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Below is a quick scouting report blurb about each Offensive Tackle, Offensive Guard, Center, EDGE rusher, Defensive End, and Defensive Tackle  I have scouted for the 2023 NFL Draft. The order/rankings may change before draft day, but it will be updated. Come back here when your team drafts or signs a OT, iOL, EDGE, DE, DL or DT who you don’t know! With these just being a mini scouting report for each prospect, contact me for more in depth information. Feel free to send me feedback @ShanePHallam


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Offensive Tackle Scouting Report

Broderick Jones is my OT1. Excellent pass blocker with great balance through contact. Clean choppy feet. Did not allow a sack this year. Flashes upper body strength in run blocking to drive defenders backward. Used as a lead blocker at times. Technique is a bit raw. Hand placement is inconsistent. Can pop off the snap too tall and lose leverage. Potential to be an elite LT.


Paris Johnson Jr. is my OT2. Long arms and big bodied. Great explosion off the snap, gets into position. Defenders can’t run through him. Seal run blocker who won’t give up ground. Quick adjustments to pass rushers makes them work hard to get past him. Great kickslide for his size. Guard experience. Can struggle with the inside move. Gets grabby at times and can lead to penalties. Tries to guess too much. Won’t over power strong defenders.


Darnell Wright is my OT3. Punishing run blocker at RT. Blows defenders off the LOS. Brings power and size. Feet are surprisingly nimble for his size. Really shifty when moving to his right. Will pancake defenders on pass rush. Technique is all over the place. Doesn’t know how to use his hands correctly. Really struggled when he played LT. Can get beat by more athletic pass rushers. Starting RT with upside.


Dawand Jones is my OT4. Massive size and wingspan. Pounds down on defenders and knocks them out of the play. Seals the edge well no matter the angle. Good hand placement and bend for his size. Great anchor. Massive upside.  False starts a lot. Won’t get leverage with his size. Quick defenders with good moves can cause holds from him. Feet can get lazy.     


Matthew Bergeron is my OT5. Good length and technique. Bends low in his stance and utilizes good hand and foot technique to win. Rarely whiffs when blocking and will slow down defenders. Smart leverage run blocker. Won’t overwhelm with power. Can struggle to drive defenders off of the LOS allowing for gap penetration. Doesn’t hold blocks for a long time. Could kick inside. Solid player and potential starter.


Anton Harrison is my OT6. Natural LT. Great athlete who glides into his kickslide. Mirrors defenders well. Only allowed one sack throughout his career. Bends low and explodes off the snap to maintain positioning. Good hand placement. Won’t overwhelm as a run blocker. Not very strong at the POA. Can overpursue pass rushers at times. Franchise LT upside.


Wanya Morris is my OT7. Athletic zone RT. Clean footwork with wasted movement. Good hand placement. Movement and mirror skills worked within the offense. Rarely gets beat around the edge. Thin and can get pushed around by stronger defenders.  Reaction times can lag behind defender. Can punch too late at times. Underrated, but may not fit every scheme.    


Jaelyn Duncan is my OT8. Athletic mover. Flashes dominant upside against weaker defenders, not letting the pocket collapse at all. Good at presnap adjustments. Rarely misses an assignment. Plays with good bend and leverage. Can be bull rushed. Struggled vs. talented pass rushers (OSU/PSU). Won’t get much drive in the run game. LT upside is there.



Blake Freeland is my OT9. Extremely athletic mover. Good foot work and kick slide. Can match up with any athlete. Explosive pop in the run game. Can surprise defenders with tenacity. Not strong at all. Weak technique with poor use of his hands. Doesn’t get leverage and gets driven backward. Project with upside. 

Tyler Steen is my OT10. Technique blocker who does the little things well. Great hand placement, bend and balance. Uses leverage blocking to stonewall defenders. Great motor. Can seal the edge well and not let defenders around him. Not the best athlete. Footwork can be sluggish. Won’t overwhelm with power. Rock solid blocker who can start.


Asim Richards is my OT11. Can play Guard as well. Tough and strong at the POA. Good run blocker with upper body strength. Explosive puller who can be a lead blocker. Solid footwork when pass blocking. Can reach too far and whiff at times. Heavy waisted can limit his bend. Some technique issues to clean up.


Earl Bostick Jr. is my OT12. Tall athlete who pounds down on opposition. Can play inside or outside. Good length and use of arms to keep defenders off of him. Good footwork makes gives him intriguing upside. Can be a bit sluggish off the snap. Will guess and miss on his mirror. A bit raw.     


Warren McClendon is my OT13. Good bender who mirrors well. Natural bender who can slide with pass rushers. Stout as a run defender. Moves well in space. Can make mental mistakes. Won’t overwhelm with strength. Lacks upside. Motor can run cold. May be RT only. 


Ryan Hayes is my OT14. Bruising run blocker who can drive defenders backwards. Bends into contact and explodes with a pop. Recovers quickly. Can twist a hole open. Hand placement is sloppy and balance can be variable. Often needs support against better defenders. May be a good fit inside as well. 


Carter Warren is my OT15. Experienced blocker who rarely makes a mistake. Quick twitch and can react to inside moves. Seals the edge well for outside zone runs. Won’t pancake anyone. Hand usage and technique can be iffy. His bend is inconsistent.


Connor Galvin is my OT16. Tall, lean mover. Experienced and doesn’t make many mental mistakes. Good hand placement and usage. Rarely beat cleanly. Plays high. Doesn’t have much of an anchor. Can be put on skates at times.


Jaxson Kirkland is my OT17. Big, tall, long. Power blocker who can pancake in the run game. Experienced in pass protection and learns oppositions weaknesses. Footwork is clunky. Gets knocked off balance too easily. Has some upside, but never quite played up to it. May move inside.           


Dalton Wagner is my OT18. Massive size and length. Great anchor and tough to push backwards. Punishes upright defenders. Good footwork for his size. Punches down. Can struggle to get his hands on athletic defenders. A bit slow off the snap.


Jordan McFadden is my OT19. Good bend and technique blocker. Uses inside hand leverage to win in the run game. Decent athlete. Anchor is lacking. Can get driven backward if hands are slow off the snap. Might fit better inside.


John Ojukwu is my OT20. Good athlete with length. Makes pass rushers work to get around him. Solid balance and recovers quickly. Inconsistent in his technique. Grabs the jersey too quickly. Will armbar defenders. Plays a bit too upright.


Malaesala Aumavae-Laulu is my OT21. Strong off the snap with a nice anchor. Good footwork and forces pass rush moves. Won’t get beat with a clean bend. Good length and upside. Doesn’t sustain blocks very long. Upper body strength is lacking. Will overpursue on the mirror. Starter upside.


BJ Wilson is my OT22. Great size and overpowers his competition. Flashes athletic upside with quick feet off the snap. Doesn’t bend well. Plays high. Needs work to jump up to NFL level. Raw with upside.      


Kadeem Telfort is my OT23. Massive run blocker. Power base and a good bend for his size. Hard to drive back. Flashes upside. Won’t get under the pads much. Doesn’t get the push he needs to. Footwork is below average leading to pressures. Might have to kick inside.


Trevor Reid is my OT24. Experienced tackle with good feet. Nice lower body strength to keep his anchor. Makes pass rushers work hard to beat him. Not much athletic upside. Can hold blocks, but won’t pancake. Can overextend and lose balance.           


Alex Palczewski is my OT25. Good size and experience. Great run blocker who seals the edge. Tough, gives great effort. Kickslide is average and could lead to struggles outside. Quickness is a problem. Scheme specific.


