets hit straight on. Solid route runner on timing slants and In routes. Small stature can be an issue at the LOS. Doesn’t get separation as well on deeper routes. Will get too cute with footwork and will allow DBs to make up space. Can miss the ball when tracking deeper passes. Intriguing upside.


Josh Downs is my WR6. Ideal slot receiver who runs crisp routes. Hands catcher who secures the ball before engaging contact. Finds holes in the zone easily. Fluid mover. Uses all parts of his body to sell his route and get separation. Reliable target. Catch radius can be a bit limited. Slot only who will have issues with jams at the boundary. Not overly fast and won’t be a deep threat.


Rashee Rice is my WR7. Big, long, athlete. Insanely productive. Top notch contested catcher with leaping ability. Physical at the LOS and beats the jam. Performed well against good corners. Works back to his QB. Struggles mightily with drops. Not a precise route runner. Stiff upper body. Route tree a bit limited. Won’t get much separation. Big upside, big downside.


Cedric Tillman is my WR8. Tall and physical. Beats physical press coverage. Good feet for his size. Understands how to beat zone coverage. Good seam runner who can make big plays. Solid run blocker. Can run over small DBs after the catch. Knows how to use the sideline to his advantage. Won’t beat you deep. Separation can be an issue. Not a precise route runner and will round off routes. Wastes movement often.


Tyler Scott is my WR9. Quick and explosive off the snap. Ideal slot WR who can cut on a dime. Maintains speed through the catch. Good wiggle after the catch. Tough to bring down in the open field. Has speed to beat DBs deep. Routes are run precise with little wasted movement. Won’t be an outside NFL WR. Small and doesn’t get good position. Can bring the ball into his body too much. Needs the right offense to work.


Marvin Mims is my WR10. Fast with good downfield routes. Runs a great seam route to beat Man/Zone. Explosive  with good change of direction. Solid hand catcher who takes good angles after the catch. Thin frame and can get pushed around. Struggled against top corners. Rounds off routes. Gets frustrated when jammed. Makes mental mistakes against zone coverage.


Andrei Iosivas is my WR11. Height/Weight/Speed receiver. Long strider who can get down the field quickly. Good 9-route runner. Physical at the line of scrimmage with the strength to push around defenders. Tough to tackle after the catch.  More athlete than receiver. Not a nuanced route runner. Still raw as a prospect in understanding coverages. Won’t work back to his QB. Upside is there.


AT Perry is my WR12. Tall and lanky. Good possession WR who can high point the ball. Agile in space and tough to bring down cleanly. Physical off the line and fights to get open on timing routes. Good at moving to give his QB a chance to find him. Can play stiff. Doesn’t get great separation. Not the route runner he needs to be. Will struggle against big/long CBs. Offensive system may need to adjust to the NFL.


Rakim Jarrett is my WR13. Good athlete who moves fluidly. Good head fake to turn around CBs. Has a nice third gear. Explodes off the snap when running 9 routes. Still a raw route runner. Catches with his body often and can struggle to secure passes. Separation is inconsistent. Has a lot of wasted steps. Raw with upside.                          


Kayshon Boutte is my WR14. Flashes good footwork and athleticism. Great body control to make tough catches. Flashed dominance early in his career. Struggled with injuries. Had major lapses of effort. Can get frustrated with press. Not a big time separator. Got worse every year. Offers upside, but might be limited on fits and development.


Charlie Jones is my WR15. Fast and explosive. Good slot WR who can catch passes in stride. Nice juke and spin move. Crisp route runner who gets open with quickness. Older prospect as a late breakout. Small and beat up against weaker corners. Not very physical. Won’t make contested catches. Role player.


Michael Wilson is my WR16. Big, long, fast. Good route runner for his size. Can box out and make contested catches. Long strider who gets down the field quickly. Good run blocker. Better pro than college player. Not overly productive. Takes a bit to get going off of the line of scrimmage. Gets lost for stretches of time. Not as physical as he should be at his size. Can be a special teamer as well.


Jayden Reed if my WR17. Good athlete with a quick lower body. Nice stutter step. Wrecks DBs with the double move. Good ball tracker. Hands catcher who can extend for tricky receptions. Not overly productive. Will try to dance a bit too much in the route and lose progress. Doesn’t recover when knocked off routes. May be a slot/outside tweener.


Jonathan Mingo is my WR18. Big and fast. Great athlete for his size. Beats the jam easily off the snap. Will work back to his QB when the play breaks down. Long arms allow for a big catch radius. GREAT run blocker. Not a great route runner. Doesn’t change direction well. Upper body lags behind lower body. Not as productive as he should be. Raw.


Trey Palmer is my WR19. Great deep speed. Smooth off the line with great foot speed. Great at tracking the ball in the air. Very productive with some huge games against slow safeties. Had some success on screens and reverses. One trick pony with his speed. Won’t break technique tackles. Needs space to operate. May need a creative offense.


Bryce Ford-Wheaton is my WR20. Height/Weight/Speed prospect. Great leaping ability. Good box out. Explosive off the line. Flashes upside. Doesn’t get much separation or play up to his athleticism. Can get shut down by physical corners. Upside pick who hasn’t quite lived up to it yet.