Quinton Barrow is my OT26. Massive size. Shows off elite run blocking. Good leverage and bend for his size. Lower level of competition provides questions. Not a top tier athlete. Might be a better fit inside.


Luke Haggard is my OT27. Elite athlete. Moves cleanly and effortlessly. Smooth kickslide. Explosive and can walk defenders backward. Not much functional strength. Hand placement is poor. Gets knocked around too easily.


Raiqwon O’Neal is my OT28. Good footwork and quickness. Works well in a phone booth. Can swing hips as needed. Lack of length creates problems. Can move himself off-balance. Zone blocker only.            


Killian Zierer is my OT29. Good length and size. Flashes power in run game. Can take a defender and drive him backward. Quickness is suspect. Plays high. Doesn’t defend rip or dip moves very well. 


Austin Stidham is my OT30. Quick twitch athlete who mirrors well. Maintains his balance through contact. Good recovery. Not a great run blocker. Can get pushed at the line. Lacks ideal strength/anchor. ZBS.


Tyler Beach is my OT31. Tough lineman with good hand placement. Solid anchor and will punish upright defenders. Can create gaps. Slow into pass blocking transition. Could be a liability against wide speed rushers. Struggles with inside moves.


Spencer Anderson is my OT32. Good size and strength. RT who has a strong pop off the snap. Nice base. Flashed some pass blocking upside. Won’t match up to top athletes. Struggles to transition back inside. RT only.


Alex Jensen is my OT33. Good athlete and mover. Gets nice leverage with a good bend. Tough for even bigger/stronger DL to beat him. Won’t wow with big drives or pancakes. Can overpursue and miss when reaching.


Dylan Wonnum is my OT34. Uses feet and quickness well. Solid bender w/ leverage. Not much functional strength. Won’t hold up to bigger rushers. Won’t fit every system.


Colby Sorsdal is my OT35. Big and long. Heavy waisted knee bender. Keeps feet moving to keep balance. Needs to work on his kickslide motion, can waste movement. Still raw, but a lot of upside.


Ryan Swoboda is my OT36. Massive, tall with a big wingspan. Uses his arm length well and keeps defenders away. Can create gaps in the run game. Doesn’t bend well and can get driven back with leverage. High pad level. Anchor is suspect.


Harris LaChance is my OT37. Good size and strength. Anchors in and won’t be moved. Creates good run gaps. Average pass blocker. Has trouble adjusting to the edge. Won’t mirror much.


Mason Brooks is my OT38. Great bend and technique. Gets a run game drive. Not an exceptional athlete on the field. Will allow pressure to pass rush moves. May not quite be strong enough at the next level.


Jarrett Horst is my OT39. Tough player who can punish weaker DL. Good motor to make defenders work. Strong for his size. Not very big and lacks athletic quickness in his feet. May be better inside. Struggles with leverage at times as well. Low ceiling.


Jake Witt is my OT40. Big time athlete with movement and strength. Great quickness off the snap and flashes dominant upside. Very raw with hand placement and bend. Had some bad stretches against weak competition. NFL athlete who is very raw.


Silas Dzansi is my OT41. Good size and strength prospect. Flashes, but inconsistent and doesn’t have the leverage to use his toolset. Developmental and may have to kick inside.  


Joshua Lugg is my OT42. Rock solid blocker who shows promise as a run and pass blocker. Won’t overwhelm, but holds his blocks well with good technique. Did struggle against better athletes and there may be questions of NFL upside. Athleticism is lacking, below average at everything, but bad at nothing.


Jacky Chen is my OT43. Solid size and dominant at his level. Good bend and strength. Doesn’t get moved around a lot. Can create gaps. Pass blocking is messy, but often can get the job done. Likely better inside. Footwork and placement all over the place. 


Anderson Hardy is my OT44. Good run blocker who gets under opposing pads. Solid motor. Light in the pants and can get moved around by big DL. Not the athlete needed on the edge and can get bent around.


Adonis Boone is my OT45. Good pass blocker in space. Does well freelancing as needed. Doesn’t use his hands well. Motor can be lax at times. Limited ceiling.


Noah Henderson is my OT46. Sets the edge well to spring outside zone runs. Works well in a box for his size. Not as strong as he should be. Struggles to keep his balance going backwards. Limited.


Samuel Jackson is my OT47. Good size. Doesn’t get pushed around easily. Might need to move inside due to a lack of quickness off the snap. Doesn’t mirror well. Run blocking specialty.


Loren Metz is my OT48. Big, long. Uses length well in pass protection. Shows some run game push. Doesn’t bend well and his size presents a problem vs. long defenders. Pretty stiff mover. May be limited.


Michael Jerell is my OT49. Good athlete. Quick off the snap. Nice feet. Dominated his level. Doesn’t show run blocking strength. May not be tough enough for NFL athletes.


Kendall Randolph is my OT50. Good athlete who has played Guard and TE. Moves well. Flashed some strength to pancake. But doesn’t hold up to strong blockers. Struggles with fundamental leverage. Not a starter.


Tyran Hunt is my OT51. Good footwork as a zone blocker. Nie hand usage. Fundamentally sound. Not overly strong or quick. May not have NFL athleticism.


Gabe Houy is my OT52. Tough run blocker. Gets physical. Doesn’t have the size/bulk to always win. Not much in pass protection.


Paiton Fears is my OT53. Nice size and initial punch. Good motor. Won’t hold blocks very long. Struggles with leverage.


Naasir Watkins is my OT54. Nice kickslide pass blocker. Violent hands. Overpursues and is inconsistent in his bend. Work in progress.


Isaac Moore is my OT55. Bends well and has a good motor in the run game. Inconsistent and doesn’t always match the first step of defenders off the edge.


Bryson Speas is my OT56. Gets good leverage with his hands and bend. Not a top athletic or overly strong, but a technician. Can lapse in motor at times. Bigger EDGE players can dominate him.


Henry Byrd is my OT57. Super athlete and a good mover. Upside as an explosive mover off the snap. Still raw in hand usage and foot movement. Has upside.  


Desmond Bessent is my OT58. Big body run blocker. Tries to push and pull without technique too much. Overwhelms weaker competition but struggles against good athletes.  


Demontrey Jacobs is my OT59. Tall and long. Can seal the edge for outside runs. Not a natural bender. Overreaches sometimes.


Jacob Oglesby is my OT60. Big bodied small schooler. Raw, but has power and foot movement to flash NFL abilities. Camp body who needs developed.


Kelvin Ateman is my OT61. In the box mover. Has nice athletic movement off the snap. Not overly strong. Doesn’t switch or mirror well.


Austin Myers is my OT62. Solid player with a ton of experience. Good hand placement and usage. Not the athlete or anchor to make it in the NFL long.


Sidney Wells is my OT63. Big run blocker. Tough to move out of the way. Not the NFL athlete to do much in space or against pass rush.


Bobby Haskins is my OT64. Tall long mover. Good motor. High cut and doesn’t flash the strength to make it in the league.


James Tunstall is my OT65. Flashes good run blocking and strength. Inconsistent and moves himself out of position. 


Tony Gray is my OT66. Raw prospect who flashes athletic upside. Plays too high, and improving on hand placement. Developmental.   


Andre Harris is my OT67. Smart, mirrors well. Not functional strength or athleticism for the NFL.   


Kendrick Santor is my OT68. Big, shows NFL length. Raw in using it, needs development.


Alfred Edwards is my OT69. Massive body, but plays too high. Gets moved back most snaps.


Chris Walker is my OT70. Good mover with athletic feet. Flashes some NFL upside as a reserve with development and bulking up his strength.


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Interior Offensive Line


Peter Skoronski is my iOL1. Precise player with great hand and foot technique. Matched up with top pass rushers for three years at LT. Great mirror ability and studies his opponents. Kickslide got better every year. Athletic mover who has shown he can run block in space. Rarely allows a clean get off for pass rushers. Short arms. Can get caught against defenders with long length. Can play a little bit high at times and lack leverage. Has franchise LT potential, but likely all-pro inside at Guard.


O’Cyrus Torrence is my iOL2. Monster run blocker. Good bend and drive to clear out defenders. Strong anchor and rarely gets pushed backwards. Won’t make the same mistake twice. Great footwork for his size with good balance. Technically sound. Not overly agile in the phone booth. Struggles with athletic dipping DL. Hand usage is inconsistent. Could be a top run blocking Guard.


John Michael Schmitz is my iOL3. Tough and experienced. Excellent leverage player who won’t let a defender win clean. Hand placement is consistent and impeccable. Excellent anchor. Clears gaps in the run game consistently. Flashes dominance. Not as explosive off the snap as you want. Can lose his balance in pass protection and allow a pass rush.


Cody Mauch is my iOL4. Played Tackle at NDSU. Nasty demeanor. Punishes pass rushers. Nice athleticism in space to become a lead blocker. Balanced in his lateral agility and rarely gets beat cleanly. Versatile. Technique is fairly raw. Plays too upright often which may not fly in the NFL. Mirror is suspect at times. Could play any position on the OL, but playing inside hides weaknesses.


Steve Avila is my iOL5. Played Center and Guard. Big bodied power player. Widens gaps often. Central cog for the TCU run game. Good athleticism and feet. Can pull to seal outside runs. Pass blocking can be inconsistent. Will struggle against great technique DL. Anchor isn’t as good as it should be. Can catch himself off balance against certain pass rush moves.


Joe Tippman is my iOL6. Top tier athlete. Explosive with a sharp initial pop. Great bend and lateral mobility. Mirrors well and can match any athlete. Pulling upside in the run game. Flashes top tier Center traits. Doesn’t play up to his tools often. Can get pushed around by strong, big DTs. Rare to get a giant push in the run game. Will allow disengagement from run stoppers. Big upside, big downside.


Jarrett Patterson is my iOL7. Experienced. Played Center and Guard. Rock solid hand usage and technique. Makes defenders work to get through him. Studies and eliminates defenders best pass rush move. Gets better as the game goes along. Not a ton of upside. Won’t push anyone off the line. Not the athlete to always excel in pass pro. High floor.


Olusegun Oluwatimi is my iOL8. Tough and physical. Great bend gives him good leverage. Nasty and will punish lack of leverage and technique. Good strong upper body and won’t get pushed back. Can miss pass block assignments at times. Motor can run cold here and there. Athleticism flashes but is not consistent. Could play Guard.


Luke Wypler is my iOL9. Solid producer with upside. Great bend and explosive pop. Good leg drive at times. Excellent pass protector who is rarely beat cleanly. Balance and footwork makes him tough to overpower. Took on top prospects in this draft and almost always won. Won’t great huge run holes. Doesn’t hold his blocks when structure breaks down. Can get grabby which may not fly in the NFL.


Braeden Daniels is my iO10. Nimble mover who is a great pulling Guard. Excellent technique, gets his hands under the pads. Great motor and will beat up on worn down defenses. Very light and doesn’t have that functional lower body strength. Not as physical as you want. Zone blocker who needs the right scheme.


Andrew Vorhees is my iOL11. Tough and strong. Great interior gap run blocker. Good leg drive to create big holes in the run game. High motor and effort. Physical with a decent bend. Has dealt with a few injuries. Has lead feet at times and struggles with speed rushers. Can get thrown off balance. Holds too often.     


Nick Saldiveri is my iOL12. Good athlete who played OT. Excellent mirror and tough in a box. Won’t let defenders inside on him. Can play every position on the OL. Solid base and anchor. Flashes upfront athleticism. Doesn’t have the best kickslide and should move inside. Doesn’t always have the proper bend for leverage. Starter upside.


Ricky Stromberg is my iOL13. Can play Center or Guard. Athletic moved who can pull and match up with big athletes. Strong at the POA. Good use of his hands and punishes mistakes. Plays very upright. Can get pushed around when holding blocks. Overreaches sometimes and can make mental mistakes. A bit raw, but has elite upside in a wide zone scheme.


McClendon Curtis is my iOL14. Big bodied with upper body strength. Dominated at his level. Clears huge gaps for running backs. Flashes footwork upside in a phone booth. Mirrors well and pops with his hands. Can struggle a bit off the snap. May not be a pulling guard. Leverage is inconsistent. Upside.


Jon Gaines is my iOL15. Elite feet and agility. Great pulling guard. Pops off the snap. Worked well out of structure. Great zone blocker. Won’t get a push. Can get rocked back in the run game. Bull rush can cripple him. 


Emil Ekiyor is my iOL16. Solid waist bender. Won’t give up easy penetration. Good anchor and rarely gets moved off the snap. Flashes good leverage. Not overwhelming. Athleticism doesn’t show up on film. Solid, but limited.


Nick Broeker is my iOL17. Run blocker who is high effort. Gets under pads and rocks DL back. Experienced, can play LG or RG. Agile in pass protection. Can’t hold his anchor very well. Doesn’t dominate at the POA. Athletic DL beat him consistently. Lacks upside.


Juice Scruggs is my iOL18. Tough run blocker. Plays low with good leverage and hands. Great upper body strength. Good anchor and won’t get pushed around. May not have athletic upside to pull. Snaps into shotgun can be inconsistent. His bend is inconsistent. Raw with upside.        


Jake Andrews is my iOL19. Explosive. Has a good leg drive. Plays smart and won’t miss assignments. Good hand placement. Not overpowering. Often contributed to double teams. Footwork can be clunky. Raw with upside.


Mark Evans is my iOL20. Good athlete who crushed his level fo competition. Gets a full head of steam and can pancake. Can play inside and outside. Tough player. Raw hand placement nad technique. Plays very upright. Has dealt with some injuries.


Richard Gouraige is my iOL21. Experienced at RT. Flashes athletic upside and good feet. Plays well in space. Makes mental errors. Moving inside could help due to his strength. Has dealt with injuries.


Joey Fisher is my iOL22. Athletic and strong. Explosive off the snap and was pretty dominating. Good mirror and hands. Footwork is raw so move to interior makes sense. Small and may not hold up to big linemen. Bend could be better. Needs to learn/improve.


Sidy Sow is my iOL23. Good pulling guard who is athletic in space. Explosive. Raw toolset that he doesn’t get the most out of. Plays high. Motor can run cold. Big upside.


Anthony Bradford is my iOL24. Massive length and can keep defenders off of him. Tough and strong. Gets beat off the snap too often. Gets too grabby. Good for a run gap scheme.


Chandler Zavala is my iOL25. Big, athletic Guard. Good functional strength. Has great highlights pancaking defenders. Makes mental errors with his hands. Feet can move faster than his upper body throwing him off balance. Big upside.


Alex Forsyth is my iOL26. Rock solid, experienced run blocker. Good feet for zone blocking. Won’t make mistakes. Not overly strong or athletic. Gets beat by good athletes consistently. Nice floor.


Henry Bainivalu is my iOL27. Tall and long. Uses length well. Nice waist bender who flashes in pass protection. Technique is raw. Loses his balance too often. Can get lazy in his fet.


TJ Bass is my iOL28. Good zone blocker with nice footwork. Experienced and can use leverage to win in run game. Not as consistent as you want. Won’t create gaps that aren’t there. Can miss assignments. 