Parker Washington is my WR21. Good route runner who plays smart. Nice body control to make tough catches. Has a nice second gear in space. Great use of upper body in routes. Has dealt with injuries. Small/thin. Won’t make many tight catches. Lets the ball get into his body.


Tre Tucker is my WR22. Slot receiver with great speed. Nice cutting ability for In and Out routes. Tough to run with him deep. Fluid. Good hands catcher. Changes direction extremely well. Good special teams player. Small and won’t be an outside WR. Doesn’t adjust much to zone coverage. Won’t work much when the play breaks down. Keeps the defense honest, but may not have big NFL production.


Dontayvion Wicks is my WR23. Good possession WR. Nice slant runner who can hold the inside on DBs. Runs through contact after the catch. Works the sideline well. Good at keeping feet in bounds on tough receptions. Can have some focus lapses. Not overly fast or explosive. Lets the ball hit his body too often. 


Xavier Hutchinson is my WR24. Very productive with good size. Good route runner who makes clean cuts. Not much wasted movement. Comes off the line the same for every route. Good hands catcher. Body control is a plus. Separation is hit or miss. Doesn’t work through traffic well. May have a limited ceiling.


Nathaniel “Tank” Dell is my WR25. Extremely productive. Great route running ability to get open easily. Becomes a runner after the catch taking great angles and speed. Plays incredibly smart with a high FBI. Incredibly small statute. Timed speed is a question. Won’t beat a jam. Ceiling is limited.


Ronnie Bell is my WR26. Natural mover who can find the hole in zone coverage. Good hands receiver who can play on the outside. Underutilized at Michigan. Not overly physical. Seems to slow down and give less effort when run game is utilized. Routes are fairly sloppy often leading to a lack of separation.


Elijah Higgins is my WR27. WR/TE hybrid. Good athleticism for his size. Can high point the ball. Fights CBs at the line and usually wins. Hard to tackle after the catch. Excellent red zone threat. Not utilized much at Stanford. Can be sluggish against more athletic DBs. May need a position change. Stiff.


Puka Nacua is my WR28. Jet Sweep master. Great understanding of spacing. Sharp cuts and precise routes are how he wins. Not afraid to arm fight down the field. Great double move. Plays faster than he is. Runs himself into coverage too much. Won’t win with athleticism. Struggles after the catch against better athletes. Role player who can play special teams.


Jalen Cropper is my WR29. Small, but productive. Explosive off the snap with nice cutting ability. Good double move down the field. Tough to catch from behind. Didn’t run many routes. Freelances too much. Body catcher. Limited ceiling.   


Demario Douglas is my WR30. Small slot who was very productive. Good after the catch to take short passes for big yardage. Has a good feel for the red zone despite his size. Tough and not afraid to get physical. Raw route runner who can get lost. Limited route tree. Body catcher. Raw with upside.


Michael Jefferson is my WR31. Tall possession WR with big hands. Good extension hands catcher. Nice route runner with a good route tree. Uses his length to get off the line. Not very fast or athletic. Can play smaller and lose positioning. Gets too grabby down the field. Intriguing prospect.


Jason Brownlee is my WR32. Explosive productive player with solid size. Good underneath route runner who can do damage after the catch. Beat some better competition. Prone to bobbling the ball. Doesn’t get open deep as much as he should. Not very physical, may struggle vs. jam. Could have trouble fitting some offenses.


Jake Bobo is my WR33. Great hands catcher who runs crisp routes. Wastes little movement. Tough to bring down after the catch. High FBI. Not very fast. Struggles to separate against good technique. Won’t do much down the field. Loses positioning on 50/50 balls.


Derius Davis is my WR34. Fast downfield WR. Ideal for deep shots. Shifty when changing directions. Elusive in space. Drops the ball too much. Not refined on shorter routes. Not very physical or strong. Value may be on special teams.


Matt Landers is my WR35. Explosive athlete. Gets down the field fast with long strides. Dangerous after the catch. Tough to tackle. Tracks the ball well on deep passes. Good production this year. Hands are suspect. May be more of a downfield receiver than well-rounded. Struggled at the LOS against top CBs.    


Dontay Demus is my WR36. High FBI player who creates his own space. Good at stopping and starting. Strong hands and can be used in the red zone. Leg injury affected his play and athleticism. Quickness took a hit this season. May be more of a reserve.


Jadon Haselwood is my WR37. Big,physical WR who has good hands. Excellent red zone threat. Improved his route running at Arkansas. Still has a ways to go. Not very fast or explosive. Doesn’t get much separation. Developmental reserve.


Grant Dubose is my WR38. Long, physical WR with production. Good high pointer. Stacks his routes well. Solid hands. Can get jammed up at the line. Won’t do much after the catch. Works too much against DB than gets open.


Malik Knowles is my WR39. Good size hands. Smart route runner. Tough, physical player. Gets good positioning. Won’t outrun DBs. Volume receiver. Footwork can be slow in and out of breaks.


Jacob Copeland is my WR40. Explosive athlete who flashed slot ability. Gets down the field quickly. Has bulk to make contested catches. No real route nuance. Struggles with spacing. Will run himself into coverage. Developmental upside.


Garrett Maag is my WR41. Explosive athlete with big upside. Big, tall, long and fast. Tough to bring down after the catch. Can be a good screen weapon.  Doesn’t play up to his abilities. Drops easy passes. Upside developmental prospect.