Alan Ali is my iOL29. Decent feet and strength. Hands and technique are solid. Leverage flashes a times. Can play any interior position. Light in the pants. Can get pushed around too much. Gets caught guessing wrong.      


Warren Ericson is my iOL30. Good run blocker. Tough with nice lower body drive. Won’t give up. Seals just long enough. Defenders do disengage easily. Gets caught up on the inside move. Plays upright. Lacks upside.


Brent Laing is my iOL31. Strong run blocker. Dominant at his level. Experienced and knows how to drive bigger linemen backward. Heavy waisted knee bender. Pops off snap. Lacks ideal upside as a pass blocker. May not have the agility for NFL defenders. Has dealt with injuries.


Jerome Carvin is my iOL32. Good feet as a pass protector. Pops off the snap and makes defenders work. Bad technique allows defenders to win too quickly. Won’t get a push in the run game.    


Jovaughn Gwyn is my iOL33. Good zone blocker with nice feet. Hand usage and leverage are solid. Flashed run blocking this year. Inconsistent. Light anchor. When things go bad, seems to get frustrated and penalized. 


Tashawn Manning is my iOL34. Big run blocker. Gets good push with his strength. Can move interior lineman to create interior run lanes. Not much of a pass blocker. Allows interior pressure a ton. Raw footwork.


Dylan McMahon is my iOL35. Good in the box blocker. Solid hand pumping to knock defenders off balance. Feet are decent. Won’t get a push. Sometimes gets too cute and whiffs. Doesn’t play long.


Alex Pihlstrom is my iOL36. Great athlete who pops in the run game. Primary gap creator for Chase Brown. Good pulling guard. Flashes footwork and explosiveness. Raw in mirror and technique. Can play too upright at times. Big upside, developmental.


Nash Jensen is my iOL37.  Big bodied. Strong at the POA. Good bend, leverage and push. Raw pass blocker who will need work. Plays too close. Not great against the swim move.


Dylan Deatherage is my iOL38. Great pulling run blocker. Can get to the second level and do damage. Flashes as a pass protector with his agility. Very inconsistent. Has some bad games not getting under pads. Developmental.


Atonio Mafi is my iOL39. Big body, good feet. Works well in a box. Won’t move much. Plays very high. Doesn’t use his weight effectively.        


Jeremy Cooper is my iOL40. Flashes pass protection upside. Good pop off the snap. Experienced, but hand placement is inconsistent. Struggles vs. good athletes.


Trevor Downing is my iOL41. Quick snaps into shotgun. Nice leg drive and anchor. Good run blocker. Lazy technique. Hips swing too much on pass rush. Had a down year.


Jacob Gall is my iOL42. Good run blocker. Lower body strength is apparent. Pushes down too much. Slow snapper who goes into upright position.


LaDarius Henderson is my iOL43. Flashes athletic upside. Nice mirror and agility. Showed progress in run blocking. Flashes upside, but gets pushed around a ton. Not there yet.


Brandon Council is my iOL44. Big run blocker. Good functional strength. Won’t get moved off the line. Footwork is average. Plays high. Hands never get under opposing pads.


DJ Scaife Jr. is my iOL45. Good size and leverage. Explosive and does well widening gaps. Heavy footed. Shuffles in pass protection and can get blown past. Run blocker primarily.


LaQuinston Sharp is my iOL46. Good pass protector. Nice feet and uses his hands to chop into defenders. Won’t get much of a push. Anchor is variable. Can make mistakes when reading pass rushers.


Dillan Gibbons is my iOL47. Big power blocker. Good anchor, won’t get pushed back. Doesn’t get to the second level much. More of a wall than creating gaps. Pass protection is below average.


James Jackson is my iOL48. Flashes nice feet and agility. Fairly explosive off the snape. Hand placement is inconsistent. Gets moved off balance.


Brett Neilon is my iOL49. Experienced pass protector. Adjusts well to athletic interior linemen. Mirrors well. Not overly explosive off the snap. Overreaches too much and gets knocked around sometimes. Tries to grab and pull.


Ryan Walk is my iOL50. Athletic pass protector. Works well in the scheme. Won’t spring inside runs. Rarely engages cleanly in run game. 


Chris Toth is my iOL51. Tall, long, athletic. Flashes NFL upside with how he moves and uses the wingspan. Dominates in space. Great second level blocker. Raw. Super upright. Needs developed in his feet.


Ilm Manning is my iOL52. Very athletic mover. Great at pulling. Super explosive off the snap. Doesn’t hold up run blocking. Weak hands. LT who might move to Center. 


Eric Douglas is my iOL53. Tough, hard worker. Not much of an athlete. Doesn’t understand leverage.


Johari Branch is my iOL54. Good bender. Can get his hands under pads. Doesn’t drive defenders as much as he should. Low ceiling.


Brad Cecil is my iOL55. Smart player who has good hand technique. Hips fly open. Light in the pants. Ends up on skates.        


Nick Amoah is my iOL56. Dominant at level. Good athlete who has agility in a phone booth. Not much of a lead blocker. Unlikely to overwhelm with strength in NFL.


Jamezz Kimbrough is my iOL57. Flashed in both run and pass pro. Good technique player who lacks requisite strength and athleticism.


Manase Mose is my iOL58. Experienced with good explosion off the snap. Decent feet. Doesn’t stand out. Can let defenders in quickly. Leverage issues.


Grant Gibson is my iOL59. Experienced. Good clean snaps. Plays low, good bend. Rarely gets a push. Will get knocked into collapsed pocket. Needs better anchor.


James Walker is my iOL60. Very good athlete. Can pull. Shows good upper body strength. Has to ramp up to hit. Raw in hand placement in footwork. Project.


Grant Miller is my iOL61. Solid bender. Can hold his run blocks. Won’t do anything amazing. Low ceiling.


Erik Sorensen is my iOL62. Tall with length. Punishes bad leverage defenders. Keeps clean. Feet can be heavy. Balance iffy. Needs work.


Khalil Keith is my iOL63. Big bodied run blocker. Good upper/lower body strength. Slow off the snap. Heavy handed.         


JD DiRenzo is my iOL64. Big time athlete. Good pulling guard. Can help spring big interior runs. Gets good leverage. Technique is weak. Not very strong for his size. Upside.


Josh Donovan is my iOL65. Good feet for his size. Strong upper body. Plays upright. Can’t move much in space.


Tre’Mond Shorts is my iOL66. Big run blocker. Has power. Didn’t have the athleticism for the SEC.


Drew Bones is my iOL67. Physical specimen. Big size and power. Doesn’t bend well. Struggled vs. leverage defenders. Had a rough season.


Eric Abojei is my iOL68. Good run blocker. Solid hand technique. Footwork needs work. Can get off balance too easily vs. power. 


Cobe Bryant is my iOL69. Good interior run blocker. Nice bend. Uses leverage to win. Slow off the snap. Hands are all over the place.


Alama Uluave is my iOL70. Athletic pass protector. Good hands. Low power. Gets pushed around easily.


Johnny Jordan is my iOL71. Experienced, but light lower body. Gets off balance sometimes. 


Owen Drexel is my iOL72. Tough with a good motor. Not overly athletic or strong. 


Brian Anderson is my iOL73. Pulling Guard. Nice pop. Not a great run or pass blocker. 


Dylan O’Quinn is my iOL74. Nice seal blocker. Flashes hand usage. Not very consistent. Some bad games.


Matt Dale is my iOL75. Good phone booth mover for his size. Flashes some upside, but rarely gets in the right position. Struggles with good technique defenders.