Keilahn Harris is my WR42. Good route runner with good feet. Nice slot receiver who turns into a runner back after the catch. Makes defenders miss in the open field. Productive. Won’t make big plays. Disappears in the red zone. Route tree was limited.


Kearis Jackson is my WR43. Gets off the line cleanly. Good deep route runner despite lack of ideal speed. Solid contested catcher when he has position. Not overly productive. Rarely gets wide open. Took backseat to other weapons.


Jalen Wayne is my WR44. Big body and length. Good hands. Nice positioning in tight coverage. Runs a nice slant, curl and comeback route. Not quite fast enough to take on starting NFL corners. Can get lost in the red zone. Can body catch too much.


Justin Shorter is my WR45. Big with crazy body control. Physical off the line and can beat a jam. Doesn’t get open too often. Never played up to talent. Easily covered by smaller/less talented CBs.             


CJ Johnson is my WR46. Productive early career. Flashed possession WR ability this season. Runs a nice slant route. Sluggish off the snap. Not a separator. Has some off the field concerns.   


Malik Heath is my WR47. Possession WR with good hands. Gets in and out of his breaks well. Flashes potential to beat top corners. Not very explosive. Needs to be given some space to get open. Low ceiling.


Antoine Green is my WR48. Flashes nice ball tracking. Good seam route runner. Footwork good on comebacks. Got caught along the boundary too much. Body control is just average. Can get the ball jarred loose on contact.


Joseph Ngata is my WR49. Big WR who can get down the field. Good at tracking the football. Tough player off the line. Not overly fast or explosive. Won’t get away with deep routes in the NFL. Plays smaller when trying to go up for the ball.


Jaray Jenkins is my WR50. Hands catcher. Good after the catch at putting up extra yards on contact. Plays smart against zone coverage. Slow off the line. Wastes a ton of movement on routes. May struggle with separation.


Mitchell Tinsley is my WR51. Productive WR who explodes off the line. Good slant and drag player. Works back to his QB when the play breaks down. Good hands and understands positioning. Struggled in more pro style offense this year. More quick than fast. Doesn’t have the body type to fight when covered.


Daniel Arias is my WR52. Big, long fast athlete. Flashes his length and leaping ability. Upside down the field. Not much production. Doesn’t do much clean route running. Project.


Josh Vann is my WR53. Good possession WR who moves well. Can play outside or slot. Good feel for the position and getting open. Reliable target. Not very quick. Can get jammed at the line. Won’t add much after the catch. Low ceiling.


Jalen Brooks is my WR54. Big and long. Leans into his routes well for his size. Can get down the field with a nice stride. Timed speed is a question. Plays finesse for his size. Will alligator arm passes at times.


Xavier Gipson is my WR55. Nice slot WR who is very quick. Hard to cover off the snap. Sells his fakes really well. Good hands and has a nice second gear. Small and may face more physicality in the NFL. Not a burner. 


David Durden is my WR56. Big, fast, athletic WR. Gets down the field in a hurry. Can leap for catches. Upside play. Has had some injuries. Not as productive as he should have been. Intriguing upside, but raw talent.


TJ Luther is my WR57. Tall with decent length for his size. Nice footwork in routes. Can run past defenders at his level. Good athlete and quick off the snap. May be slot only WR. Body catches at times and had some stretches where he disappeared. Routes were pretty rounded off. Developmental.


Ryan Miller is my WR58. Good size and hands. Tough runner after the catch to bring down. Gets physical with good positioning. Not as quick or fast as you want. Can slow down too early on timing routes. Wastes some steps when cutting.


Nikko Remigio is my WR59. Small, but athletic. Can be electric in space. Good shake and bake moves. Struggles against press coverage. Doesn’t use his hands effectively in his routes. Can try to shake off defenders too much and not get open.


Dallas Daniels is my WR60. Tall and physical. Good leaping receiver. Will bump DBs off the line. Tough to tackle. Not a precise route runner. Doesn’t try to fake out DBs with his routes. Limited upside.


Jared Wayne is my WR61. Big, long, physical WR. Most reliable target at Pitt. Good hands. Makes tough catches on the sideline. Underrated. Great blocker. Won’t run away from anyone. Rarely gets open on his own accord.


Kody Case is my WR62. Highly athletic WR. Used as a deep threat. Gets downfield in a hurry. Can run himself open, but passes were often of the mark. Doesn’t adjust to poorly thrown balls well. Won’t make amazing catches. Upside but raw.


Braydon Johnson is my WR63. Good size and movement ability off the line. Long arms that can extend for the catch. Reliable target. Feet are slow, can look like he is moving through quicksand. Used as a deep threat at times, but wasn’t his strength. Older prospect.


Shaquan Davis is my WR64. Huge size and wingspan. Good body control. Excellent red zone player. Great at 50/50 jump balls. Didn’t run many routes. Used physicality over technique. Work in progress.


Trea Shropshire is my WR65. Good production. Sharp hands with good foot technique. Limited route tree, but ran routes well. Small frame makes him easy to move around. Won’t add too much after the catch. 


Keytaon Thompson is my WR66. Used in a variety of ways as an offensive weapon. Good length and size. Physical and will run you over after the catch. Doesn’t quite hit NFL athleticism. Gets shut down by quickness and power.