Dacquari Wilson is my iOL76. Small, athletic lineman. Shows good agility and explosion off the snap. Doesn’t show NFL strength or technique.


PJ Poutasi is my iOL77. Big road grater. Excellent run blocker at his level. May not be the pass blocker needed yet.


Marcus Minor is my iOL78. Big, tough. Decent leverage. Can hold steady but not get much of a push. 


Matthew Weimann is my iOL79. Good hand usage and lower leg drive. Won’t add a ton of athleticism. Developmental.


Caleb Chandler is my iOL80. Flashed NFL starter upside early in career. Good mover and footwork. Disappointing season. Light and gets pushed around too much. Lost his old technique.


Shea Baker is my iOL81. Nice pulling potential. Shows some nice handwork and explosion. Feet are messy. Doesn’t react quick enough.


Anthony Whigan is my iOL82. Solid in space. Good upper body strength. Footwork is sloppy. Bend has issues.


Patrick Flynn is my iOL83. Athletic pull guard. Solid run blocker. Raw pass blocker.


Travis Sinclair is my iOL84. Good size and strength. Flashes athletic upside. Has some bad strings against poor competition.


Chris Murray is my iOL85. Experienced. Solid, won’t give up easy penetration. Doesn’t have great athleticism. Limited ceiling.


Brandon Kipper is my iOL86. Big strong leg drive blocker. Doesn’t get great leverage or bend.


Connor Wood is my iOL87. Functional strength. Won’t get a push. Doesn’t hold his blocks much.


Brian Greene is my iOL88. Solid feet, can move to handle pass rushers. Not very strong. Won’t pull or handle stunts well.


Corey Luciano is my iOL89. Zone blocker with good feet. Not a good bend though, won’t get leverage. Not much of an anchor.


Ahofitu Maka is my iOL90. Nice run blocker. Bends well, but not much athletic upside.


Kevin Toote is my iOL91. Nice bend, but gets beat a lot at his level. Not close to teammate Chen.


Sean Maginn is my iOL92. Good mover, can pull. Gets head of steam. Motor can run cold. Technique is average.


Wes Harris is my iOL93. Helped clear gaps for the run game. Got dominated in National Championship. Won’t stop interior rushers.


Dakota Davis is my iOL94. Big size, but doesn’t use it very well. Won’t move too much. Can get caught playing high.


Joshua Zacher is my iOL95. Didn’t always dominate the competition. Tough player, but not quite athletic enough.


Joe Tukuafu is my iOL96. Has some bend, but panics too much. Technique messy.


Anthony Vandal is my iOL97. Small and not athletic enough for the NFL.


Phillip Grohovec is my iOL98. Stout, but gets moved around at times.


Alec Jackson is my iOL99. Shows toughness trying to drive, but doesn’t seem to get the push.


Loic Ngassam Nya is my iOL100. Flashed some upside with his feet, but doesn’t put it together with his upper body.


Justin Redd is my iOL101. Shows some run blocking prowess, but not always strong enough to hold up.


Robert Congel is my iOL102. Good size, but doesn’t use it too well. Footwork is sloppy.


Joey Claybrook is my iOL103. Tall, upright, defenders drive him with his pads.


DJ Stuckey is my iOL104. Can get dominated by strong DL.


Weston Wright is my iOL105. Big bodied, but didn’t fit the scheme well. Struggled to hold up at the LOS.


Isaac Cochran is my iOL106. Not quite strong or athletic enough.


Gray Davis is my iOL107. Didn’t flash, often beat inside.


Wade Willey is my iOL108. Didn’t see the NFL toolset.


Tykeem Doss is my iOL109. A few good run blocks, but inconsistent.


Daviyon McDaniel is my iOL110. Light and got moved around.


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EDGE Scouting Report


Will Anderson Jr. is my EDGE1. Elite burst and explosiveness. Has an electric first step to beat athletic OTs. Great bend around the edge and can dip down into the edge. Flashes a nice inside move, but can also rip and swim around. Stays disciplined and can run down RBs. Doesn’t use his hands as effectively as he could. Is a bit light and won’t overwhelm with power. Elite prospect.


Nolan Smith is my EDGE2. Highly athletic with a great bend. Plays the run very well and can take down bigger backs. Good lateral agility. Solid bend. Punishes less athletic blockers. Needs to very pass rush moves more. Dealth with injuries. Didn’t have as much production as you’d want. High upside player who will be a better pro than college player.                         


Tyree Wilson is my EDGE3. Big, long. Looks the part. Flashes elite strength and speed together. Can move inside or outside. Strong with a low center of gravity. Great motor and effort. Won’t allow tight edge runs. Good swim move. Production runs hot and cold. Struggles to disengage at times. May not have the first step to win in the NFL. Can overpursue in pass rush. Won’t track down a RB. Big upside, but has downside as well.  


Myles Murphy is my EDGE4. Big athlete. Plays low and can bull rush well. Good first step around the edge. Makes OTs pay for mental mistakes. Crashes inside on interior runs well. Gets penetration on run blocks. Uses his hands and arms well to disengage. Closes fast. Not a ton of production. More run defender than pass rusher. Can get caught upright and lose pad level. Has upside, but hasn’t quite reached it yet.


Isaiah Foskey is my EDGE5. Smart pass rusher. Elite production. Uses his opponents weaknesses against them. Variety of great pass rush moves. Reads the backfield and can switch to run defense quickly. Stays disciplined and contains the pocket. Underrated athlete. Can struggle to disengage at times. Disappears for long stretches against better OTs. First step is only average. His bend can be stiff. Production just doesn’t lie.


Lukas Van Ness is my EDGE6. Electric first step. Very tough to block off the snap. Strong at the POA and can knock OTs backward. Stunts well inside and can get skinny into penetration.  Not a starter. Won’t add much against the run. Instincts are suspect. Will overpursue often. Has upside, but still a bit raw.       


Keion White is my EDGE7. Great production with good length and hand usage. Athletic for his size and has good bend for it too. Great at closing on the QB and reading his movement. Can move inside as well to play some DT. Stout vs. run, lots of TFL. Outside moves are limited. First step can be slow and cause problems for extended time. Not the pass rusher you would expect. Tweener who doesn’t fit ideally anywhere. A bit of a one year wonder Medical history questions.                 


Adetomiwa Adebawore is my EDGE8. Super athletic DE/DT hybrid with length. Explosive and runs with a full head of steam. Nasty demeanor and makes you pay for bad technique. Great against the run off the the edge. Closing speed is excellent. Will punish on hits. Plays upright. Struggles vs. good hand placement under his pads. Not much pass rush production. Tweener who doesn’t have an exact position.             


Will McDonald is my EDGE9. Plays with great leverage. Nice bend and dip around the edge. Can use his hands to get defenders off of him. Variety of pass rush moves. Keeps his balance through contact.  Multiple double digit sack years. Small with a thin frame. Motor can run cold at times. Struggles against athletic linemen. Run instincts are poor. QBs/RBs will often break his tackles. Pass rush specialist.


Byron Young (Tennessee) is my EDGE10. Physical at the POA and can bull rush linemen. Will punish RBs who block him. Played some off-ball LB. Great instincts. Can disengage to play the run. Nice inside stunt move. Only two years in CFB due to JUCO. Can run himself out of plays. Can lose balance trying to get around the edge. Bend needs work. Still raw in identifying how to win.


Derick Hall is my EDGE11. Explosive pass rusher with consistent first step. Good use of hands and leverage. Great lower leg drive. Collapses the pocket quickly. Great rip. Closes fast and hits big against QBs/RBs in the backfield. Stiff on his bend. No real inside move. Can take bad angles trying for TFL. Motor can run cold for long stretches.