Taylor Grimes is my WR67. Good slot WR who gets off the line fast. Great first step. Great against zone coverage. More quick than fast. Made his mark on a few key routes. Could find an NFL role.


Ty Scott is my WR68. Good size and length. Gets a good push off often after the snap. Good body control and ball tracking. Inconsistent player who disappears for stretches. Footwork can be sloppy. Lax on routes.


Isaiah Bolden is my WR69. Big bodied WR who can bullies CBs. Boxes out nicely. Has good feet for his size. Not used as much as he could have been. Drops were an issue. Body control wasn’t there for pass adjustments.


Tyler Hudson is my WR70. Good hands and footwork. Sharp route runner. Can win 1-on-1 battles. Small frame. Rarely got open this past season. Has some untapped upside.


Jadakis Bonds is my WR71. Tall and lanky. Excels in man-to-man coverage. Nice catch radius. Shows some wiggle after the catch. Not much of a route runner. Gets stuck in zone coverage in the wrong spots. Doesn’t look for the ball on deeper throws.


Bailey Edwards is my WR72. Solid size and athleticism. Fairly dominant at his level of competition. Still covered a bit too much to project well to the NFL. Raw developmental prospect.


Malachi Carter is my WR73. Good length to beat the jam off the line. Flashes separation, but defender can often make it back up. Body catcher who doesn’t make many clean receptions. Not the best athlete on the field.


Brycen Tremayne is my WR74. Third fiddle on the offense. Big and long. Good extension for catches. Contested catcher only. Didn’t do much separating.


Jesse Matthews is my WR75. Productive player who is shifty in is routes. Good footwork and can get open. Doesn’t understand spacing all that well. Not as effective after the catch. Could latch onto a team.


Keylon Stokes is my WR76. Very productive. Good hands catcher who has good technique. Slow and has a small frame. Won’t add much after the catch. Better college than pro player.


Chris Coleman is my WR77. Quick off the snap. Clean cutting on his routes. Flashes some athleticism. Can look before securing the ball. Runs hot and cold at times.


Sam James is my WR78. Good athlete who flashes down field ability. Good at ball tracking. Can hand fight in routes. Body catcher. Struggles to separate from good corners. Doesn’t adjust well to poor passes.


Elijah Cooks is my WR79. Good production. Gets good inside leverage. Tough to bring down after the catch. Slow off the snap. Not as physical as he needs to be. Goes down too easily.


Daewood Davis is my WR80. Productive with good footwork on short routes. Sticks hard and has solid hands. Transition after the catch is lacking. Won’t break many tackles. Gets lost on deeper routes. 


Johnny King is my WR81. Size advantage at his level. Leapt above DBs. Good red zone threat. Can run defenders over after the catch. Very high cut. Plays stiff often. Unlikely to keep his advantage at the next level.


Mac Hippenhammer is my WR82. Good hands and feet. High FBI to find ways to exploit the defense. Flashes production. Small and slow. Leans into routes too much. Raw catch technique.


Xavier Smith is my WR83. Great footwork in and out of routes. Fluid mover. Breaks well. Small stature. Won’t work through traffic. May be more special teams than offensive player.


Thayer Thomas is my WR84. Solid hands. Cuts well when changing direction. Won’t get much separation. Loses positioning to defenders easily.


Shocky Jacques-Louis is my WR85. Has shown a decent route tree. Good head fake on cuts. Can get himself open when defenders peek into the backfield. Not a super athlete for his size. Won’t get physical after the snap. Limited ceiling.


Danny Kittner is my WR86. Short, but plays bigger. Good hands catcher. Can make defenders miss after the catch. Small frame. Takes on too much contact. Won’t overpower anyone, even at his level of competition.


Jayshon Jackson is my WR87. Productive flashing good athleticism in short spaces. Quick with solid hands. Not quite fast enough for the NFL. Won’t create his own space. Limited after the catch.


Jordan Murray is my WR88. Big WR with good length. Can push defenders around a bit. Plays smaller than he is. Won’t add much after the catch.


Tre’Shaun Harrison is my WR89. Good at tracking the ball. Reliable short range target on short passes. Ran most routes very shallow. Doesn’t add much after the catch. Thin frame allows him to go down too easy.


Ed Lee is my WR90. Small and quick. Runs lots of routes fairly crisply. Finds his spacing down the field. Good ball tracker. Not very fast. Struggles against bigger DBs. Embraces contact too much.


Marcell Barbee is my WR91. Physical WR who will fight for balls. Good sideline catches. Complicates catches too much. Has some drops. Not overly quick/fast.


Braxton Westfield is my WR92. Big, athletic WR. Raw prospect who had some big games but disappeared vs. his level of competition for others. Developmental.     


Deshun Kitchings is my WR93. Quick route runner. Has a nice second gear to get away from defenders. Struggles with contact even at his level. 


Carion Chafin is my WR94. Good size and length, but doesn’t always know how to use it. Good hands, could develop into a contributor. 


Mataio Talalemotu is my WR95. Tough player who knows the position well. Won’t give up ground. Could have been more productive, may not be a big time athlete.


Amare Jones is my WR96. Productive hands catcher. Not strong at the POA, and disappears against good technique.   


Terell Bynum is my WR97. Flashes some upside athleticism. Not as productive as he could have been. Lacked separation. 