Zach Harrison is my EDGE12. Big, long, explosive. Great athlete. Disengages easily with his arms. Tough with good strength. Can bully linemen for long stretches. Plays the run well and can wrap up RBs well. Good tackle technique. Pass rush moves are raw. Won’t get many sacks. Doesn’t play aggressively. Raw with great tools.


Felix Anudike-Uzomah is my EDGE13. Electric first step. Plays with nice leverage and is tough to throw off balance. Strong, can be a stand up rusher. Has some dominant games. Bends around the edge and picks up speed again quickly. Has some games where he disappears. Struggles to disengage. Will crash too quickly and miss run tackles. Puts is head down tackling at times. 


BJ Ojulari is my EDGE14. Quick and agile. Glides on the field. Good instincts to be in the right position. Good tackle technique against RBs. Gets to top speed quickly. Knows how to use his hands to make OL work.  Stand up only. Can get overwhelmed by interior linemen. Can play too patient and allow easy yards. Can get stiff around the edge. Has some developing to do.


Dylan Horton is my EDGE15. Strong, will bully weaker linemen. Good explosion off the snap, keeps his balance through contact. Runs and rips through linemen for big plays. Big hitter. Takes tight angles around the edge. Can run down RBs. Struggles versus strength/leverage OTs. Plays high too often. Can’t beat double teams often. Gets chipped by RBs too much. Needs the right scheme fit.


Andre Carter II is my EDGE16. Great production. Tough with a red hot motor. Outworks opposing linemen to get round them. Variety of pass rush moves. Smart instincts and sets the edge well.  Stiff bend. Plays high. Doesn’t have the plays strength you want. Regressed this season. May need a year of development.


Ali Gaye is my EDGE17. Run defender with agile step. Good wingspan. Disengages from OTs well. Good tackle technique. Strong hands. Leverage is good for his size. Doesn’t rush the passer much. Stiff bend. Struggles with pass rush movement. Base end who sets the edge only, has limited upside.


Yaya Diaby is my EDGE18. Athletic for his size. Can win with strength or bend. Good hands usage. Can grab and move OL. Packs a punch when he hits.  Plays high. Lacks ideal leverage. Only one year of production. Tweener who may not fit every defense.  


Jose Ramirez is my EDGE19. Explosive off the snap. Transitions back inside well. Good closing speed. Can rip around the edge and pressure the QB quickly. Good at diagnosing plays. Won’t let you out if he gets his hands on you. Can get pushed away on run plays. Leverage can be inconsistent. Struggles with disengaging. Still learning and growing.


Brenton Cox is my EDGE20. Smart and experienced. Diagnoses plays well. Operates well through traffic. Shows some coverage ability. Lacks ideal bend. Won’t add much pass rush. Lacks upside.


MJ Anderson is my EDGE21. Big and long. Tough with nice knee bend for his size. Excellent against the run, forces offenses to run to the other wise. Uses length and feet to crash gaps quickly. Won’t add much pass rush. Slow closing on the ball carrier. Limited ceiling.


DJ Johnson is my EDGE22. Size/speed prospect. Explosive with a high motor. Has great bend when he uses it. Will track down runners. Not overly strong. Prefers engagement over clear pass rush lanes. Gets run over at times. 


Mike Morris is my EDGE23. Interior/Exterior player. Gets good leverage. Tough with solid hands. Can be fairly stout against the run. Flashes great bull rush and leg drive. Not overly explosive or fast. Reacts slowly to diagnose plays.   


Habakkuk Baldonado is my EDGE24. Athletic pass rusher. Variety of pass rush moves to win. High motor, keeps OL working. Nice spin move. Will sometimes misdiagnose plays and hesitate to rush. Didn’t have the pass rush production this season. Flashes then goes away. Raw with upside.


Isaiah Land is my EDGE25. Dominant at his level. Athletic with a nasty bend. Excellent closing speed. Flashes some pass coverage ability and instincts. Not overly strong, may not hold up against NFL OTs. Can run himself off balance at times. Will struggle if first move doesn’t work.


KJ Henry is my EDGE26. Strong hands. Flashes both power and explosion. Gets nice push against the run. Strong tackler with good technique. Inconsistent. Struggles with disengaging. Gets worn down quickly.


Robert Beal is my EDGE27. Good stand up pass rusher. Flashes top tier athleticism. Avoids clean contact. Has the agility to maneuver around blockers with space. Hands are all over the place. Tries to beat his blocker rather than make a play. Will sometimes ignore the run game. 


Tavius Robinson is my EDGE28. Tall and long. Eats up short armed OL. Good leverage for his size. Disnengages well. Stout and won’t get run over by RBs. Not the explosive athlete you want. Takes a bit to get rolling and OL can re-engage. Flashes upside, but not consistent.


Colby Wooden is my EDGE29. Great run defender. Can wrap up tackle. Long arms to fill gaps. Agile to the edge. Won’t add a ton of pass rush. Motor can run cold at times. Plays upright. Not as strong as you’d like.


Thomas Incoom is my EDGE30. Productive pass rusher who wraps up QBs well. Tough and low. Uses his hands under the pads to get a leg drive. Misdiagnoses run plays too often. Feasted on worse competition and struggled vs. better OL. Flashes of upside, but also downside.


Eku Leota is my EDGE31. Explosive rusher off the snap. Takes sharp angles with his bend around the edge. Can close to the QB quickly. Will run himself out of plays at times. Tackle technique is suspect and misses tackles. Only has one real way to win.


Caleb Murphy is my EDGE32. Productive. Good hands player who has the upper and lower body strength. Makes upright OL pay for mistakes. Smart diagnosis. Not the best athlete. Struggled with closing speed even at his level. Slow off the snap.


Isaiah McGuire is my EDGE33. Bull rusher. Good lower leg drive. Won’t get pushed off the line. Flashes some pass rush inside moves. Plays a bit upright. Struggles against long armed OL. Should set the edge better. 


Andre Jones is my EDGE34. Nice blend of explosion and toughness. Can drive OL backwards and disengage. Shows a nice rip move this year. Stiff bend. Sells out for the sack too much. Takes poor angles against runners. Will lose contain.


BJ Thompson is my EDGE35. Explosive athlete. Great first step and can get to the QB untouched at times. Overpowers with a full head of steam. Raw athlete whose hands and leverage need help. Takes some plays off. 


Villami Fehoko is my EDGE36. Great range. Sets the edge against runners. Good lower body power. Can bull rush and disengage. Not the athletic upside you want. Tries and fails with some pass rush moves. Motor can run hot and cold.


Derek Parish is my EDGE37. FB/LB/EDGE hybrid. Super athletic with a nasty demeanor. Can stand up or hand down. Agile and moves sideline to sideline well. Good closing speed and angles. Tough and tries to will his way into winning.  Instincts are pretty raw. Puts head down when tackling. Doesn’t have many pass rush moves. Developmental with upside.


Lonnie Phleps is my EDGE38. Ideal special teams player. Great motor with low leverage. Can use his hands under the pads. Good motor. Thin frame and can get pushed around. Not overly explosive. Reserve.


Ochaun Mathis is my EDGE39. Long and strong. Gets a good push off the snap. Athletic first step. Raw instincts. Rarely can get off his blocks cleanly. 


Tyrus Wheat is my EDGE40. Good size and can stand up. Packs a big punch on contact. Plays the run well on the edge. Feet sink beneath him and can lose balance. Only wins in one way.                