Te’Vailance Hunt is my WR98. Showed production at times. Long and physical WR. Not consistent and was fairly limited.


Shedrick Jackson is my WR99. Athletic with good size and speed. Never played up to his athleticism. Body catcher who struggles with fundamentals.


Jaylen Hall is my WR100. Productive. Tall and thin. Good hands with some route running wins. Not overly athletic. Will struggle to match up in the league.


Dylan Classi is my WR101. Solid route runner. Good hands. Ball tracking is top notch. Can get shut down by more physical corners. Inconsistent production.


DJ Matthews is my WR102. Small and electric in space. Can make players miss. Struggles to get open enough to utilize his talents. Not a hands catcher. Raw route runner.


Deuce Watts is my WR103. Tough, physical off the line of scrimmage. Not fast or athletic. 


Ontario Wilson is my WR104. Shifty runner in space. Can run good inside routes. Not the best hands. Poor ball tracking.


Kade Werner is my WR105. Good size and length. Reliable target. Won’t get much separation. Lots of wasted movement.


KeSean Carter is my WR106. Small deep threat. Decent speed, but takes time to get off the line. Won’t exploit a cushion. One trick pony.


Tyjon Lindsey is my WR107. Small receiver who doesn’t flash NFL upside. Decent hands and feet.


Sy Barnett is my WR108. Extremely athletic WR who gets downfield quick. Strong and quick. Big upside, but doesn’t understand much nuance to the position. Not overly fluid. Developmental.


Brian Cobbs is my WR109. Good size and length. Gets off the line cleanly. Won’t beat anyone downfield.


Emmanuel Daige is my WR110. Tough physical WR who runs through defenders. May not be athletic enough for the NFL.


Justin Marshall is my WR111. Big bodied and can beat a jam. Takes awhile to get off the line. Can play finesse on 50/50 balls.


Braxton Bumeister is my WR112. QB to WR convert. Good athlete who could develop into a weapon.


Tarique Milton is my WR113. Not overly utilized at Texas and dealt with injuries. Was a good athlete who may have lost a step after injuries.


Cole Tucker is my WR114. Productive WR who is more quick than fast. Special teams player. 


Cayden Jordan is my WR115. Fluid mover with some the ability to shift routes easily. Has some developmental ability.


Aron Cruickshank is my WR116. Small and quick. Special teams player with some upside as a gadget player.


Jadan Blue is my WR117. Good footwork. Runs himself into coverage too often. Won’t extend for passes.                            


JuanCarlos Santana is my WR118. Productive WR. Climbs his routes well. Won’t do much after the catch. Doesn’t break many tackles.


Yo’Heinz Tyler is my WR119. Big WR who flashes good body control. Runs slow and sluggish. Fell off this past season.


Adonicas Sanders is my WR120. Solid route runner. Not much wasted movement. Will make mental mistakes. Rarely gets open.


Avante Cox is my WR121. Good production for size. Gets in and out of breaks quickly. Athleticism may not jive for the NFL. Could find a special teams role.


Boogie Knight is my WR122. Complimentary WR who can take screen passes. Role player.


Austin Williams is my WR123. Big, long receiver who lacks explosion. Almost always covered.


Jalen Walker is my WR124. Very small, but athletic WR. Good mover, but likely won’t hold up in the NFL beyond special teams.


Quian Williams is my WR125. Decent size and hands. Not utilized much, unlikely to have a strong NFL future.


Isaiah Winstead is my WR126. Decent production. Good receiver for long length. Not very dynamic, could find his way into a camp.


BJ Casteel is my WR127. Smart player who understands coverages and manipulating defenders. Flashes a bit, but inconsistent.


Payton Rose is my WR128. Small school receiver who isn’t overly productive. Doesn’t dominate competition.


Shae Wyatt is my WR129. Reserve receiver who is good at pick type routes. Role player only.


Colton Dowell is my WR130. Flashed a bit of production here and there, but likely doesn’t have NFL skillset.


Zachary Leslie is my WR131. Big with NFL size, but not much of the precision of the position.


Dante Hendrix is my WR132. Solid size and length, but doesn’t utilize it to NFL levels.


Victor Talley is my WR133. Big size and physicality. Some camp upside.


Brendan Beaulieu is my WR134. Flashes dominance at level of competition, but not athletic to view as an NFL asset.


MJ Link is my WR135. Good hands catcher and can outrun WRs at his level, but not enough for the NFL.


Hassan Beydoun is my WR136. Small, special teams type player who may only have that role at the next level.   


Bradley Rozner is my WR137. Older prospect with good size and length, but never quite broke out consistently.


Solomon Enis is my WR138. Solid college career, but doesn’t flash outside ability for the NFL.


Sean Ryan is my WR139. Big receiver who rarely beat Big Ten corners.


Dylan Clapsaddle is my WR140. Some good footwork, but not the athleticism for the NFL.


Jeremy Murphy is my WR141. Decent size and length, but not quite the athleticism for the NFL.


Shameen Jones is my WR142. Role player who didn’t get much separation.


Eric Gallman is my WR143. Showed some production when open, but struggled to get there in man.


Dennis Barnes is my WR144. Small frame who may be special teams only.


Jeremy Singleton is my WR145. Not quite productive or dynamic enough to warrant much consideration.  


Jerome Kapp is my WR146. Good player for his level, but not NFL caliber.       