Ikenna Enechukwu is my EDGE41. Nice hand usage. Good at crashing into the interior of the line. Flashes a good first step. Decent production. Plays upright. Can get driven off the line too easily.  


Titus Leo is my EDGE42. Athletic mover who is quick. Surprises defenders with his explosion. Good functional strength. Raw in instincts and diagnosis. Runs himself out of plays. Raw upside.


Jason Lewan is my EDGE43. Good athlete with size/strength. Overwhelms defenders. Can play inside or outside. Strong at the POA and can wreck the line at times. Plays high. Not much technique in hands or feet. Needs a lot of development to contribute in the NFL.     


Marcus Valdez is my EDGE44. Small, but explosive. Good technique with nice pad level. Diagnoses plays immediately and reacts accordingly. Gets beat by stronger/more athletic OL. Can get run out of plays too easily. Could contribute in the right system.


Malik Hamm is my EDGE45. Bendy pass rusher who pressures the QB often. Good use of hands and doesn’t waste much movement. Not quite NFL strong. Doesn’t play the run very well. Has some upside.


Deslin Alexandre is my EDGE46. Big, tough run stuffer. Great at running down RBs. Plays downhill and gets a full head of steam. Good motor. Not much of a pass rusher. Relies on coverage sacks often. Can be stiff in his bend and trying to wrap around the line.


Jordan Wright is my EDGE47. Long, fast pass rusher. Good bend and diagnosis. Has some monster games. Light in the pants. Gets pushed off the line. Balance is questionable.  


George Tarlas is my EDGE48. Strong base end. Good length and mobility to fill gaps quickly. Doesn’t get many clean pass rushes, but can tackle RBs. 


Mitchell Agude is my EDGE49. Speed rusher who uses his frist step to get penetration. Can catch OL unawares. Doesn’t add much in terms of pass rush moves, but can set the edge. One trick pony.


Cade Hall is my EDGE50. Big strong pass rusher. Technically sound. Uses his strength and leverage to win. Not as explosive as he needs to be. Stiff hips restrict change of direction.


Brevin Allen is my EDGE51. Tough base end who has a variety of pass rush moves. Can drive OL back into the pocket. May not have the length and explosive abilities for the NFL. Productive and tough, but has athleticism and size concerns.


Thomas Rush if my EDGE52. Smart diagnosis. Can swim around OTs. Takes clean angles to RBs. First step is slow. Not natural closer in the pocket.


DJ Coleman is my EDGE53. Productive rusher who plays with low leverage. Uses his hands under the pads to win. Small and not very athletic. Struggled vs. NFL caliber OT.


John Waggoner is my EDGE54. Run defender in base defense. Will contain athletic QBs. Tough and strong. Not overly athletic. Doesn’t add pass rush upside. Can allow inside gaps.


Randy Charlton is my EDGE55. Big strong edge defender. Nice upper body strength. Can knock OTs off balance. Takes a lot to get up to steam. Hesitates to transition into pass rush.


Jordan Ferguson is my EDGE56. Tough with a red hot motor. Can use an inside move to win. Hard hitter. Length is an issue. Effort defender who has limited upside.       


Jalen Harris is my EDGE57. Good size and length. Agile in the booth and can whip around OL. Rarely gets pushed back. Technique and hand usage is all over the place. Not overly strong lower body.


Brock Martin is my EDGE58. Flashes good pass rush and bend off the edge. Decent athlete. Can try to play too low and get pushed down. Balance is an issue. Won’t add much against the run.


Kelle Sanders is my EDGE59. Good motor. Good leverage player who can get under the pads of the opposition to produce. Not overly strong of explosive. Solid floor.


Spencer Waege is my EDGE60. Size and length makes him win. Can toss OL off of him. Good instincts. Plays straight up and stiff at times. More run defender than pass rusher.


Isaac Ukwu is my EDGE61. Nice hand usage and can churn through traffic. Nice rip move. Has some closing speed. Not very explosive, lack of upside.


Levi Bell is my EDGE62. Short, but explosive. Holds his weight well. Good speed athlete. Gets low and can win with an inside move. Not very strong and can get pushed down. Bend needs some work. Upside player.


Matthew Jester EDGE63. Good, strong athlete. Nice bull rush. Instincts need some work. Upside athlete.


TK McClendon is my EDGE64. Big and long. Nice base run defender who can fill gaps well. Smart in diagnosis. Still raw in pass rush ability. Has some cold stretches.


Justin Ademilola is my EDGE65. Nice run stuffing end. Can stand up as well. Gets a full head of steam. Not much upside. Won’t run the passer. Athletically may not be enough for the NFL.


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Defensive Line Scouting Report

 Jalen Carter is my DL1. Explosive and strong. Runs through weak blocking. Can rip or twist as well as bull rush. Takes on double teams well and can crack them. Closes quickly and hits hard. Can play a bit upright at times. Doesn’t anticipate QB movement. Upside to be a gamechanger.


Calijah Kancey is my DL2. Low leverage and plays low. Excellent first step to get penetration. Diagnoses plays extremely well. High motor player. Top pass rusher. Undersized with very limited length. Can allow easy rushing yards through him. Won’t fit every team, but has elite potential.


Mazi Smith is my DL3. Elite physical tools and strength. Good lower body drive. Utilizes his length well. Nice lateral agility allows him to fill gaps. Struggles against double teams. Did not work out up to athleticism. Doesn’t have the pass rush ability you want.    


Bryan Bresee is my DL4. Big time athlete. Explosive off the snap. Powerful and strong. Flashes upside pass rushing from the interior. Can stunt and crash either direction. Dealt with injuries. Can play a bit high and lose pad level. Not as productive as you want. Limited in pass rush moves and will keep using moves that don’t work.


Gervon Dexter is my DL5. Huge with a big wingspan. Moves really well for his size. Great in the box athleticism. Powerful and strong. Will punish short armed OL. Plays the run well and can two-gap. Flashes elite upside. Doesn’t add as much pass rush as you ideally want. Can’t beat the double team.


Keeanu Benton is my DL6. Excellent leverage player. Tough and can get a push with his lower body. Hits with a “pop”. Great at disengaging to make plays in the run game. Consistent with a high motor. Can lose speed when penetrating the gap. Won’t beat the double team. Lack of pass rush upside.


Zacch Pickens is my DL7. Athletic with a great first step. Can blast past linemen in a hurry. Good tackle technique. Flashes nice leverage and technique. Can be strong at the POA. Not as productive as you want. Often will stay home off the snap and misdiagnose passes as runs. Will be a step slow to fill rush gaps. Can’t always disengage on pass rush.


Tuli Tuipulotu is my DL8. EDGE/3-tech tweener. Shows explosion for his size. Can overwhelm OTs with good lower leg drive. Good use of his hands to rip around linemen. Great pass rusher who closes to the QB quickly and won’t miss a tackle. Good technique. Plays high. May not be athletic enough for EDGE or big enough for DT. Interior linemen can eat him up. Doesn’t have great bend for an edge rusher. 


Siaki Ika is my DL9. Hulking NT with good strength. Will two-gap effectively. Uses his upper body to get a push and collapse the pocket. Good first step for his size. Wingspan allows to tripping up runner. May only be a two-down player. Can be slow to react and miss gaps at times. Not overly athletic. Doesn’t have the lateral mobility you want.


Jalen Redmond is my DL10. Great at getting interior pressure. Electric first step with good leverage. Has a variety of pass rush moves when engaged. Uses his hands well. Better at run stuffing in the backfield than pass rush. Struggles to turn pressures into sacks. Isn’t able to adjust angles to the QB. May not have the range if he can’t get penetration.