Tyrell Shavers is my WR147. Had a disappointing college career and never lived up to size and range expectations.


Elijah Harper is my WR148. Big, long player who didn’t dominate enough at his level of competition.


Corey Reed is my WR149. Solid producer at his level, but not NFL ready.


Dwayne Lawson is my WR150. Massive size is appealing, Developmental.


Caylin Newton is my WR151. Good bulk, but not overly physical.


Joshua Okechukwu is my WR152. Good build and length. Intriguing prospect, but may not be athletic enough.


Christian Drayton is my WR153. Small player who didn’t show enough at his level.


Carlos Carriere is my WR154. Good size but wasn’t utilized much.


Ronnie Blackmon is my WR155. Nice footwork and quickness, but didn’t make enough impact to warrant consideration.


David Cormier is my WR156. Good size, but not the athlete to make it.


Clark Barnes is my WR157. Doesn’t measure up to NFL athleticism.


Cody Chrest is my WR158. Highly athletic WR who glides off the line. Good downfield WR with big upside for the NFL. Good be a developmental cap player.


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Tight End Scouting Reports

Michael Mayer is my TE1. Great hands catcher who is tough to tackle one on one. Solid blocker who has the lower leg drive to be a lead blocker for the run game. Catch radius is a plus. Three years of production. Not overly athletic or quick, but finds the hole int he seam to make plays downfield. Reliable, but lacks the pure upside of an elite pass catcher or blocker. 


Dalton Kincaid is my TE2. Reliable hands receiver. Eats up zone coverage settling into holes. Good after the catch ability with enough quickness and footwork to avoid tacklers. Gets down in breaks and can beat LBs on routes. Willing blocker who needs some technique improvements. Not physical enough against strong defenders. Has dealt with multiple injuries. Needs more fight on contested catches and high pointing footballs.


Tucker Kraft is my TE3. Hands catcher with great concentration and adjustment. Tough after the catch, will run over defenders. Athletic with the ability to high point balls when contested. Great blocker with the footwork for pass blocking and strength for run blocking. Lower level of competition. Can drop passes at times. Doesn’t always play up to timed speed and quickness. Can struggle with spacing against zone coverage.


Darnell Washington is my TE4. Unreal size and athleticism. Monster blocker who punishes defenders. Good hands with long catch radius. Defenders struggle to cover him in man. Lacks ideal receiving production. Can get caught off balance after the catch. Won’t turn in huge plays. Tons of upside that hasn’t been seen yet.


Luke Musgrave is my TE5. Insane athlete who is an ideal red zone threat. Flashed elite abilities to get open. Good route runner who sinks his hips in and out of breaks. Missed most of the season with an injury. Not much of a blocker. More of a slot receiving threat than typical in-line TE. Can drop passes at times. Hasn’t shown consistent production.


Sam LaPorta is my TE6. Top athlete who was the top playmaker for Iowa. Long arms with the ability to make tough catches. Turns into a RB after the catch and is tough to bring down. Ideal red zone threat. Willing blocker, but struggles with his leverage and technique. Offense did not allow for a lot of production. Struggles against safeties who match his athleticism. Raw prospect with upside.


Luke Schoonmaker is my TE7. Great in line run blocker. Strong lower body and drive. Good hands with decent range. Can make smaller defenders miss with agility. Will stop pass rushers, but not maintain blocks. Better athlete than he showed on the field. Won’t add a ton after the catch. Can get caught out of position when completing routes. Solid in-line upside.


Hunter Luepke is my TE8. Fullback who has played RB and H-Back. Good runner of the football who stays low and can pick up short yardage. Solid receiver out of the backfield who maintains speed through the catch. Okay blocker who gets good leverage. Not overly fast or athletic as a RB or TE. Will be a limited fit for teams.


Zack Kuntz is my TE9. Insane athlete. Great high pointer and red zone threat. Tough to cover one on one down the seam. Does damage after the catch. Way too upright when trying to block. Lets the ball get to his body way too much. Concentration lapses. Never had the production to match his athleticism. Raw with upside. 


Will Mallory is my TE10. Great athlete who excels after the catch. Really great use of upper and lower body to avoid contact. Solid route runner who has flashed numerous routes. Dealt with injuries throughout his career. Needs to improve his blocking. Can catch with his body often. Upside receiving weapon whose talent hasn’t been tapped yet.


Brenton Strange is my TE11. Explosive off the line when running routes. Does well with leaking off the line after blocking. Good hands and reach. Solid blocker who plays low. Gets good leverage when run blocking. Solid red zone target. Has lapses in concentration turning back to the ball. Can run himself out of being a passing option. Won’t do much after the catch. Doesn’t play up to athletic testing. Big upside.


Payne Durham is my TE12. Really good blocker. Strong lower body drive in run game and good feet in pass game. Soft hands and finds holes in the zone. Reliable receiver for quick passes. Good red zone target. Body control underrated. Won’t do much after the catch. Not athletic enough to do damage down the field. Struggles to separate one on one. Can be a reliable TE2 on a team.


Cameron Latu is my TE13. Good mover who can high point the ball. Gets open with solid footwork. Reliable target in need of a first down. Struggles to peel off of zone coverage. Dealt with injuries. Blocks high and can get pushed around. Never reached his potential. High upside, low downside player.   


Davis Allen is my TE14. Solid blocker who excels in protecting the passer. Has suitable upper body strength and was used as a lead blocker. Soft hands and can be a little tough to bring down after the catch. Good nose for the end zone. Can be a red zone target. Lacks ideal explosion, takes a bit to get up to speed. Routes aren’t very sharp. Runs himself into coverage at times.


Josh Whyle is my TE15. H-Back who is a punishing blocker in space. Athletic and is a reliable target. Tough to cover one on one. Will run through you. Catch radius is limited. Can let the ball come into his body too much. Dealt with injuries throughout his career.


Noah Gindorff is my TE16. Tough 2-way TE. Good blocker who gives good effort. Can recover when beat pass blocking. Nice hand-eye coordination. Good catch radius. Reliable red zone threat. Dealt with an injury most of the year. Catches with his body too much. Can be slow off the line. Might profile better as a blocking TE2.


Kyle Patterson is my TE17. Great high pointer on the fade route. Big reliable hands. Effort blocker who flashes dominance. Good frame and weight. Raw in technique. Wastes steps and takes too long to hit his spot. Has a good NFL toolset, but hasn’t put it together yet.


Leonard Taylor is my TE18. Good size and muscular build. In-line TE who shows he can hold up against a pass rush. Good hand-eye coordination. Will use his arms to bring in errant passes. Not very agile or explosive. Rarely gets clean separation. Can overpursue when blocking. More of a reserve blocking TE who can be a red zone threat.                 


Blake Whiteheart is my TE19. Athletic TE who works well underneath. Can evade defenders after the catch. Maintains his speed through the catch. Good adjustment to passes that are off. Works midrange well. Small frame, below average blocker. Gets lost in the red zone. Can get pushed around by bigger LBs. Won’t fight for balls. Production lacking.


Brayden Willis is my TE20. FB who played an H-Back role. Tough lead blocker with a head of steam. Kicks out to the edge well to set it. Holds up against pass rushers fairly well. Can run the wheel route. Soft hands for checkdowns. Not very fast or athletic. May not keep up with speed backs. Struggles with stunts often.


Travis Vokolek is my TE21. Massive body often used as an extra blocker. Good length and lower body drive. Good red zone threat who utilizes the back boundry well. Plays smart, works back to the QB. A bit plodding in his routes. Body catches too much. Won’t add much after the catch. May be more blocking than receiving TE.


Dakota Allen is my TE22. Good receiver who shows good route running and cutting. Solid hands catcher who doesn’t lose much speed at the point of reception. Explosive off the line of scrimmage and can get open against man coverage. Smallish frame for a TE. Can get stronger as a blocker. Doesn’t add much deep speed down the seam. After the catch ability is inconsistent. Good upside prospect.


Julian Hill is my TE23. Good size and length. High points the football. Ideal red zone target. Dominated his level of competition. Not a super athlete. Blocks too high and can lose leverage. Raw in reading zone coverage. Developmental.


Thomas Greany is my TE24. Tall and long. Good pass blocker with solid feet. Bodies smaller LBs and DBs. Willing to run through contact after the catch. Run blocking is inconsistent. Catches with his body too much, can lead to drops. Raw with upside.


Daniel Barker is my TE25. Smooth mover in and out of his breaks. Good hands catcher. Makes defenders miss after the catch. Can get pushed around by pass rushers. Struggles with balance. Doesn’t get open in the end zone. Limited ceiling.


Princeton Fant is my TE26. Used as a unique weapon. Rushed 6 times for 5 TDs. Has thrown a TD too. Great contact balance through traffic after the catch. Flashes athleticism. Small frame. Doesn’t show good positioning. Struggles when covered man to man. 


Joel Wilson is my TE27. Productive H-Back. Good hands and reliable adjusting to passes off the mark. Understands defenses and how to exploit coverage. Good 3rd down conversions. Not very explosive. Won’t add much after the catch. Blocking is hit or miss. Low ceiling.  


Mike Ezeike is my TE28. Tall, long red zone threat. Good leaping ability. Can box out defenders for passes. Decent pass blocker. Not overly explosive. Often not in position until well after the play has developed. Flashed some upside.


Brady Russell is my TE29. Showed good leverage blocking in the run game. Good feet and balance. Can bail out the QB on checkdowns and leaks. Utilized in a small role. Small frame. Won’t outrun anyone and rarely is open on actual routes.


Kemari Averett is my TE30. Big, tall target. Dominated blocking at his level of competition. Can run over and through smaller defenders. Utilizes his size well. Not a great athlete. Will be a big jump to the NFL. May not be a receiving threat in the pros.


Kemore Gamble is my TE31. Slot TE who has shown past production. Good route runner with soft hands. Can be tough to cover. Dealt with injuries this season. Fell off production wise. Doesn’t block much. May have lost a step.


Ryan Jones is my TE32. H-Back who can play FB. Good leverage blocker. Can stonewall pass rushers. Productive pass catcher. Goes down fairly easily at contact. Can get knocked off balance as a lead blocker. Limited ceiling.


Luke Ford is my TE33. Big run blocking TE. Sealed the edge a ton for big runs. Drives with his lower body. Won’t add much receiving upside. Runs in quick sand. Mediocre ball tracking.


EJ Jenkins is my TE34. Tall red zone target who flashed upside. Good fade receiver. High cut leads to stiff routes. Defenders can get their hands under his pads.    