Jaquelin Roy is my DL11. Stout and won’t get pushed back. Plays smart and diagnoses well. Strong for his size and can toss OL off course. Good hand usage and leverage. Not much sack production. Good at everything, great at nothing. Hasn’t quite hit his upside.


Byron Young is my DL12. Nice penetrator with good leverage. Tough to drive off the line. Can stop the run and won’t be a negative on the line. Not as explosive as you want. Sacks often are coverage based. On the smaller end with limited upside.     


Moro Ojomo is my DL13. Nice command of the line. Flashes ability to split double teams to get pressure. Good leverage and hand usage. Flashes some great games, but has some poor ones. Motor can run cold at times. Often took on blocks to free others.


Tyler Lacy is my DL14. Big time producer who is a spark plug. Great motor and will make OL work. Good instincts and diagnosis ability. Not as explosive as he needs to be on his size. Can pounce upright. Ate up weaker competition. Limited ceiling.


Jerrod Clark is my DL15. Strong run blocker who can 2-gap. Gets good penetration for his size and has good instincts going after the QB. Strong hands and won’t let RBs break tackles. Not an athlete. Won’t likely be able to close much in the NFL. NT who is likely a 2-down player. 


Dante Stills is my DL16. Good penetrator with a nice motor. Improved technique through the years. Explosive first step. Small and can get pushed around. Can’t split double teams. Production doesn’t match talent. Won’t fit every system. 


Karl Brooks is my DL17. Productive pass rusher who plays low. Good leverage and good hands. Tough. Slow off the snap. Lateral agility leaves a bit to be desired against the run. Motor runs hot and cold.


Kobie Turner is my DL18. Good pass rusher who can bull rush a bit. Works well with his hands to get off engagement. Plays well in big games. Pins his ears back, but can miss rush lanes. Not always gap disciplined. Can get overwhelmed by long OL.


Cameron Young is my DL19. Run plugger who moves his feet well. Gap disciplined and fills in holes quickly. Great tackle technique. Won’t add much pass rush. Could be bigger to play more traditional NT roles. May not fit every defense.


Keondre Coburn is my DL20. Big bodied NT who can wreck OL who lack strength. Flashes dominance in some games. Great lower body strength and drive. Has a nose for the QB. Plays with a high pad level. Doesn’t have the explosion off the snap to be a pure pass rusher. Won’t play the run as well as he should.       


DJ Dale is my DL21. Disciplined with good hand placement. Plays low and won’t give up much ground. Rarely gets a push or makes a big play. Alligator arms tackles too much. Lacks upside.


Nesta Jade Silvera is my DL22. Strong at the POA and can push OL backwards into the pocket. Diagnosis well and can stop the run. High pad level leads to getting pushed off the line at times. Doesn’t have the explosion you want.


PJ Mustipher is my DL23. Run stuffer who is super strong. Will use his length to bring down runners. Feet are cemented to the ground, won’t get pushed back. No pass rush. Slow and OL can recover against him. Takes plays off.


Taron Vincent is my DL24. Good low pad level. Fights with a high motor. Mediocre against both the run and the pass. Doesn’t make many impact plays. Rare to get penetration.


Devonnsha Maxwell is my DL25. Flashes pass rush upside. Moves well and can use his hands to move OL off their spot. Not always dominant at his level. May need some developmental work in diagnosis.


Brodric Martin is my DL26. Big bodied, can move down the line. Good instincts against the run. Can two-gap. Won’t add a ton of pass rush ability in the NFL. Can get caught upright.


Jamal Woods is my DL27. Penetrating 3-tech. Good first step and can bend around OL. Good motor. Can get pancaked at times. Arm tackles weakly. 


Desjuan Johnson is my DL28. Productive with some nice penetration ability. Good closing speed with good angles. Plays low. Undersized and can get pushed around. May be a tweener that doesn’t fit anywhere.     


Jacob Slade is my DL29. Stout spark plug in the middle. Won’t get moved off his position. Good hands. Can get a push and stop the run in the backfield. Not as much of a pass rusher as you’d want. Athletic upside is limited.


Jonah Tavai is my DL30. Flashes big productivity. Good explosive inside move. Plays smart and takes good angles. On the small side and can get knocked around. Length is a problem against better competition. Will only fit certain defenses.


J-Min Pelley is my DL31. CFL player who is big, tough penetrator. Shows he can two-gap against the run. High motor and toughness. May not be an NFL athlete. Pure NT who won’t add pass rush. Raw in diagnosis still.


Scott Matlock is my DL32. Tough with a high motor. Great at reading RBs and bringing them down. Not afraid to knock over OL. Nasty. Not a big time athlete. Can overpursue at times. Loses his explosiveness on contact.


Cory Durden is my DL33. Experienced and smart. Moves well laterally on the line. Good reach to fill gaps and bring down RBs. Flashes pass rush. Not very explosive. Can get knocked around by technique OL. Disappears for stretches.


Junior Aho is my DL34. Big time athlete. Explosive pass rusher can bend around OL. Gets a push. Can explode and close to the QB. Not much technique. Won’t use his hands well. Developmental.


Isaiah Forte is my DL35. Smart player who can stop the run. Good use of his feet to get a drive. Good tackle technique. Not much upside. Won’t be a pass rusher. Lacks the strength for consistent NFL success.


LaTrell Bumphus is my DL36. Small, but gets penetration. Can get cleanly to the QB. Crashes the pocket. Struggles vs. strong OL. Can get blown off the line. Has some bad stretches.


Robert Cooper is my DL37. Solid against the run. Stout and strong. Won’t get pushed off the line. Doesn’t flash much upside. Inconsistent. May be more reserve.


Jayson Ademilola is my DL38. Smart with good diagnosis ability. Flashes a nice first step and can get some penetration. Lacks upside and size. Won’t disengage quick enough to play the run. Low ceiling.


Jeffery Johnson is my DL39. Good use of hands and technique. Plays low and can fill gaps. More hole plugger than playmaker. Motor can run cold at times.


Brendon Evers is my DL40. Good pass rusher and producer. Nice first step, can blow by OL. Plays too high. Can get pushed around for his size. Flashes big plays, but also disastrous ones.


Darel Middleton is my DL41. Dominant at his level. Can move OL off their spot. Chases down the QB well. Wasn’t tested much. Plays super upright. Technique is developmental.


Calvin Avery is my DL42. Good size but still flashes pass rush ability. Reads the offense well. Stout. Not much production. Disappears for stretches. More of a reserve.


Eli Huggins is my DL43. Tall and lean. Long arms allows him to move OL off their spot. Not very fast. No anchor and gets pushed on skates.


Dom Peterson is my DL44. Short with low pad level. Pass rush ability is there. Had a good early career, but fell off this year. Got pushed around too much. Couldn’t do anything against the double team.


Ami Finau is my DL45. Interior pass rusher. Gets skinny through holes. Flashes closing speed. Doesn’t hold up against the run. Gets run over. 


Raymond Vohasek is my DL46. Fills the center well and can two-gap a bit despite his size. Good use of hands. Not much upside. Won’t pass rush. Not too strong.


Jerron Cage is my DL47. Rotational player for run downs. Good diagnosis. Won’t add much pass rush. Can get moved off the line. More of a reserve as needed.      


Jaxon Player is my DL48. Flashes interior penetration. Tough with a good motor. Usually engages and can’t get off the block. Misses easy tackles.


Caleb Sampson is my DL49. Can get to the QB. Has some natural pass rush ability. Gets blown off the line too much. Gives up spacing.    


Brandon Pili is my DL50. Experienced with good instincts. Slow off the snap though, and may not have NFL upside.  

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