Lachlan Pitts is my TE35. Good build. Solid catch radius. Flashes nice explosion off the line with athletic upside. Could be a solid red zone target. Raw in routes and blocking. Not overly dominant for his level of competition.  


John Stephens is my TE36. Extremely athletic pass catcher. Plays mainly in the slot. Showed the ability to get open in the end zone. Very raw route runner who struggles with spacing. Not much of a blocker. Upside is there.


John Samuel Shenker is my TE37. Good in line blocking TE who can play H-Back. Good flat receiver who can pick up extra yardage. Not the best athlete and won’t do much down the field. Reserve TE.


Tyrick James is my TE38. Productive move TE. Smooth in and out of his breaks. Gets open well and can add a bit after the catch. Won’t add much blocking. Explosion off the line is suspect. Low ceiling.


Jahleel Billingsley is my TE39. Receiver at the TE position. Good natural hands and receiver. Isn’t the athlete he should be at his size. Off the field and effort concerns. 


Johnny Lumpkin is my TE40. Offensive Tackle playing TE. Great pass blocker and run blocker. Punishing run blocker. Decent athlete for his size. Won’t be a receiver. Body catches too much. Could stick around the league as a blocker.


Griffin Hebert is my TE41. Athletic move TE who plays in the slot. Great leaping ability and ball skills. Adds some wiggle after the catch. Flashes production, but has dealt with injuries. Big upside.


Camren McDonald is my TE42. H-Back who is a solid run blocker. Good at creating holes with his feet and balance. Soft hands, but won’t do much after the catch. Not a great athlete, wont’ be much of a weapon.


Jacob Garrett is my TE43. Balanced TE who can pass block and go out for passes. Athletic enough to beat LBs. Good hands. Short and struggles against taller coverage players. Not overly dominant when run blocking.


Jamal Turner is my TE44. Big, long red zone threat. Good at boxing out to make the catch. Thin frame and can get pushed around blocking and in routes. Not great at anything.


Christian Trahan is my TE45. H-Back. Reliable receiver. Gets up to steam quickly. Can evade defenders after the catch. Struggles with his balance when blocking. Won’t run himself open.


Ben Bresnahan is my TE46. Good blocker with a nice leg drive. Nice hand usage. Red zone target. Not dynamic enough to make a big offensive impact. Reserve at best.


Tyler Hunt is my TE47. Blocking TE who is inconsistent. Better run blocking than pass blocking. Can occasionally snag a key 3rd down.


Logan Kendall is my TE48. Big bodied blocker. Flashes drive in the run game. Not athletic enough to be a consistent receiver or pass blocker.


Jack Colletto is my TE49. Fullback who has played LB as well. Good power and leverage. On the smaller end of the FB spectrum. Explosive off the snap and can do some short receptions.


Josh Falo is my TE50. Blocking reserve TE. Not quite athletic or strong enough to make a big impact. Rarely played.


Hunter Swoboda is my TE51. Solid downfield receiver who runs a good seam route. Solid routes and good hands. Raw as a blocker and won’t do much after the catch. Has some upside.


Wyatt Rector is my TE52. Small H-Back type who struggles to get out in space. Good hands, but not an ideal blocker for his size.


Tyce Daniel is my TE53. Good bulk. Strong at the POA. On the shorter side, gets good leverage. Not the best receiver and may struggle to match up to NFL athletes.


Jay Vallie is my TE54. Older prospect who shows good footwork and technique. Solid hand placement. Not a big time athlete. Could find his way into a camp.


Jerome Jackson is my TE55. Decent receiver who adjusts well to off target passes. Shows some after the catch ability. Not a pure blocker. Moved around the formation. Not very explosive.


Caleb Warren is my TE56. Good hands catcher. Blocks with leverage. Showed some dominance at times, but also has stretches where he disappears. Won’t beat coverage. Finesse.


Trent Thompson is my TE57. Good size and leverage. Short, small arms. Gets moved around too easily. Not much of a receiver.


Chris Elmore is my TE58. Fullback who has dealt with injuries. Flashes good blocking ability playing in-line. Could even transition to Guard. Heavy waisted, doesn’t bend well. Won’t run lead blocking.


Drake De Iuliis is my TE59. Nice explosion off the line. Flashes potential. Thin. Struggled with ACC defenders. Not physical enough.


James Tupou is my TE60. Fullback who is short. Doesn’t gt the leverage to block consistently. Can rush for short yardage at times. Good receiver out of the backfield. Could stick.


Henry Pearson is my TE61. Blocker first. Showed some pass catching promise, but not great at anything specifically.


Tanner Taula is my TE62. Big, long arms. Punishes weaker defenders. Not much of a receiver. Plays high which may hurt in the NFL.


Tyler Roberts is my TE63. Small mover. Good agility, but not overly fast. Body catcher. Won’t block much.


Joel Honigford is my TE64. Blocking TE without much playing time. Converted from an OT to TE and is a super blocking TE. Dealt with injuries, but could end up drafted late due to his blocking ability.

Case Hatch is my TE65. H-Back/FB. Can struggle with leverage while blocking. Decent athlete.    


Jeremiah Nelson is my TE66. Bulky but short. Runs in quick sand when engaged. Won’t catch much.                       


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